Sunday, 17 April 2016

No weight loss after exercise? How to fix common exercise mistakes which stop your from losing weight

Not losing weight even after starting off an exercise regimen 4-5 months go? You are wondering what may be the reasons behind not shedding flab from your waistline.  There can be many factors that are hampering you from reaping benefits from exercise.  People make some common mistakes before embarking on  a weight loss regimen.  Here are 4 valuable tips to avoid some mistakes prior to staring a fitness journey.

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 1.Pump up the volume of exercise

 It is of utmost importance  to perform 30 minutes of your work out with high intensity. People walk very slowly or read or watch tv while running on treadmill.  It is a big mistake ! In order to burn fat faster, you need to ramp up the intensity of your work out. Studies reveal that running fast for 20 minutes gives double results  as compared to running slowly for 40 minutes. So it is must to slog at faster speed to get maximum results from your work out.

2.Have eyes on what is on your plate

Some people start using exercise as an excuse to eat everything under the earth. To lose weight, it is necessary to cut down on high-calorie foods such as oily, fried and junk foods.  Exercise combined with a healthy low-calorie diet and change in your life style can aid you immensely in weight loss regimen. Always remember, doing your work-out session daily does not allow you to binge into fat- laden pizza or gulp down tons of cold drinks. If you are having a feast at night and then try to balance it out by taking lighter meals in the morning and afternoon.

 3. Do not repeat same exercise every day

People keep on doing same exercises which become monotonous and ineffective after a certain span of time. It is necessary to incorporate new exercises to infuse interest into your fitness regimen. Because our body adapts to same exercise after a period of time which gives very slow or almost no results. So change your work out routine every day to buzz up your exercise results and drive away boredom out  of exercise. Change the type of exercise every week for each muscle. Like you can run on treadmill on first day and on alternate day, you can try push up, squatting and chest flies and chest  presses on the next day. They all target your muscles but all work in different way to maximize your results. Check if you are doing the mistake of repeating same exercise every day.

4. Stop doing wrong exercise for weight loss

 If you are concentrating on only cardiovascular exercises, then you will only burn weight but it will not change the shape of your body and it will whet your appetite too. To achieve your dream figure, you need to incorporate some body weight work outs like lifting weights, push ups, yoga, squats, stretching, crunch, plank and so forth .These exercises are very effective to target your problematic bulging body parts such as hips, tummy, abs and  buttocks.


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