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5 DIY Eggs homemade facial mask recipes for skin whitening: How to get fair skin using egg

 As we know well , egg is used for anti-aging skin care because eggs help to minimize the tell-tale signs of  wrinkles and sagging skin to get youthful skin . But eggs contains some skin-beautifying minerals, vitamins and protein that make your skin fair, soft and flawless too. Yes, it is true. Egg has very important role in skin whitening and evening out the skin tone. Here in this article you will find 5 easy to make home-made egg facial masks for fair and bright skin.  Read on to know the beauty and skin care benefits of eggs for skin lightening.

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 Eggs home made facial masks for skin-lightening

 1.Egg white home facial

 Egg white can give mini face lift to your skin if used topically on skin.. It plumps up your skin to increase the luminosity of skin. Egg white can tighten the skin pores and enhances the skin clarity. Not only this, skin tone is also lighten when you use egg  on a daily basis. Use this recipe twice a week for fairer, tighter and smooth skin. This beauty tip is best for oily skin.

 2.Egg white, multani mitti(fuller's earth), tomato pulp

 Grind a tomato to get a fine pulp and mix 2 spoons of tomato pulp with one egg white and 2 spoons of multani mitti , then apply  this mixture all over your skin. Tomato is rich lycopene that prevents your skin from sun burn and sun damage. Multani mitti and egg remove dead skin cells, grime and all sorts of facial impurities to reveal a fresher and radiant skin instantly. This facial mask removes facial blemishes such as sun spots, age spots, pigmentation marks and brown spots. Use this fairness facial mask for getting crystal clear and glowing complexion.

 3.Egg white. cucumber, milk, besan(gram flour) face pack to enhance skin color

 Mix 4 spoons of cucumber juice with one egg white, 2 spoons of gram flour and 2 spoons of milk. Then use this resultant face pack as homemade fairness facial to get fairer in just 15 minutes. This recipe is best suitable for normal to oily skin.

4 Egg yolk, papaya pulp and lemon juice skin whitening facial mask

 You can  mix egg yolk with papaya pulp and few drops of lemon juice and then spread this facial mask all over your face and neck for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash off with cold water. This natural remedy is really beneficial in tightening your loose and drooping skin and as well as making it fairer  and spotless too. Good for dry to normal skin.

 5.Egg yolk, sandalwood powder and honey face pack to improve your skin tone

 You can mix egg yolk, honey and sandalwood powder for making your skin white and clear. You have to remove egg white from egg yolk and then you have to use egg yolk for this recipe. After combining all ingredients, slather on your face for 20 minutes, then wash off thoroughly with cold water. This homemade mask helps to improve your  complexion.
You can use this ayurvedic home remedy thrice a week to get best results.


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