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DIY 8 Egg anti-ageing homemade facial masks recipes : Natural skin-tightening eggs face packs for removing wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines removal

 As times flies, youthful charm of your face starts fading, it is a sad truth you can not deny. But good news is that you can reverse the time clock by using some home-made facial masks you can whip up at home. You  will be surprised to know that your favourite breakfast, egg can give you younger-looking and firm skin natural way. Let us learn in detail how to use eggs for making your skin younger, tight and firmer. Egg can help you to lift your loose and dropping skin to become tight and firm. Mentioned below are some very effective and natural skin-firming facial masks made out of eggs. Read on to know beauty and skin care benefits of eggs for anti-aging skin care.

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 1. Egg white and honey skin tightening facial mask

 Separate the egg white with egg yolk. Apply egg white on your perfectly cleansed face and leave it on for 20 minutes. It tightens and lifts your sagging facial skin right after the first application. Egg white face mask is highly beneficial for those with oily skin. People with dry skin can mix 2 spoons of honey with egg white. Not only this, egg white when applied on puffy eyes, it minimises the appearance of eye -wrinkles and fatigued eyes. Use this beauty tip twice a week to delay aging and maintain youthful look for long.

2. Egg, refined flour and milk powder skin firming mask for fines lines and laugh lines

 Here you can make an excellent skin tightening mask with 2 spoons of refined flour(maida), 2 spoons of milk powder and one egg.  Mix all ingredients well and just smear this mix on your face and neck for 30 minutes. This home-made facial mask is an amazing skin -tightening facial mask which gives firmness and tautness to dropping and wrinkled skin. This natural home remedy is very effective in erasing fine lines, laugh lines and crow's feet. Only thing you need to be careful about is that you should not laugh, speak or eat while this mask is on your face.

 3. Carrot, milk and egg white anti-wrinkles face pack

 Grate a carrot and mix 2 spoons of milk and one egg white with this carrot mash, then apply on your skin to get anti-aging effects. What is more, egg white contains lysine that helps in evening out your skin that is why this face mask makes your skin flawless, beautiful and bright too.

4. Egg yolk, curd and olive oil skin skin firming mask for aged and dry skin

 You can mix 2 spoons of olive oil with  2 spoons of curd and one egg yolk and apply  this all over your face and neck evenly. This herbal remedy is highly beneficial for ironing out fines lines, wrinkles and dullness caused by age. Women and men in 30s can use this recipe.

 5. Egg and almond powder face pack to get smooth and wrinkle-free skin

 Crack open the content of an egg and mix this with 2 spoons of almond powder and sandalwood essential oil to infuse a burst of youthfulness to your skin. Good beauty tip women in their 30s. Opt for dry skin and it is suitable for all skin types in winter.

6. Yoghurt, brown and egg white face mask to retain youth

 You can make yogurt and egg white face mask to turn back the clock and feel younger. All you need to do is to add few spoons of brown sugar to this mix and rub this preparation on your skin for 5 minutes and see results in just first application. Regular usage of this ayurvedic remedy will make your skin youthful, firm and beautiful.

 7. Apple cider vinegar and egg white and oatmeal powder for instant face lift

 Combine 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 spoons of oatmeal powder and egg white. Thereafter,  massage the resultant mixture all over your face and neck for 10 minutes. This natural home-made facial mask gives instant face lift to your drooping and loose skin.

 8.Egg and wine age defying facial

  Blend the content of an egg and add 3 spoons of wine and dab on your face and neck and 20 minutes later, wash off with cold water.  Use this natural remedy as an age defying facial. Good for women in 40s too.


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