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12 honey skin whitening facial mask recipes: Natural skin lightening honey facial packs for bleaching your skin

 In quest of looking good, you must have splurged tons on cosmetic products or beauty parlours.  But let me tell you one thing these things can make your skin beautiful temporarily, in fact  in long run these things can cause harm to your skin.  So give in to gentle caress of nature to pamper your skin the natural way.  Mother nature has bestowed upon us a  delicious golden liquid for our skin care, that is honey.   Honey has some miraculous skin lightening and brightening qualities, thanks to anti- oxidants qualities, minerals and vitamins  present in this magical elixir. Here is presenting the top home-made skin-lightening honey facial masks. Learn how to get fairer complexion using honey. Mentioned below are the top beauty and skin care benefits of honey.

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 How to make your skin fair and spotless using honey

1.Honey and lemon skin bleaching mask for fair skin

 This facial mask is an age-old home remedy that is being used to lighten your skin naturally. All you need 2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of lemon juice to make this facial mask. Smear this mask all over your skin and wash off after 30  minutes till your skin soaks up all the goodness of this skin whitening face pack. This recipe can lighten even your facial hair too if used regularly. Only one thing you need to be careful about this mask is that do not step out immediately in the sun post application of this face mask, otherwise it will lead to sun burn.

2 .Honey and curd facial mask for lightening your skin tone

Mix 2 spoons of honey to 2 spoons of curd and mix both ingredients well till curd gets beaten completely. Curd has lactic acid when mixed with honey makes your skin fair and glowing.  What is more, this skin lightening mask can even out your skin too to make it flawless.

3. Tomato juice and honey fairness treatment

 Squeeze a tomato and take out its juice and  mix this with honey and then apply on your face. After 20 minutes, wash off completely with with cold water. You can take 15 days test of this recipe to get fairer. Only use this remedy twice a day and do not use  any sorts of creams, face wash or any soap on your face for 15 days and believe me you will get amazing fairness effects and radiance on your face. Good beauty tip for normal to oily skin.

  4.Saffron and honey skin whitening mask 

 Add few strands of saffron to 2 spoons of honey and slather all over your face and neck. 20 minutes later wash off with warm water. This  ayurvedic home remedy can remove dark spots and brown spots from the face.

 5.Potato juice and honey mild bleach for your skin

Mix 2 spoons of  freshly extracted potato juice and 2 spoons of honey and then dab on your skin for 20 minutes. This bleaching mask can fade all sorts of facial blemishes like pigmentation marks, dark spots and age spots, etc.

 6.Cucumber juice and honey fairness facial mask

 Blend cucumber juice and honey together in equal measure and apply all over your face to make your skin fair, glowing and beautiful. This natural remedy helps cure dark circles too.

 7 Multani mitti, sandalwood powder and honey fairness face mask

 Mix 2 spoons of multani mitti(fuller's earth), one spoon of sandalwood and one spoon of honey together. Let this face mask to dry for 20 minutes then wash off with cold water. This natural remedy is amazing for making your skin spotless and  pinkish white.

 8. Milk and honey face mask is good for fair skin

 Mix honey with raw milk and massage this mixture all over your face and neck  and wash off with water. You can use milk powder in place of raw milk and make a smooth paste for application on your face. A good fairness beauty tip for dry skin.

 9 .Banana and  honey face mask for skin fairness

 Mash a banana with your hands and mix this with 2 spoons of honey and massage thoroughly all  over your face using finger tips. This massage equals the result of professional massage in a beauty parlour which it turn makes your skin fair ad soft. This beauty tip is an insta-glow mask too which you can use before going to a party.

 10.Papaya and honey for skin lightening

 Mix papaya pulp with honey and smear all over your face to impart a sheen to your face. This homely and herbal remedy can be used daily for aquiring fair and smooth complexion naturally.

11. Egg white and honey for skin lightening

 Mix egg white and honey together on your perfectly cleansed face and wash off after 30 minutes. This homely remedy is very helpful for those with loose and wrinkled skin.

12 Honey and sugar fairness scrub

 Mix 2 spoons of sugar with 3 spoons of honey and scrub till sugar melts completely and this recipe can remove dead skin cells and all facial impurities to reveal a fair and glowing skin every day. This beauty tip is suitable for your hands, legs and whole body also.

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