DIY10 home-made rose water skin whitening home remedies: Rose water natural skin bleaching/lightening tips

 Rose water is a miraculous elixir by nature which offers a lot of beauty benefits for your skin. If sprinkled on your face, it spruces up your mood in a jiffy and leaving your skin fresh and lively. Rose water has some skin whitening qualities that help in making your skin fair and glowing like rose.This article presents the best 10 rose water natural home made skin lightening face packs. All these skin whitening home remedies are very easy on your pocket and yet very effective on your skin.

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How to get fair skin using rose water

 1.Rose water, glycerine and lemon juice home-made fairness mask

 Mix 2 spoons of rose water with 2 spoons of lemon juice and one spoon of glycerine together and massage this fairness lotion on your face and neck very gently using your fingertips for 5 minutes and then leave this preparation on your face overnight. Rose water helps to strengthen skin cells and revitalizes damaged tissues of skin. This is best night cream you can use to lighten and even out your complexion. Use this easy to follow beauty tip daily at bedtime.

2.  Gram flour and rose water fairness facial mask

 You can mix 2 spoons of gram flour with 3 spoons of rose water to make a thick paste. Then smear this mask all over your face and neck for 30 minutes till this facial mask dries up completely. And wash off with cold water to remove this fairness mask. This face mask will gradually whiten your skin and makes your skin oil-free and clear too. Rose water maintains the PH balance of skin that is why rose water acts as great skin toner too.

 3.Rose water, milk and almond oil face mask to whiten your skin

  Add 1 spoon of almond oil to 2 spoons of milk and 2 spoons of rose water, then dab this facial mask on your face to make your skin fair,radiant and spotless. Easy to follow natural remedy for boys and men too.

 4. Fuller's earth(multani mitti)  and rose water skin whitening mask

 Mix 2 spoons of multani mitti and rose water to make a face mask that improves your complexion. This beauty tip will absorb the extra oil from your skin and makes it flawless and beautiful. Good for those teenagers with acne-prone skin.

  5.Rose water with potato/tomato/ cucumber juice
 Mix rose water with either potato juice or tomato juice or cucumber juice and dab on your face to bleach your skin. This natural remedy will clear the toughest tan to reveal a fair, beautiful and radiant skin.

 6.Rose water and almond powder facial mask for fair complexion

 Mix rose water and almond powder. Next, smear this resultant mix on your face to make your skin fair naturally. Best home-made fairness mask to get fairer complexion for all skin types.

  7. Sandalwood, rose water and honey skin bleaching mask

   Mix  4 spoons of  rose water, 3 spoons of sandalwood powder and one spoon of honey togehter and slather this fairness mask all over your face and neck and then wash off with cold water. This milk bleach is very useful in removing acne and acne scars naturally. Goof for making your skin shine-free and fresh.

 8.Rose water and tomato juice mix to lighten your skin and heal sunburnt skin

 Rose water is a miracle for sunburnt skin as it soothes and heals suntan fast. All you got to do is to apply the mix of rose water and tomato juice on affected area. This beauty tip will help shrink open pores and tighten your skin, apart from improving your skin colour.

 9.Mint leaves, rose water and aloe vera leaves home-made facial mask for fair skin

 Grind mint leaves, aloe vera leaves and rose water in a grinder and smear this home-made skin bleaching mask on your skin for 30 minutes. This mask lightens the darkness of skin and makes your skin white and flawless. Best beauty tip for oily skin.

10. Apply rose water and milk mixture to become whiter and softer

 Mix rose water and raw milk together in equal measure and apply this potent blend on your face to whiten your skin naturally.


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