3 anti-acne mint homemade face masks : How to treat pimple using mint in your beauty applications

Mint is an useful herb  which is used in rustling up myriad delicious and mouth watering chutneys but mint is teeming with loads of benefits for skin too. Mint is indeed very useful in treating acne or pimples very effectively. So no need to spend a bomb in buying expensive creams. Just go get mint leaves from your vegetable vendor. Do not be surprised! It is true! Mint is very helpful in driving away acne and its marks too if used topically on the skin. Let us find out how to treat acne using mint in your beauty applications. Read on to know how to whip up  the best 3 mint anti-acne facial masks with mint.

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 How to treat pimples fast with mint home remedies

 1.Apply mint leaves paste on your face to dry up pimple fast

Grind fresh mint leaves in a grinder and then prepare the thick paste and spread this paste gently all over your face affected with acne. It is a sure-shot remedy for  removing persistent acne.  Being rich in salicylic acid, mint leaves are very effective in reducing pimple size overnight. I have tried this recipe myself and found that it is more effective than neem(margosa leaves) in clearing acne. So try this herbal remedy and see fast results yourself.

 2. Mixture of lemon juice and mint juice  for clearing acne/ acne scars

Bursting with anti-bacterial properties, mint helps a great deal in banishing acne and its scars too. You can rustle up a face mask with mint and lemon. All you got to do is mix lemon juice and mint juice in equal measure and then dab this concoction on your face and leave this face mask on affected area overnight. This home remedy will dramatically reduce acne and it marks. Not only this, this beauty tip will make your skin fairer, glowing and more radiant on continuous usage.

3. Mint leaves, fuller's earth, camphor, clove and rose water facial mask for getting pimple-free skin

Take 2 spoons of freshly ground mint paste and 3 spoons of fuller's earth(multani mitti), a pinch of camphor, half spoon of  clove powder and rose water. Mix all ingredients well and apply on your whole face excluding eyes area. Let this mixture dry and then wash off with cold water. This recipe is best for oily skin. Mint's anti-fungal properties help in healing pimple fast and prevent further break out of pimples too.


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