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13 beauty and skin care benefits of olive oil: Best olive oil beauty tips

Olive oil is widely been used in whipping up a host of delicacies but olive oil has much more in its kitty. Extra virgin olive oil is very useful beauty ingredient that is used in myriad beauty treatments for your skin and hair. Apart from moisturising  your hair, olive oil has multiple benefits for buzzing up your outer beauty. You need not burn cashes in parlour to get that supple smooth skin, instead buy a bottle of olive oil and see how it works magic on your skin and hair if used topically.
 Read on to know the best beauty and skin care benefits of olive oil

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 Best olive oil home-made facial masks

1. Olive can soften your dry skin to a great measure. You can simply massage your face with olive oil  and let your skin soak up its natural goodness overnight. Get set to wake up  with moisturised  and smooth skin in the morning. Olive oil has potential to slow down the evaporation of water for skin that enhances the skin's capacity to hold water. As a result, olive oil gives you softer and younger looking if used topically on your skin. Use this beauty tip daily for soft, smooth and healthy skin naturally.

 2. Olive oil can give miraculous fairness to your skin. For this, you need to just add a pinch of saffron to  2 spoons of olive oil and massage your skin with this preparation. This home remedy can give your skin fairness and softness. That is why olive oil is used on small babies also to enhance their complexion and skin' radiance.

3. Olive oil contains anti- oxidants, pholephenol that is very effective in combating the sighs of ageing and fine lines. For best results, you can mix olive oil with almond oil and apply on your face to get wrinkle free skin.

4. Dark circles can be reduced with the use of olive oil.  All you got to do  is to just mix olive oil with either cucumber juice or potato juice and apply on under eyes areas to lighten them naturally. Practice this herbal remedy daily to get best results.

5.  You can say good bye to all skin problems if you use olive oil on your skin mixed with lemon juice.  You can even use it mixed with vitamin E oil on your face and get rid of all skin ailments like pigmentation marks, dark spots, dry skin, chapped skin, freckles and age spots.

6. Apply warm olive on your hair thoroughly using your finger tips and wrap hot cloth around your head and let the olive oil seep into your hair to lock nourishment within your hair. This ayuryedic treatment makes your hair shiny, healthy and damage-free.

7. Mix olive oil with sea salt and massage on your face and body to remove dead skin cells. This home remedy is very beneficial in making your skin flawless and glowing.

 8.In case of hair fall, olive oil is of great help. All you got to do is to mix half cup of olive oil, 3 beaten eggs well.  Massage this resultant preparation on your hair and leave it on your hair for 45 minutes. Thereafter, wash off with a mild shampoo. On continuous use of this recipe, your hair becomes strong, manageable and healthy.

9. Application of olive oil on cracked heels helps to heel them fast. All you need to do is to apply warm olive oil mixed milk cream and apply on foot and leave this overnight.

10. Apply olive oil on your chapped lips and get rid of peeling and chapped lips naturally.

11. Add lavender oil and olive oil to bath water and feel silky smooth skin all day long.

12. You can massage olive oil on your well shampooed hair and wash off after 5 minutes. You will get amazing shine after using this natural remedy.

13. We all know that before hitting the sack, we need to remove all sorts of make up. Olive oil does wonderful job in removing all traces of make -up including eye make up. Dip a cotton ball in olive oil and wipe clean your face and eyes with this. Not only this, this beauty tip can ease off eye-wrinkles and eye-bags too. if you use this on a regular basis.

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