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5 Cucumber skin -whitening home-made facial masks : How to get fair skin using cucumber, skin bleaching beauty tips with cucumber

 Teeming with vitamin K, C, B1 , copper, magnesium and phosphorus, cucumber is well know for soothing and cooling your skin and fading dark circles under eyes. But cucumber's skin beautifying qualities do not end here, cucumber is a big depository of skin bleaching properties. Here I am going to tell you about skin lightening abilities of cucumber. Restorative qualities of cucumber make it an excellent skin-whitening ingredients. Here is presenting the top 5 skin whitening cucumber facial masks.Read on to know how to get fair and glowing skin using cucumber in your beauty rituals

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 Skin lightening beauty tips using cucumber

1. Apply cucumber pulp/ juice all over your face to lighten it

 Grate a cucumber and apply the grated cucumber all over your face and let it dry up completely. Cucumber gently detoxifies your skin and makes it oil-free. Regular usage of this recipe makes your skin fair, spotless and oil-free. In addition, you can dab pure cucumber juice on your and neck for 30 minutes to make it fairer and smoother. If possible, you can leave cucumber juice on your skin overnight. Best herbal remedy for dry skin types.

 2. Cucumber, honey and lemon juice skin fairness mask

 You can mix cucumber juice with honey and lemon juice. Thereafter apply this skin-whitening mix on your skin for 30 minutes. In the end, wash clean your face with cold water. Regular usage of this recipe makes your skin fair, spotless and beautiful.

3. Cucumber and potato juice natural bleaching face pack

  Blend cucumber juice and potato juice in equal measure and apply on your face using your finger tips. Let it dry up for some time. After 30 minutes, wash it off with cold water. This home remedy is an excellent aid in bleaching your skin naturally minus any side-effects.Use this remedy daily and you will get rid of pigmentation marks, dark spots, age -spots and acne-scars too and get a clear and problem free skin daily.

4. Cucumber juice and tomato pulp and sandalwood powder skin fairness face masks

 You need 2 spoons of cucumber juice, 2 spoons of tomato pulp and 3 spoons of sandalwood powder to whip this natural face pack. Blend all ingredients well and smear on your face and then wash off with ice-cold water. This beauty tip can be used twice a week for  getting maximum results.

5. Raw milk, cucumber juice and coconut water fairness face mask

 Mix raw milk, cucumber juice and coconut water in equal measure and just apply this concoction on your face to brighten and lighten it. What is more, this recipe can treat burn marks, chicken pox scars and pimple -marks too with regular application.


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