3 banana insta-glow facial masks: How to get glowing skin instantly using banana, banana pre-party glow masks

 Banana is a beauty fruit which is fully loaded with vitamins like A ,B,C, and myriad skin friendly minerals such as potassium, zinc and iron that make it a wonderful beauty ingredient . Although not many people know that banana is very good for brighting and lightening you skin.  You know well that  banana is  very helpful in buzzing up your heath. It is equally useful in jazzing up your skin's  health. Here I am going to tell you how  to use banana for getting glowing and beautiful skin Instantly. Read on to know about the best insta-glow masks made of banana.

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Pre-party glow home made facial masks

Apply banana  and honey face mask on  your skin for having facial at home

Grind a banana with 2 spoons of honey in a mixer grinder and smear the resultant mix on your skin. Let it stay on your for face for one hour and see how it hydrates and nourishes your skin in a jiffy. Within short span of time your skin feel pampered and get a parlour like glow just after first application. Believe me, this beauty  tip can amazingly transform your skin's condition to make it visually charming in a instant. For best results, use this beauty tip daily and you will have bright, fair and healthy skin every day. This facial mask can be used by brides to be prior to their wedding day.

2.Papaya and banana and cucumber pulp facial  mask

Grind half a banana with 4 slices of papaya and one spoon of cucumber pulp. Thereafter dab this resultant mix on your face and neck to infuse a fresh lease of life to your otherwise dull and lacklustre skin. 30 minutes later, wash off with ice cold water to experience a glowing and healthy complexion in a instant. For, getting optimal results, you can use this home facial recipe thrice a week.

3.Banana, milk, lemon juice and sugar skin exfoliating scrub

Take one banana, 2 spoons of milk, 2 spoons of lemon juice and 3 spoons of sugar. Blend all kitchen ingredients together and spread on your face and neck for 30 minutes. Once the face pack is dry, then rub gently till sugar melts completely. Wash off with cold water. The end result is irresistibly soft, clear and radiant skin instantly. You can use this natural beauty treatment once a week on a regular basis.