Homemade fairness creams recipes: How to make fairness cream at home

Fair skin is something which is desired by almost all women , especially in Asian countries. Women go to any measure to lighten their skin tone and they try a host of things like fairness creams, getting facial at parlours or even bleaching their skin. But let me tell you one thing that all these are costly and chemical- laden fairness treatments can play havoc on skin in the long run. How nice it would be if we could prepare fairness cream at home!Yes, it is possible to make fairness cream at home with natural ingredients available at home. I want to share with you my homemade fairness creams recipes. Let us learn how to prepare fairness cream at home. Here is presenting  the top 10 homemade fairness creams recipes to get fair complexion naturally.

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 DIY Homemade fairness creams recipes, how to make your own skin whitening/lightening cream at home

1. Sandalwood powder, aloe vera, rose water and almond oil fairness lotion

Take 2 spoons of sandalwood powder with 2 spoon of fresh aloe vera gel extracted from aloe vera plant, 4 spoons of rose water and few drops of almond oil. Blend these ingredients in a grinder and see your fairness cream is ready to use. Cleanse your skin using a mild cleanser and pat dry your facial skin and apply this fairness cream on your face before you go to bed and leave it on skin overnight. Keep this preparation in refrigerator and you can use it fairness lotion up to 4-5 days. This fairness lotion can be used at bed time as night cream or in the morning as a fairness mask too.

2. Sandalwood powder, turmeric power, almonds, curd and lemon juice fairness night cream

Soak up 4-5 almonds in water and the next morning peel them and add one spoon of lemon juice, 2 spoons of sandalwood powder and half spoon of turmeric to this mixture and blend them well to get a lump free mixture and your fairness night cream is ready. Use rose water to cleanse your skin  and keep this preparation on face overnight. In the morning wash off with lukewarm to see radiant glow on face. Continue this recipe for ten day to see any lightening effects on skin. Sandalwood powder clears sunspots and removes tanning whereas almonds powder removes dullness and fine lines to nourish your skin. Vitamin C in lemons bleaches your skin and lactic acid in curd lighten facial blemishes. Turmeric heals pimple and acne scars to replenish skin's health. All these natural skin whitening agents in unison make for a wonderful fairness night cream . Use this fairness cream daily to get fair and flawless skin in a short span of time.

3.Olive oil,  aloe vera gel, liquorice powder, vitamin E capsules and orange juice fairness serum

Mix 2 spoons of olive oil with 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and one spoon of liquorice powder, content of a vitamin E capsule and 3 spoons of orange juice makes for very effective fairness serum for you. Olive oil has emollient qualities that nourish your skin and aloe vera gel removes suntan  as well as evens out your skin and liquorice juice is a powerful skin whitening agent and orange juice bleaches your skin very effectively. Use this fairness cream for 7 days continuously and you will start noticing results. You dark spots and tan will diminish and your skin will recover its lost glow and sheen.

 4.Coconut cream, glyserin, sandalwood powder and turmeric essential oil skin lightening homemade cream

You need 2 spoons of homemade coconut cream and one spoon of glyserin and 3-4 drops of turmeric essential oil and 2 spoons of sandalwood powder and mix all ingredients well to prepare a fairness cream.  Apply this cream on your skin and massage till your skin absorbs the goodness of this cream completely and leave this preparation overnight.  Also, You can apply this fairness cream in the morning as a face mask and then wash off after one hour. Regular application of this fairness cream makes your skin visibly lighter, smoother and more radiant than even before. Sandalwood removes dead cells and lightens skin , glyserin moisturises skin whereas coconut milk has soothing properties that relax the sun burn and unclogs pores and turmeric essential oil acts as preservatives in this homemade cream.

5. Chirongi and milk cream homemade fairness massage cream

 Pamper your skin with this moisturising, nourishing and revitalising skin lightening cream. All you got to do is to soak  up 2 spoons of chirongi(sunflower seeds) with 3 strands of saffron in 3 spoons of milk cream for 2 hours. Next, grind this to get a smooth paste.  Massage the resultant preparation on your face, neck and whole body till it gets absorbed completely. Sleep with this cream on and wash off in the morning with lukewarm water to see the skin whitening effects immediately. This home remedy for fairness cream is a tried and tested aid for improving the complexion of small babies too. Best beauty tip for dark complexion people.

6. Tea tree oil, lemon essential oil, aloe vera gel and vitamin E fairness lotion

Take 4 drops of tea tree oil and 4 lemon essential oil and 4 spoons of fresh aloe vera gel and 3 capsules of vitamin E and blend all ingredients thoroughly to prepare a homemade fairness cream. Tea tree oil has full of anti-fungal qualities purify the skin to remove all sort of impurities from the skin. Vitamin E has ability to repair and smoothen your skin. Aloe vera gel is a natural sunsreen evens out your skin whereas lemon essential oil is a well-known skin brightener. Made from these magical skin bleaching agents, this fairness cream cures dark spots and dark patches to reveal a fairer and spotless complexion

7. Olive oil, almond oil, sandalwood powder ,mulethi, curd, rose water and lemon juice night cream for fairness

 You can prepare a very effective fairness cream to get fair skin by mixing 2 spoons of olive oil, 2 spoons of almond oil and 2 spoons of sandalwood powder, one spoon of mulethi/liquorice and 2 spoons of curd, 2 spoons of rose water and juice of a lemon. All these ingredients add to the beauty and charm of your skin. Use a cotton ball to apply this face mask. You can wash off your face or keep this mask on face at night. Keep this fairness cream in an airtight jar in refrigerator.

8.  Almonds, rose water, aloe vera gel , glyserin fairness massage cream

 Mix 8 almonds with 3 spoons of rose water and 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and add 2 spoons of glyserin and massage this mixture on your face using upward strokes till it gets soaked up completely into your skin. Use this beauty tip just before you go to sleep. This homemade massage cream instantly brightens your complexion and gives immediate moisture boost to your skin.

9Homemade  fairness cream with beeswax, essential oil, coconut oil , liquorice root and water skin whitening cream

Boil liquorice root with water till water remains half and then boil coconut oil with beeswax. Next blend both mixture with essential oil and your fairness cream is ready. Beeswax is natural preservative in this fairness cream, so you can store this homemade fairness cream at room temperature.  Regular application of this fairness cream makes your skin light and even toned.

10. Strawberry, yogurt, multani mitti, jasmine oil, hydroquinone, rose water, sandalwood powder fairness/ skin lightening cream

 Blend 4 spoons of all ingredients,  except strawberry and hydroquine cream, in a food processor and then add 3 spoons strawberry puree and hydroquione cream to complete the process. Cleanse your skin with a foaming cleanser to remove all traces of dirt and make up and then apply this skin lightening cream with brush and keep it on your skin for 2 hours and wash off apply this daily. Boys and girls both use this cream and you can use this a face mask. Use this fairness cream continuously for 15 days and you will notice significant reduction in dark spots, blemishes and tanning and  you will become fairer day by day.

By now you know well how to make fairness cream at home. All these fairness night creams recipes are tried and test by me and my friends. All these recipes really work! Try these fairness creams recipes and do share your experience with me in the comments section given below.


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