12 homemade skin-bleaching tips : How to bleach your face naturally using home remedies

You must have heard that bleaching is very effective cosmetic treatment that not only lightens your skin tone and unwanted facial hair,  but also fades all sorts of facial blemishes to even out your complexion.  But still many women are hesitant about trying chemical stuffed and skin-irritating bleaching creams on their face. The reason? Some bleaching  treatments can have some nasty after-effects on the overall health of your skin,  if used on a regular basis,  due to harmful chemicals content lurking  in them.

Although, there are a wide range of  homemade skin bleaching agents in your kitchen cabinet  which can lighten your skin tone  by lessening melanin production.  Not only this, these skin-whitening ingredients fade away discoloration of skin and  treat all your skin-ailments like pigmentation, dark spots and age spots very effectively. So what is the point in subjecting your skin to harmful and irritating chemical-packed skin bleaching treatment,  when you know it will have negative effects later? Would it not be great if you could lighten your skin at home using some homemade skin-bleaching recipes? Your kitchen is a huge reservoir of skin-bleaching agents, which you can use to whip up some amazing face-bleaching masks.  All these face-bleaching agents are very effective in lightening your skin tone and if used regularly, these skin-bleaching ingredients can lighten your facial hair too. Listed below are the top 12 natural and homemade  skin-bleaching tips. Read to to know how to bleach your skin naturally using home remedies.

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 Skin bleaching recipes

1. Natural skin -bleaching with lemons

Scrub  a lemon on your face daily and  it is guaranteed  that you will be fairer within a month. It is a natural bleach for your skin.  Lemon can be used in synergy with other  ingredients to enhances its efficacy. You can  mix potato juice with lemon juice to bleach your skin instantly. Potato itself  is a great bleaching agent which works a great deal  in whitening your complexion. Apply this wonderful mix on your face to bleach your skin naturally  and make it spotless as well.   Additionally, honey and lemon juice mix is a great skin bleaching home remedy to lighten your facial hair if you use it on on a regular basis.

2.Tamarind, lemon juice and honey instant fairness bleach

Boil 25-30 grams of tamarind in  100 ml water for 30 minutes and thereafter extract the  pulp out of this. Add a  spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey to tamarind pulp.  Enriched with the goodness of natural fruits acids, AHA, this skin- bleaching mask  helps slough off dead skin cells to reveal the skin that is fresh, fair and resplendent. Check out

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3. Mild  bleach at home with papaya

 Rub papaya on your skin and wash it off after ten minutes. This application gives instant glow to your skin, making it fair and soft in a jiffy.  Papaya has skin-lightening enzyme, papain which improves your skin tone dramatically. In case you have pigmentation marks, dark spots and age-spots, the raw papaya is wiser option for your skin.  Papaya is rich in vitamin A, C, beta carotene that make it excellent for lightening your skin tone. You can dab the juice of raw papaya daily on your skin to bleach it naturally without subjecting your skin to chemical-based skin-bleaching treatments. What is more,  this amazing skin-whitening recipe can lighten your facial hair too, on a continuous use. Read more 100 fairness tips

 4. Natural face bleach with orange juice/ orange peels powder with curd

Mix orange juice with curd and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. Orange contains citric acids which bleach your skin and curd contains lactic acid to whiten your skin. Not only orange juice, orange  peels are immensely beneficial  in lightening your skin tone. Dry up orange peels in the sun and grind them in the grinder to a fine powder. Blend orange peel powder with curd to make a skin-whitening face mask. Curd and orange peels powder mix  is very nice home facial treatment you can use to make your skin clear and flawless.

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5. Banana  and tomato  skin-whitening  bleach

You are allergic to chemical bleach,  then a banana can do the trick! Mash a banana and mix it with the paste of a tomato,  thereafter apply on your skin. Wash off after 20 minutes and you will be surprised to find instantly fairer and smoother complexion within few minutes. Try this skin-treatment before going to party for instant glow. Check out how to vanish pimple overnight with mint

6. Raw potato skin-lightening bleach

Raw potato is said to have mild skin bleaching properties. But believe me, it can work faster than its any chemical based counterparts. Just scrub a slice of potato on your face or dab potato juice on the face to lighten it naturally. Mix potato juice and tomato juice in equal measure to apply on your face. You can make skin-whitening bleach at home with potato- grate a potato and mix it with rose water and thereafter grind both ingredients in a grinder.  It acts as a  skin bleaching cream.  Next, add lemon juice to this mixture if you have dry skin and choose honey  for dry skin. You can use this face mask without adding anything if you have got normal skin . Wash off after 15 minutes. It acts as pre-party glow and fairness treatment. If used regularly, this facial mask reduce all your facial blemishes. Use thrice a week for best results.

7. Herbal bleach  with papaya seeds, pineapple pulp and lemon peels powder

Extract the seeds out of papaya and put them in a bowl.  Dry up lemon peels in the sun and grind dried lemon peels along with papaya seeds to make a fine powder. Next, add pineapple pulp to this fairness face pack and apply on your skin  to bleach it  instantly. Also check out Get milky white skin with milk facial masks

 8.Apple juice, carrot juice, orange juice, lemon juice and honey mix  for  instant  face  bleaching  

Mix together orange juice, apple juice, carrot juice, honey and lemon juice to apply on your skin. It is  a natural bleach for your skin which gives fast results.

9.Tomato skin-whitening bleach

Here is a face-bleaching recipe for you-  mix tomato juice with rose water and orange peel powder and apply on your skin for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. This natural bleaching recipe is apt for oily skin. Those with dry skin can add milk cream/  honey to this skin-brightening mask.

10.Bleach at home using cucumber 

Cucumber is a  natural bleach agent  which works for dark complexion person too. Milk, cucumber juice and coconut water and a pinch of saffron combined together makes for a  great natural remedy  to get fair skin. In addition, sandalwood powder, cucumber juice, potato and lemon juice mix  is a  good skin bleaching beauty tip  at home.  Get glowing skin in 20 minutes with papaya insta-glow masks

11.Strawberry,  honey,  milk cream and lemon juice fairness bleach

Grate 2-3 strawberries and squeeze them out well  to extract  the  juice from them.  Next, add one spoon of honey and one spoon of milk cream and 2 spoons of lemon juice to strawberry juice.  Mix them  thoroughly and apply on your face. 15 minutes later, wash off with cold water to experience an  irresistible soft and fair complexion quickly.

12.Homemade bleach with lemon juice, honey, almonds, turmeric and urad(bengal gram) daal blend 

Soak up 3 spoons of  urad daal and 2 almonds in milk overnight. The next morning,  grind both ingredients well in a food processor to obtain  a paste of thick consistency.  Thereafter add a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon  honey and half spoon of turmeric to this mix and then spread  evenly all over your face and neck.   Let the  natural  skin bleaching facial mask to dry completely,  then wash off with cold water. This home remedy aids in bleaching your skin natural way. As a result, what you get is skin that is fair and flawless.

By now, you are conversant with the best 12 homemade skin -bleaching tips very well. It is time to follow any of these above-listed recipes to make your face fair and bright,  minus any chemicals! Do you know about any other natural remedy to bleach your skin? If yes, then share your recipe with us in the comments  section given below the post.

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