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10 beauty and skin benefits of vinegar: How to use apple cider vinegar in your beauty applications

There are several types of vinegar like apple cider vinegar, white vinegar but among all of them mostly apple cider vinegar is used for culinary purposes and using as a beauty aid. Vinegar is a multitasking ingredient available in your kitchen ladder which can a do a whole load of things to enhance your external beauty also. This article brings you the top beauty applications of vinegar. Mentioned below are the best  10 skin and beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Beauty uses of apple cider vinegar

1. Cleansing and toning.

 Vinegar has amazing skin lightening qualities that is why vinegar can be used on a daily basis as a facial cleanser to lighten your skin naturally. All you got to do is mix one  part of vinegar with one part of plain water and dip a cotton ball in this solution and wipe clean your face using this solution. Do not need to rinse off your face. This blend will absorb extra oil from your face as well as tones and detoxifies your skin.

2. Best astringent for oily skin

Vinegar is a boon to acne prone and oily skin. Bursting with acidic qualities, it prevents break out of pimples and rashes. Mix vinegar and water in equal measure and put his solution in ice tray to acquire ice cubes. Afterwards, rub this ices cubes on your face to freshen and rejuvenate it within short span of time. Try this beauty tip before wearing make up on your face. It will ensure your make-up stays put for longer hours.

3. Good for shrinking enlarged and open pores

 Those with open pores can get immense benefits from apple cider vinegar. You can apply pure apple cider vinegar on your face and leave it on your face overnight. In the morning wash off with luke warm water. This home remedy can help reduce the size of skin pores and makse your skin flawless, clear and glowing.

4. Vinegar makes your skin beautiful and glowing

You can add few drops of vinegar to your cream and apply on your skin using fingertips. It makes your skin gorgeously glowing and oil-free.

5. Apple cider vinegar heals acne and acne-scars

Make a face pack with wheat flour, honey and some vinegar. Smear this homemade face pack on your face. For best results leave this preparation overnight. Use this home remedy continuous for 15 days. You will see significant reduction in acne and acne marks.

6. Good cure for blackheads

likewise, you can make a face pack with  three mashed strawberries and one spoon of vinegar and let this mixture to stay for sometime and then extract its juice and apply on your face, neck,nose and forehead and let the homemade face pack to set on for 30 minutes. Then rub gently to remove blackheads and improve complexion.

7.Use  apple cider vinegar for beautiful hands

Add few drops of vinegar to body lotion and apply on your whole body. This fuss free beauty tip makes your hands irresistible smooth and clean. in addition, add few drops of vinegar to water and wash clean your hands with this solution to get soft and beautiful hands.

8. For making legs and feet smooth and silky

Add few drops of vinegar to warm water and dip you legs in this solution and first scrub off the dead skin with pumice stone and then discard the solution. Next, fill the tub with warm water again and add vinegar to water and dip your water  in this solution. This treatment helps to clear deep-seated dirt and grime your leg accumulate in the end of day. Plus, it helps to cure cracked heels, shoe bites as well as deodorize the feet.

8. Treat pigmentation marks and age spots

Extract the juice out of onion and then add some vinegar to it and apply on your face, neck and other parts. An excellent recipe for curing pigmentation marks and age spots too.

9. Bug bite and bruises can be healed soon with apple cider vinegar

Just dab a little amount of apple cider vinegar on the affected area and thereafter follow with arnica cream or gel. It will allay the itching and burning sensation. Its anti-inflammatory properties can ease swelling and its PH balance qualities speed up the healing  process. Vinegar's acidic properties promote blood circulation to cure other skin ailments fast.

10. Use apple cider vinegar for dandruff free and shiny hair

Just massage your your tresses with apple cider vinegar and leave it on for 30 minutes. Additionally you can blend apple cider vinegar and water in equal measure and use this water as last rinse.Vinegar is choc a block with anti-fungal qualities that help to alleviate itchy and flaky scalp resulting in dandruff free and healthy hair. You can add vinegar with your regular anti-dandruff shampoo  to remove dandruff permanently. Plus, it helps  to condition your hair as well as makes  it amazingly manageable, smooth and silky naturally.

 By now, you know very well about the beauty and skin care benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is the time to include vinegar in your skin care arsenal. Sure, it will deliver great results.

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