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6 top skin-whitening home remedies with Lemons: How to get fair skin using Lemons in your beauty regime

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Got dark and blemished skin? Here comes the fix to all your skin problems! There is a magical ingredient in your kitchen named lemon which can do wonders for your skin. Well known for fading facial blemishes, lemon is a great skin lightening agent too. Here is presenting top 6 skin-whitening home remedies with lemons. Read on to know how to make your skin fairer and flawless using lemons in your beauty applications.

 Skin lightening home remedies

1.Scrub a lemon on your face

Cut a lemon in half and scrub it gently all over your face. Let it stay on your face for 30 minutes and later wash off with cold water. Practice this skin-whitening home remedy daily and you will be fairer within a month. That is not all, this natural beauty tip helps remove all your facial blemishes, thereby, making your skin spotless and clear. Best recipe for oily skin types.

2. Lemons and curd mix for making  your skin flawless and fair

Beat curd in a bowl and mix one spoon of lemon juice to this. Spread this mix all over your face and neck. Let this fairness mask  set on your face for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash off with cold water. Curd contains lactic acid and lemon is rich in citric acid, when both ingredients work in unison make your skin flawless and visibly fair. You can add honey to this mix to have a instant boost of moisture to your face if you have dry skin.Use this recipe daily for acquiring optimal results.

3. Lemon and honey face mask for fair skin

Honey can be added to lemon juice to enhance its efficacy. Blend lemon juice and honey in equal measure and dab on your whole face using fingertips in an upward motion. Later wash off with water and you will see for yourself how  it helps iron out sun tan also caused by excessive exposure to sun rays. This home remedy is a skin-bleaching agent that can lighten your facial hair too if used on a regular basis.

4. Milk cream and lemon juice for lightening your skin tone

Take fresh milk cream in bowl and add few drops of milk cream to it. Next, spread this mix evenly over your face in a upwards motion and let this homemade facial mask stay on your face for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, do a mild scrubbing while removing the mask. Then wash off with warm water. This home remedy is extremely beneficial in lightening you skin tone. Moreover, it helps you possess irresistibly smooth skin instantly.

5Milk and lemon juice

Take raw milk and add few drops of lemon juice to it. Next, dab on your face, neck and your whole body. This skin nourishing mix helps to remove dead skin cells,  aiding in making your skin fair and beautiful. Try using this hassle free home remedy on your body also for making it fair and soft.

6. Lemon juice with cucumber juice/potato juice/ tomato juice for making skin fair and spotless

You can add either cucumber juice, potato juice or tomato juice to lemon juice to make a skin lightening facial mask for making your face free of dark spots, pigmentation marks, age-spots and all sorts of facial imperfections.

So now you know how to use lemons for whitening your skin the natural way at  home. Banish the thought of using chemicals-stuffed fairness treatments on your face, instead rely on above-  mentioned 6 best home remedies to get fair, clear and flawless skin.

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