Dark circles treatment and removal naturally: How to Remove Under-Eyes Dark Circles in Just 7 Days Using Home Remedies : Top 10 natural remedies/ways to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles are the common complaints among women and men like. They make you look older than you real age. Not only this, dark circles are the pretty much indicator of your lifestyle, health and your diet too. There can be several factors that trigger off dark circles like taking inadequate water, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, prolonged illness, water retention, weight loss, menopause, working endless hours on computer and many more. But stop fretting over why you are suffering from those ugly under-eyes dark circles. Because the secrets to getting rid of dark circles are out there. Here is a low down on  top 10 home remedies to cure dark circles naturally at the comfort of home at no great cost.


 Tips for curing dark circles naturally

1. Witch hazel

Witch hazel is easily available in all drug stores which is a natural beauty aid in fading discolouration of skin to make your skin flawless.

 Why does witch hazel work to remove dark circles

Witch hazel is a natural astringent which can soothe inflammation and treat a host of skin ailments like bruises, sores and swelling. It contains tannin, gallic acid, catechin, flavonoids, proanthocyanidin, choline, sapoline and  all these ingredients make it a wonderful aid in removing dark circles and puffy eyes.

 How to use witch hazel to treat dark circles

Dip a cotton pad in witch hazel and keep this cotton on your eyes for 8-10 minutes and remove the cotton pad. Practice this recipe regularly and you will feel the reduction in dark circles. This beauty tip will dramatically reduce the puffiness of eyes in less than a week.

2. Butter milk

 Buttermilk is high in calcium and probiotics that is why it is very beneficial for lightening your skin. So make sure you drink 2 glasses for butter milk daily. The good news is that weight watcher can also indulge in this guilt free treat as it is low in fat yet high in nutrients.

 Why is buttermilk so effective in lightening under-eyes circles
 Buttermilk is a rich source of probiotics and lactic acid that help in fading away under-eyes circles naturally. Lactic acid is a skin whitening agent which helps lighten all sort of facial discolouration. When buttermilk is used on under eyes areas it works like a magic in lightening dark circles.

  How to apply buttermilk on dark circles
Mix one pinch of turmeric to 2 spoons of butter milk and apply on your under-eyes circles. This recipe has an amazing skin lightening effects on your skin and under-eyes areas. Try this natural recipe and you will be able to treat your dark circles very fast.

3. Mint

 Loading with anti-bacterial properties, mint is very effective in treating under eyes dark circles.

 The reason behind why mint works in treating dark circles

Applying mint leaves paste around your under-eyes areas causes a tingling sensation, thus, promoting blood flow to the area. As a result water retention around eyes gets reduced . And mint is rich in vitamin A, C and potassium and iron  and all in unison help drive away dark circles in very short span of time.

  How to use this natural ingredient for preventing dark circles.

 Grind mint leaves in a grinder with the juice of lemon and apply this paste around your eyes and leave this preparation on your under-eyes areas for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Continue this practice for 7 days and you will see your dark circles are getting lightened.

4. Chilled spoon

 This can sound ridiculous to you but it is true that chilled spoon can soothe your tired and worn out under-eyes areas. If you not trust me, the use this recipe and feel the difference yourself!

  The reason why chilled spoon helps

 Chilled spoons constricts the blood vessel around eyes that help in lessening dark circles. Moreover, it gives cooling sensation to your tired and fatigued eyes areas instantly. Continue this practice and you will see visible results in 7 days.


 It is no secret that cucumber can do magic in lightening under-eyes circles that is why placing cucumber slice over eyes is a oft-used ritual of beauty conscious people all over the world.

 Why should you use cucumber to cure dark circles-

 The abundance of silica and anti-oxidants in cucumber deep nourish the skin and diminish the melanin production. It is the best natural ingredient you can use to diminish dark circles in 7 days

 How to use this beauty tip to erase dark circles

Just dab cucumber juice all over your under-eye areas or place chilled cucumber slice over eyes to diminish dark circles. If you use chilled cucumber juice or slice, it would be better in dark circles treatment.

