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5 Lemons home-made facial masks for spotless and flawless skin: How to get glowing, clear and healthy skin using lemon juice

Glowing and flawless skin is the dream of every men and women alike. But unfortunately very few people are blessed with really flawless and spotless skin.  Market is full of many cosmetic procedures which claim to remove all sorts facial blemishes but very few products fulfil those promises. Not only this, they are very costly. Why spend money when you have a solution lying hidden in your kitchen cupboard Yes you got it right.  Here I am talking about lemon which is a great beauty aid in evening out your complexion and making your skin fairer and brighter. Read on to know how to make some amazing  lemon home-made masks for flawless and glowing skin.

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 Beauty tips with lemon for spotless and clear skin

1. Lemon juice mixed with either tomato juice/potato juice/cucumber juice

 Bursting with the goodness of vitamin C, lemon is a great aid in fading in unwanted facial blemishes from your face. Lemon can be mixed with many other ingredients to  up its efficacy. You cam mix lemon juice with either potato juice, tomato juice, cucumber juice to make a potent blend for evening out your complexion. All you got to do is to apply this resultant preparation on your face for 30 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Use this recipe daily and you will see significant reduction in all pigmentation marks, dark spots and age-spots  naturally

2. Lemon juice and honey home-made facial mask

Mix 2 spoons of lemon juice with 2 spoons of honey and thereafter spread this mix on your skin for 20 minutes. Both lemon and honey are depository of skin lightening qualities that is why when both work in unison give amazing results in fading all sort s of blemishes. What is more, with regular usage of this beauty tip, it helps in lightening your facial hair too.

3.Scrub a lemon  on your face  to bleach your skin

Besides being rich in citric acid, lemon  is also teeming with vitamin C, B, Phosphorus, carbohydrate.
That is why lemon is a great aid in enhancing your external beauty the natural way. You can bleach your skin naturally by scrubbing a slice on lemon on your face daily. Either, you can simply dab lemon juice on your face and 30 minutes to get rid of facial blemishes. On continuous sue of this  easy natural remedy, your skin becomes spotless and fairer within a month.

 4 Lemon and cinnamon powder face mask for acne scars

If your are plagued with acne scars ,then lemon juice cinnamon powder comes for rescue. Grind cinnamon powder in a jar and then mix 2 spoons of cinnamon powder with 3 spoons of lemon juice.e Thereafter apply on affected area. If used daily,  this herbal remedy can lighten acne scars/ pimple marks gradually to make your skin clear and problem-free.

5. Lemon juice and olive oil night beauty treatment
You need not buy any expensive beauty creams to be applied at night. You can make a face
mask out of olive oil and lemon juice. Mix both ingredients in equal measure and massage thoroughly on your face and neck. Leave it on overnight.
together and apply on your face. This recipe can diminish all kinda facial blemishes like acne scars, pigmentation marks, dark spots and age spots and give you a really healthy and blemish free skin.

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