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DIY 14 home-made olive oil facial masks recipes: how to use olive oil for fair and glowing skin

 You must have used olive oil in whipping up Italian dishes and Chinese dishes and many other dishes several times. But olive oil can do a whole lot more things for your skin, thanks to its some amazing skin beautifying properties. One bottle of  olive oil can substitute for your several costly cosmetics and save your money and your skin too from harmful chemicals.  Read on to know about the beauty and skin care benefits of olive oil. Mentioned below are best home made olive oil facial masks recipes.

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 Beauty and skin care benefits of olive oil

  1.Massaging olive oil on your face can make your skin fair, smooth and moisturised

 Just massage your skin with olive oil before you go to bed and do this practice regularly and you will see a significant improvement in you complexion. So much so, massaging your baby's skin with olive can improves her complexion very much. For good results,  add few stands of saffron to the bottle of olive oil and you can massage your face and neck with saffron mixed olive oil to improve your skin tone and clarity. Olive oil is a good moisturiser for your skin too. Apart from lightening your skin, olive can give amazing softness and glow to your skin if massaged regularly.

2.Olive oil and milk cream gives deep nourishment to dry and dull skin skin.

 Those with dry skin can massage their skin with 2 spoons of fresh milk cream with few spoons of olive oil added to it. Then wash off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Olive oil prevents evaporation of water from skin, resulting in moisturised and and hydrated skin, even in winter season.
 Not only this, this ayurvedic remedy is  skin whitening mask too.

 3.Olive oil- honey skin brightening and lightening  natural facial mask

 Got dull and dehydrated skin? Just massage your skin with olive oil and honey mixture to resurrect your dull skin. You have to mix 2 spoons of honey with 2 spoons of  olive oil and massage  your face well with this mask and let this mask to stay on your skin for 20 minutes. You can use this beauty tip everyday for best results.

4.Olive oil and lemon  juice skin whitening and clarity mask

 Lemon juice has vitamin C, it is no hidden fact. When it is mixed with olive oil, it becomes an excellent  night cream or oil. This home-made facial mask lightens your skin and fades all sorts of facial blemishes. Use this facial mask at night and leave it on overnight and you will possess a flawless and glowing skin, free of all sort of facial blemishes ad imperfections. Use this home remedy at night daily for getting maximum results.

5.Olive oil and sugar  ex-foliating scrub for removing blackheads and whiteheads

 Mix sugar, olive oil and pinch of salt.  Rub this mixture till sugar granules melt away completely. This exfoliaitng scrub clear all the dirt and make up traces deposited into your skin and sloughs away all the blackheads and white-heads of your skin.

 6.Olive oil and multani mitti facial mask skin glow face mask

 You need to apply multani mitti mixed with olive oil and let this mask smear on your skin for 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water to hydrate and lighten your skin. This natural remedy is good for moisturising your moisture-starved and parched skin.

 7.Dark circles cure with olive oil

 Mix olive oil with vitamin E capsules and massage very gently this mix around the delicates areas around your eyes. Or you can mix almond oil and olive oil and apply this all over your under-eyes areas to lighten dark circles.

8. Eating olive oil also is good for skin

 It has been proved that taking olive oil in your diet prevents your skin form harmful UV rays and minimizes the chances for skin cancer and makes your skin glowing and young. It is low calorie food which helps in shedding fat fast from your body. So trade other vegetables oil for olive oil in your kitchen from now onwards.

 9.Apply olive oil on your hair to condition it

 Apply hot olive oil on your hair and massage gently using your fingertips for around 10 minutes. Afterwards, wrap hot towel around your head to give deep nourishment to your hair and its roots. This process renders softness, shine to your hair and makes your hair strong hot towel around your head to give nourishment to your hair.  A perfect conditioner for your dry, dull and lacklustre hair.

 10. Apply olive oil to your lips

 You need not buy costly lips balm to soothe and heal your chapped lips, instead massage olive oil to your chapped and peeling lips and your lips will be soft, smooth and rosy.

 11.Apply warm olive oil on your cracked heels 

  You can apply warm olive oil on your crackled heels to cure them fast.You can apply warm olive oil your perfectly cleansed foot and leave it on overnight and you will be amazed to find your lovely feet in the morning on waking up.

 12.Apply olive oil and egg white conditioner for your hair

Mix olive oil with the content of an egg and massage this mix gently on your head and you will get immense softness and lustre to your otherwise dull and dry hair. This beauty tip can do the miracles of hair spa if you use this natural remedy twice or thrice a week.

13. Apply olive oil on your cuticles

  Dip your nails in warm olive oil and and let your nails dip in olive oil for 10 minutes. This practice will make your brittle nails stronger and healthy.

14. Olive oil for wrinkle-free ans young skin

 Olive oil is good for  mature skin too  as olive oil has anti-ageing oxidant, polyphenol, which facilitates firm and elastic skin to promote younger-looking skin. So massage your face with olive oil at night. You can add sandalwood essential oil to olive oil and massage your skin with this mix to get younger, softer and  wrinkle-free skin.

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