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15 Beauty and skin care benefits of Tulsi/Holy Basil: 15 DIY Basil homemade facial masks for healthy and flawless skin

Holy basil, Tulsi is known as most sacred plant in India. Known as Ocimum Tenuiflorum in scientific term, It finds place in almost all Indian households because it is considered an auspicious plant from its religious point of view. Dating back to 5000 years back, it is highly lauded for its healing properties for mind, body and soul. We all know tulsi is very much precious also for medicinal point of view and therapeutic use.  It goes without saying that chewing tulsi leaves staves off bad odour from your mouth and tulsi tea is an elixir for curing cough and cold.  Loaded with linoleic acid, vitamin A, C, phytonutrients, essential oil, tulsi is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral herb which deep cleanses, detoxifies your skin. It is also helpful in fighting harmful effects of free radicals.  But tulsi has much more than these qualities in its kitty. Holy basil is a big storehouse of skin-beautifying qualities. Let us find out the other nutrients present in tulsi for enhancing your inner and outer beauty before proceeding to its skin -care benefits.

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 Holy basil/tulsi is rich in beta carotene which is known to be progenitor of vitamin A. Human body can convert beta carotene into vitamin A, retinol which promotes healthy ans younger -looking skin.

 Lutein and zeaxanthin are also found in abundance which speed up production of anti-oxidants to counteract the effects of sun damage.

 It is bursting with essentials oil such as Eugenol, Citronellol, Limonene, and turpineol that have anti-septic qualities.

Rich in vicenin and flavonoids orienten, holy basil plant makes your skin healthy when taken orally also.


 All these nutrients make tulsi an immensely effective beauty aid for your skin. Let us find out the best beauty and skin care benefits of holy basil or tulsi. Mentioned below are the best  15 homemade facial mask recipe using tulsi in your beauty applications.

1.Basil leaves, neem leaves, sandalwood powder, rose water acne and pimple control facial mask

Just few leaves of tulsi can do wonders in treating acne and pimple very effectively. Pluck 20-30 basil leaves and 10-15 neem leaves and grind them together with rose water in a grinder. Next, add 2 spoons of sandalwood powder to this paste. Afterwards, spread this mask all over your face and neck and let the mask dry completely for 30 minutes. Finally, wash off with cold water. Use this recipe for acne and pimple treatment fast the natural way.

2.Basil leaves and egg pore refinement treatment

 Mix basil leaves with egg white and apply on your face and leave this mask on for 20 minutes till you are completely done. This mask will rejuvenate your dull and lacklustre skin instantly and gives your skin an instant lift. This mask will make your skin oil-free and squeaky clean. This beauty tip is suitable for oily skin.

 3. Tulsi juice with coconut oil for curing dandruff

Combine 4 drops of  tulsi juice with few spoons of coconut oil and  massage on your hair for 15 minutes. Leave this preparation overnight and this oil treatment cures dandruff perfectly and keeps dandruff at bay.

 4.Basil leaves paste and rose water for flawless and spotless complexion

 Grind freshly plucked basil leaves and rose water and smear this mixture all over your face and wash off with ice cold water. This process unclogs the blocked pores  and breathes a fresh lease of life into skin and detoxifies your skin to reveal a fresh, spotless and oil-free complexion free of blackheads and whiteheads.

5. Basil juice, tomato juice, coriander juice, mint juice solution for removing pigmentation marks

  Grind mint leaves and coriander leaves and tulsi leaves in a grinder and then strain this mixture with the help of sieve to extract the juice and mix this with tomato juice and dab all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 20 minutes till  face mask is dry completely. This face mask is highly effective in lightening and fading away pigmentation marks on cheeks, nose and forehead.

6.Potato and and tulsi face mask for dark spots cure

 Grate a potato and extract its juice and mix this juice with tulsi leaves paste and apply all over your face and neck. Let it stay on face for 20 minutes and then wash it off. This face mask is very beneficial aid in removing facial dark spots and brown spots naturally.

7.Coconut milk and tulsi leaves paste for blemishes

You can apply coconut milk with tulsi leaves paste and apply on your facial blemishes to lighten them. This home remedies is very good for diminishing dark spots, sun spots and pigmentation marks.

8. Tulsi leaves and curd skin hydrating face mask 

Dry up tulsi leaves in shade and grind them to fine powder and mix this with curd and apply on your face for 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water. This facial mask is ideal for daily use for all skin types.

9.  Gram flour (Besan), and tulsi leaves and yogurt face mask

Grind 25-30 tulsi leaves and strain this mixture to extract tulsi juice and mix the tulsi water with besan and curd and apply on your face to lighten and brighten your complexion. This home remedy will get your rid of zits and pimples on face as well as making it fairer.

10. Tulsi powder, oatmeal powder and milk skin exfoliation face for making your skin fairer

  Grind tulsi leaves with water to obtain a fine paste. Next, grind oatmeal in a grinder with milk. To this mixture, add tulsi paste and then smear on your face for 10 minutes. When mask is dry, scrub gently to eradicate blackheads, whiteheads and deep seated dirt on your face to reveal a brighter, fairer and clear complexion instantly. Do not step out in the sun after usage of this natural remedy.

11. Tulsi leaves, aloe vera gel for  fair skin

Grind tulsi leaves and mix gel extracted from the freshly plucked aloe vera gel and apply this all over skin. This mask will have an amazing skin lightening effect. I used this home remedy and got positive results.

12. Tulsi leaves and tomato pulp herbal face pack for acne scars

Pimples go but leaves an ugly scar behind them. But solution is here! Tulsi paste and tomato pulp mixed in equal amount can lighten pimple scars naturally if applied on face daily. Use this beauty tip for fast results.

13.Whiten your yellow teeth with tulsi

White and sparkling teeth add a charm to your smile but unfortunately,our bad eating habits and poor hygiene make them yellowish. But no worries, here is a home remedy for you. Apply tulsi paste on your teeth every night and rub your teeth. It will whiten your teeth and prevent bleeding of gums too.

14. Tulsi leaves and amla( Indian gooseberry) powder for dandruff cure

 Grind dried tulsi leaves to obtain fine powder and mix it with 2 spoons of amla paste and apply this homemade hair mask on your dandruff-affected hair and leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Repeat this process twice a week to see positive outcome.

15.  Say Goodbye to itching scalp

 You can make a herbal oil with tulsi leaves and coconut oil to cure all sort of scalp  infections. Boil coconut  oil on low flame and add few leaves of tulsi to this oil and let it simmer for 15 minutes, then to finish off the process, add methi(fenugreek) seeds till they start crackling. Let this mixture cool down and strain this solution. Your homemade oil is ready which can iron out itching scalp, dandruff and lice too.

By now you are aware of these 15 application of tulsi leaves fr enhancing your beauty. Do use these herbal beauty tips and do share your experience with us.

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