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Can Potato help in dark circles treatment? : 11 Ways to use potato for treating and preventing dark circles under eyes

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 Dark circles treatment with potato !Yes just like cucumber, potato too is a magical ingredient for removing dark circles under eyes naturally. Unlike cosmetic preparations, potato is safe for skin and easy on your pocket too.  Potato is the most common vegetable found in every household. This article is presenting the top ways to use potato for  dark circles treatment under eyes. Before getting down to its beauty applications, let us learn some nutritional values of potato which benefit the skin immensely.

Why is potato so helpful in dark circles treatment
  • Potato is rich in a component called catocholase, which tones the facial skin around eyes and reduces puffiness of eyes. When a potato is exposed to air, this catacholase oxidises into benzoquinone and in turn it converts into a chemical compound, hydroquinone, which is a bleaching agent used in bleaching creams. As a result potato bleaches your skin and lightens the dark circles around eyes.
  • It renews the skin under eyes and  provides essential moisture and hydration to the skin under eyes to remove dark circles and  keep it wrinkle free.
  • Vitamin A in potato firms up your facial skin under eyes and prevents dark circles
  • Starch and vitamin C coupled with enzymes nurture your skin and help a great deal in treatment of dark circles.
  •   The coldness and starch present in potato encourage an anti-inflammatory effects that aids in curing the inflammation and puffiness of vessels under eyes.

 How can we use potato for dark circles treatment

1. Simply place a potato over your dark circles

Cut a potato into thin slices and keep this slice in fridge for ten minutes. Thereafter, place this slice on your your under-eyes areas and relax for 15 minutes. This procedure reduces puffiness of eyes instantly and reduces appearance of dark circles gradually if used daily.

2.Smear potato juice over under-eye dark circles

 Grate a potato and simply squeeze the juice out of this grated potato. Apply the potato juice on your dark circles and keep it on for 30 minutes. Thereafter, wash off with ice cold water. Use this easy home remedy daily for quick results

 3.Potato puree

Take one frozen potato and cut this into 4 parts. Next, put these parts in blender and make a fine puree. Apply the resultant preparation on your under-eyes areas and keep it on your under-eyes areas and 15 minutes later.wash off with ice cold water.

4. Potato poultice

Grate a potato and wrap the grated potato in a thin cloth and keep this in fridge for 30 minutes. Keep it under your under eyes areas for 20 minutes and see an immediate effect in reduction of puffiness. Repeat this natural remedy daily for lightening dark circles.

5 Potato juice and Cucumber juice

 Mix cucumber juice and potato juice in equal measure and dab this mixture on your under-eyes areas. This recipe lightens dark circles on continuous usage.

6 Mint paste and potato juice

Take few leaves of mint and grind them to make a fine paste and then add few drop of potato juice and apply on your under-eyes dark circles. Use this beauty tip to see results in just one week.

7.  Lemon juice and potato juice 

Similarly, lemon juice and potato juice can be mixed in equal amount and can be applied on under eye areas for treatment of dark circles fast.

8.Fuller earth and potato juice

Take one spoon of fuller's earth with one spoon of potato juice. Mix both ingredients well and dab on your under-eyes areas. This application will tighten your under eyes area and lighten dark circles too.

9. Potato juice and almond oil

Just like potato, almond oil too is a great aid in diminishing dark circles under-eyes. Mix 4 drops of almond oil o 1 spoon of potato juice and dab on your under-eye areas. Rinse off with cold water. Follow this tip daily.

10.Potato and tomato pulp

Grind a tomato in a grinder and get a fine paste and mix one spoon of potato juice to it and apply on your under eyes areas for  dark circles treatment naturally at home.

11. Potato, yogurt and honey

Mix ones spoon of honey, potato juice and yogurt and apply around your eyes to diminish dark circles. Keep this mixture around your under eye areas for 30 minutes before washing it off. Practice this recipe daily for dark circles treatment.

 By now, you know about 11 ways to use potato for dark circles treatment. All these remedies are simple and fuss-free. Incorporate these remedies into your beauty routine and bid farewell to dark circles permanently.

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