14 beauty and skin benefits of neem/ margosa leaves : Neem homemade facial masks for clear and flawless skin

 Well known for healing pimple and acne, neem is indeed a boon to your skin. Neem is anti-bacterial herb which is very helpful in warding off numerous skin ailments of your skin. This article presents the best and time-tested beauty and skin benefits of neem/margosa leaves. Neem leaves are easily available in all seasons so neem can be used  throughout the entire year. This article has some home-made  and natural masks for face and hair. Let us read in detail how to use neem in your  beauty regimen.

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1. Neem helps a lot in clearing acne

 Boil 20 leaves of neem in one litre of water till leaves become soft and water become completely green. Strain this liquid and use this water as a skin toner to detoxify and purify your problematic skin. This magical potion keeps pimples, acne, zits and pustule at bay  and keep your skin flawless and problem-free.

 2. Blackheads cure with neem leaves

Mix neem oil to warm water and dab this mixture on your skin for 20 minutes and then scrub off a little to remove blackheads naturally. This home-made facial mask is good for oily skin.

 3. Neem leaves, turmeric and rose water  home-made facial masks for clear skin

 Grind neem leaves with raw turmeric and some rose water in a grinder and then apply the resultant mixture on your face and let it keep on your face for 30 minutes. This concoction treats all sorts of facial imperfections like whiteheads, blackheads and blemishes naturally to make your skin clear and flawless.

4.Mint leaves and neem leaves for curing pimple marks

 Grind neem leaves with mint leaves and leave this preparation on affected area for one hour and for best results, keep this on overnight. This is a sure shot remedy for clearing acne scars and pimple marks from your face.

 5.You can make an oil-control face pack with lemon juice,  yogurt and neem leaves paste

 Mix neem leaves with lemon juice and fresh yogurt and then apply this facial mask on face and neck for controlling extra oiliness of skin

 6. Neem leaves paste, rose petals paste, milk and yogurt  facial mask for glowing and dewy complexion

Grind freshly plucked neem leaves and  rose petals with milk and some yogurt. Them smear this skin-nourishing facial mask on your face for 30 minutes. This home-made and natural facial mask instantly brightens your complexion naturally.  This home remedy makes your skin bright and dewy instantly.

7. Mix neem leaves, basil leaves paste, rose water, fuller's earth to get rid of  facial blemishes

Neem leaves and basil leaves , rose water and fuller's earth when mixed together makes for an excellent cure for blemishes treatment. This home remedy can get you rid of pigmentation marks, dark spots, freckles and acne scars too.

 8.Sandalwood powder, neem paste and honey for making your skin fair.

Mix sandalwood powder, neem leaves paste and honey together to prepare a skin-lightening facial mask. This oil control face pack makes your skin clear and spotless too.

 9. Neem powder and  neem oil and  grape seed oil for fair skin

Mix grape-seed oil with neem powder and neem oil and apply on your face. This concotion makes your skin fair and supple with regular usage of this recipe.

 10.You can use neem bark bark to treat eczema

   Like need leaves, neem bark is equally very effective in treating a hosts of skin ailments.You can boil neem bark in water and use this to dab on the affected area to treat eczema

  11. Neem leaves for dandruff

 Boil neem  water and strain this liquid and use this water as last rinse to treat itchiness of scalp and dandruff. Neem anti-fungal properties drives away pesky and annoying dandruff all the way.

 12.Apply neem leaves paste and clove powder to treat dandruff

 Grind neem leaves and clove together and apply on your hair to get rid of lice. This anti-lice treatment can be used on washed hair to get maximum results. For children, you can use pure neem leaves for application on hair or can massage neem oil mixed with a pinch of camphor on hair. This beauty tip is very easy and hassle free anti-lice treatment.

13. Neem oil for curing hair loss and baldness

You can mix neem oil with almond oil to reduce itchiness of scalp and cure baldness and promote its regenerative properties. Massaging your hair with neem oil encourages growth of new hair and control hair loss/fall.

14 .Neem leaves and honey conditioner for making your hair manageable and fuzz-free

 Boil need leaves in water till water remains the half and then strain this solution and ass homey and few drops of lemon juice. Afterwards, rinse you hair with this solution post shampoo your hair


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