DIY10 Milk skin lightening home remedies : Raw milk skin whitening/bleaching facial masks recipes

 When it comes to lightening your skin, milk is the first thing that comes first to our mind. Is not it? As we know that nutrients-dense milk is very high on calcium, vitamins, minerals and when you take it internally, it is very beneficial for your all-round health.This apart, milk is a wonderful beauty ingredient, when used on your face gives amazing luminosity and fairness to your skin. Rich in lactic acid, milk is good for softening and whitening your skin naturally without spending a hefty bucks on chemicals -laden fairness creams. Mentioned below are the best skin whitening facial masks you can prepare with raw milk. Read on to know the skin care and beauty benefits of milk for skin whitening. Check out Fairness in 7 days, just try these home remedies

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How to get fair and glowing skin using raw milk in your beauty regimen

 1.Milk and honey skin lightening face mask 

Take  2 spoons of raw milk in a bowl and mix equal amount of honey to the bowl. Dab this facial mask on your face, neck very gently. 20 minutes later, wash off thoroughly with cold water. This fairness face mask removes fine lines and laugh lines apart from lightening your skin tone. Good beauty tip for dry skin types.

2. Milk and saffron face whitening facial mask

Add a few strands of saffron to 3 spoons of milk and keep this for 2 hours then spread it all over your face and neck. Let this amazing skin fairness mask to dry up really well and then rinse off with cold water. This beauty tip is very easy to follow and hassle -free which can be used by teenager girls and college going students also. Good for all skin types. Suitable for small babies too.

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3 Milk and lemon juice fairness treatment at home

 Mix 2 spoon of raw milk with one spoon of lemon juice and slather this potent skin whitening mixture on your face, neck, hands, legs and whole body if you wish. 15 Minutes later, wash off with cold water. This beauty tip will fade all sorts of facial blemishes like pigmentation marks, dark spots, age spots and other minor facial imperfections which mar your beauty to a great extent. Use this home remedy to get flawless and spotless skin naturally at home.  Check out  Get glowing skin in 20 minutes with papaya facial masks

4. Milk and Almond/ Olive oil mixture to bleach your skin

 There is nothing so easy and fuss-free like natural remedy to get whiter skin. Just add few drops of almond oil/ olive oil to raw milk and massage this concoction all over your face to bleach your skin. This home remedy is very good for dry and wrinkled skin as it helps to smoothen fines lines and ageing skin also.

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 5.Milk and chirongi( sunflower seeds) fairness face mask to lighten dark skin

 Soak up chirongi in milk for 4 hours and grind it to fine paste in a food processor. Then apply the resultant paste on your skin for 30 minutes. Then wash out with cold water. This herbal remedy is a boon to dark and dusky skin tone. It helps to lighten even very dark person but this remedy must be used daily continuously for 3 months to see visible results.

 6. Orange peel powder and milk skin lightening face pack

 Dry up orange peels in the sun and grind these sun-dried orange peels to fine powder. Then blend the orange peel powder with two spoons of milk to make a skin whitening and skin clarifying mask at home. Slather this fairness mask on your face for 30 minutes and then wash off with cold water. This beauty tip makes your skin fairer, glowing and spotless naturally.

7. Gram flour and milk face pack for fair complexion 

 Take 3 spoons of besan(gram flour) in a bowl and combine this with 3 spoons of milk to make a thick paste. Then spread the resultant mixture all over your face and body. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rub off gently to remove the facial mask completely. This fairness home-made mask is good for all skin types. Teenager girls must try this natural remedy to get fair, soft and smooth complexion naturally.

 8. Milk with cucumber juice/ tomato juice/ potato juice for improving skin tone

 You can use raw milk with either cucumber juice or tomato juice or potato juice mixed in equal amount to apply on your face. This home remedy is helpful in helpful facial blemishes and rejuvenating dull skin. Best ayurvedic remedy for oily skin types.

 9.Turmeric, raw milk and barley powder to improve skin colour

 Grind barley and raw milk together in a grinder and then add a pinch of turmeric to this mix and then smear all over your face. Use this easy and quick home remedy to get fairer and softer skin tone.

10.Almond powder and milk for bleaching your skin 

 Grind few almonds with milk and use the smooth mixture on your face for 20 minutes. Believe me, this fairness facial mask can do wonders in making your skin whiter very fast. Very useful grandma remedy to bleach your skin and get fairer skin tone. Not only this, this facial mask can make your dry, rough, patchy skin soft, smooth and beautiful naturally. Do you know about any other skin care remedies with milk? If yes, then share your recipe with us in the comments section given below the post. I will be really happy to see your comments.

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