6 DIY Homemade Fairness and Skin Glowing Ubtans for Brides

Every girl nurses a desire to look the best version of herself on her wedding day. For getting a luminous glow, it is mandatory to have a fab skin as good skin makes a great canvass for perfect make-up on your big day. For looking oh- so- gorgeous bride, you need to bestow special attention to all parts of your body.  Because having radiant face and dull body can be a big tun off on this big day. To have golden glow on your wedding day, you need to start up a pre-bridal skin care ritual at-least 6 weeks prior to your wedding day. Ubtans or skin exfoliaitng masks have big role in the beauty care regimen of a bride, since ages. It helps remove tan and resurrect the dull and lacklustre skin. So why not read about some amazing homemade ubtans which can brighten a brides' skin like million stars on her wedding days like never before.

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Here is low down on fairness and skin brightening ubtans for bride to be.

1. Fairness ubtans for brides

 To make this ubtan you will need the following  ingredients mentioned below

 Rasont, an ayurvedic herb( one spoon soaked up in water for 2 hours )

 2 spoons of poppy-seeds

 1 spoon of calamine powder

 few spoons of papaya pulp

 How to use prepare this ubtan at home

Soak up poppy-seeds in milk overnight and grind them with all the ingredients to prepare a ubtan or exfoliating face mask. Massage this exfoliating mask on your face, neck, hands, legs as you do with ubtan and then rub off gently to remove dead skin cells and get clear, radiant skin instantly. Practice this recipe daily to flaunt fair and beautiful skin on your wedding day.

 Benefits of this fairness ubtan

 Papaya contains papain, an enzyme which has an amazing skin lightening effect and it can remove tan and slough off dark cells from your skin and calamine powder is helpful in evening out your complexion. Rasont will clear all sorts of blemishes on face and poppy-seeds in this ubtan will leave your skin baby soft and beautiful.

2. Ubtans for instant glowing and fair skin 

 How to prepare this ubtan

 Let us know what you will need to prepare this skin brightening ubtan

 One spoon of semolina

 one spoon of lemon juice

 one spoon of honey 

 Few spoons of hot milk

  Pour hot milk over one spoon of semolina till it becomes a paste of thick consistency. Next, add one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice and massage gently to remove this mask after leaving it on your face for ten minutes. Follow up with moisturiser.

Benefits of using this ubtan

Semolina's abrasive texture removes dead skin cells and brightens your complexion perfectly.
we all know honey, lemon and milk are very effective skin whitening agents. All natural ingredients work in unison to resurrect your skin instantly. Use this ubtan before before taking shower every day to get maximum results.

3. Ubtan for flawlessly fair skin

To whip up this bridal ubtan, you will need

one spoon of  sandalwood powder

one spoon of apricot powder

2 spoons of papaya pulp

Mix all these ingredients and blend them in a grinder to get a thick paste. Apply on your face, neck, hands and whole body. Keep this on for 10 minutes and then massage off to remove the mask.

 Benefits of using this Ubtan

 This homemade ubtan will clear all sorts of facial blemishes to reveal a spotless and clear skin every day and you will be able to flaunt a radiating glowing face on your wedding day. Papain in papaya will even out and whiten your complexion and Vitamin C and A in apricot revitalize your skin.  And sandalwood will heal any wound, pimples, cuts and rashes on the skin to make your skin flawless. Use this natural remedy daily to have a spotless, clear skin naturally.

4.  Anti-tan and skin bleaching ubtan

 To make this anti-tan ubtan, you will need the following ingredients

 one spoon of rose powder

 2 spoons of grated potato

 one spoon of sandalwood powder

 2 spoons of curd

Mix curd and  grated potato, rose water and sandalwood powder and scrub this homemade facial mask gently on your face. This exfoliating mask gives a brilliant luminosity to your skin

 Benefits of using this Ubtan

As you know that sandalwood powder and curd will give cooling and soothing sensation to harsh and painful sunburn instantly. Potato is a natural skin whitening agent and rose water's anti-bacterial properties strengthen skin tissues to bring a spotless fair skin naturally. Make sure you use this beauty tip daily to achieve a fairer and gorgeous face on your wedding day.

5. Skin whitening ubtan for dark complexioned girl

To Lighten the complexion of dark skinned girls, you can make an exfoliaitng homemade face mask at home with following ingredients mentioned below

 2 spoons of  Manjhistha powder

 4 spoons of  bread crumb powder

 3-4 spoons
of chirongi seeds

 1 spoon of calamine liquid

 2 spoons of rose water

 1 spoon of honey

 few spoons of milk

Grind all these ingredients with milk and rose water to get a paste of thick consistently. Let this mask stay on your skin for 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Use this home remedy daily to get lighter and spotless skin on your wedding day.

 Benefits of using this skin lightening mask

 All Ingredients used in this ubtan are magical skin lightening agents. Chirongi(sunflower seeds) works best for dark skinned people and bread crumb works excellently to remove discolouration of skin to acquire a lighter skin.

 6. Fairness ubtan for dry and dull skin

 If you have got dry and dull skin, then this ubtan can help you immensely. To make this ubtan you will need these ingredients

 4 spoons of Shea butter

 2 spoons of sea salt

 Mix these two ingredients well and massage very slowly on your hands, legs and face also. Rub off gently to remove the mask and wash off with lukewarm water.

 Benefits of using this pre- bridal ubtan

 Shea butter is a boon to dry and patchy skin. It will intensely hydrate your skin and helps in formation of collagen to promote younger and fairer complexion and abrasive texture of sea salt will clear dirt and dead skin cells deposited on your skin. Use this ubtan recipe at least twice a week.

 By now, you are aware of best homemade fairness and skin brightening ubtans for bride-to be. Then why are you waiting for? Start your pre-bridal skin care regimen from right now and get set to shine like a million stars on your wedding day.


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