6. Potato

 Just like cucumber, potato too is a solution to lighten dark circles. As we know potato is a natural bleaching agent which is as effective as cucumber when it comes to treating dark circles. So and so, it can fade dark circles overnight.

 The science behind why potato works in fading dark circles

 Potato has catecholase, which is found in many skin lightening creams and serums helps fade away dark circles very effectively.

How to use this natural remedy

 Dab potato juice on your dark circles or place potato slice over your eyes to diminish dark circles naturally. You will get optimal results if used chilled potato juice. Use this tip daily and you will sure to see noticeable results in 7 days.

7. Aloe vera 

 Aloe vera is a very useful plant which offers a multitude of benefits for skin care. Likewise, it serves as a good treatment to cure dark circles. Processed form of aloe vera leaf is called gel and cosmetic market is  brimful with so called aloe vera gels but let me tell you one thing that jel derived out of freshly plucked aloe vera plant is the best and it gives very fast and sure-shot results.

 Why is aloe vera is good for dark circles treatment

Aloe vera is brimming with the nourishing properties of vitamin A,B,E and B 12. Minerals like zinc, amino acid,  protein, magnesium and calcium are also found in abundance in aloe vera. All these in unison nurture the under-eyes areas to cure dark circles, puffiness and eyes-wrinkles naturally. That is why when you go down to the ingredients lists of under-eye creams, you will have aloe vera gel as main ingredient.

 How to use aloe vera to get rid of under-eyes circles.

Apply the juice or jel of freshly plucked aloe vera juice on your under-eyes areas and practice this beauty tip for continuously for 7 days. You will notice signification reduction in dark circles in just 3 days. Regular use of aloe vera around your eyes areas will ensure that you get sparking and health-looking eyes forever.

8. Almond oil massage

 Almond oil is popular beauty tip followed by women across the world to diminish dark circles.

The reason why almond oil works in curing dark circles

 Almond oil is chock-a block with the goodness of antioxidants, vitamin E that drive away eyes-bags and fines lines around eyes. Caffeine present in almond oil helps to dissolve the water retention around eyes by stimulating the blood circulation. Vitamin K, palmatic acid, retinol in this oil work together to smoothen the wrinkles and discolouration around your eyes.

 How to use almond oil to get rid of dark circles

 Massage your under-eyes areas with almond oil to diminish dark circles. Moreover this home remedy will iron out fine lines, crow, feet around your eyes areas. 

9. Orange juice and glycerine mask

 Orange juice and glycerine mixture is very effective aid in lightening under-eyes dark circles.

 Why orange juice and glyserin mask for treating dark circles

  Orange is a rich source of vitamin C which is skin whitening vitamin that fades away discolouration of skin And glycerin has the properties to seal moisture within skin. So Mixture made from these ingredients aids to lessen the dark circles in a week.

 How to use this herbal remedy

 Mix orange juice and glycerine in equal amount and massage this mixture gently around your delicate eyes areas to minimize the appearance of those panda eyes.

10.Tea bags

 Yes, you have read it right!  Tea bags are very easy solution to decrease dark circles naturally at home.The tea bags you toss away in your dustbin can play a big role in reducing your dark circles. Do not you believe me? Just try this recipe and  you will see quick results.

 Why should you use tea bags for reducing dark circles

 Tea contains antioxidants which, fight free radicals which speeds up ageing process and that is why  tea removes dark circles and puffiness of eyes very quickly. Practice this natural remedy for 7 days to see noticeable results. Tea contains caffeine that constricts the blood vessels around eyes areas and tannin concentration in the tea reduces the puffiness of eyes by stimulating blood circulation around eyes areas.

 How to use this teas bags  recipe

Keep used tea bags in fridger and place then on your eyes for 10 minutes and it will lessen the puffiness and fine lines of eyes instantly.

Apart from using these home remedies, ensure that you get 8 hours of sleep daily as not clocking enough sleep may be real culprit behind your dark circles. Moreover, a diet rich in vitamin E,A,C,K, iron and calcium is mandatory to banish those under-eyes circles. And last not the least, keep yourself hydrated with 2-3 litres of  water every day as this magic potion leaves your skin moisturised,  which is less susceptible to wrinkles and dark circles.

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