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Beauty foods: 5 best vegetables for glowing and fair skin

In quest of getting beautiful and glowing skin, women try a host of things from using harmful chemical-laden creams to visiting beauty parlours now and then. But do you know that secret of beautiful skin is lying hidden in vegetables stored in your kitchen cupboard? Yes, it is true that some skin friendly vegetables can go a long way in  making you look gorgeous naturally at no great cost. Read on to know how to get glowing and fair skin by incorporating some vegetables into your diet and beauty rituals. Mentioned below are the top 5 vegetables for getting glowing and fair skin at home.

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A red tomato can be a great beauty aid for you due to the high concentration of anti-oxidant, lycopene in it. Lycopene works as  natural sunscreen from within and it  has amazing  age-defying qualities to keep your skin younger-looking.  Studies reveal that volunteers who consumed tomatoes for 3 months had 25 percent more protection against harmful  sun rays.  Not only this,  tomatoes are rich source of vitamin A, B and K which are very good for keeping your skin radiant for a long time.  So eating tomatoes reduces the amount of free radicals in your body and retains moisture in the skin to keep it youthful for long. German scientists claim that high amount of anti-oxidants means minimizing the chance of  fine lines and furrows. Moreover, tomato's acidic properties  help in drying up acne- fast  if used regularly in your beauty regime.  Applying tomato juice on the face helps shrink open pores and makes your  skin oil-free and clear.  Therefore, tomato is recommended for people having oily skin with enlarged pores. You can scrub a tomato on your face daily to improve your complexion and make it spotless.

Additionally, you can prepare a  homemade skin-whitening  face mask  with one spoon of  honey and 2 spoons of tomato juice. Mix both ingredients well and apply on your face for 20-30 minutes. This recipe is best for dry skin but if you have oily skin, then you can replace honey with multani mitti.


The most common vegetable in your kitchen,  potato is a boon to your skin. Just scrub a potato on your face or dab potato juice on your face  to lighten dark spots, pigmentation marks and all sorts of facial blemishes. Also, this home remedy  can be used on your under-eyes area to get rid of ugly dark circles.  Potato is a natural bleaching agent, it therefore lightens your complexion.

 Another beauty tip with potato is - mix  lemon juice and potato juice together to apply to your face to improve your skin tone and even out your complexion .  So from now on, start using potato on your face to get fair and flawless complexion without subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals.


Take cabbage leaves and boil them in  water,  wash your face with this solution to  make your face glowing and fair. Cabbage is rich in potassium that is known for purifying blood,  thus,  resulting in clear and light skin. Either you can apply cabbage mash  mixed with honey on your face to reduce wrinkles. Studies reveal that cabbage is an anti-aging food, thanks to indole-3, carbonile, an anti-oxidant to fight skin -damaging free radicals to keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free. Eating cabbage flushes out toxins from the body and regulates liver function,  it therefore keeps your skin glowing and clear.  Loaded with vitamin A and C,  it rejuvenates skin cells to make it youthful and vibrant.


Onion is  rich in  anti- oxidant flavonoids, Quercetin , which is good for defying wrinkles and aging. Sulfur-rich onion, which is good for liver, keeps your skin healthy and glowing if taken orally.  Its anti-bacterial properties help in getting rid of dark spots, freckles, facial blemishes and all imperfections of the skin. You can apply onion juice and honey  mix  on your wrinkled skin to reduce  wrinkles and keep your skin bright and younger-looking. Onion has vitamin C and E  which help in lightening your skin.  You can prepare a skin-lightening  natural  face pack at home combining one and half spoon of onion juice,  2 spoons of gram flour,  4 drops of lavender essential oil , a pinch of nutmeg and  half spoon of raw milk.  Apply this preparation on your face for 15 minutes and  thereafter  wash it off with cold water. This recipe exfoliates your skin to make it fair, glowing and acne-free.

5. Spinach

Rich in vitamin A, spinach is the best vegetable taken internally to make your skin glow.  Boil spinach leaves in water and extract its juice to  drink it daily. See  for yourself how your skin glows with a healthy sheen. This leafy green vegetable is rich in calcium, vitamin C , K, iron,  folate, vitamin B2,  protein, zinc and copper,  which make it an excellent beauty food.  Rich in iron,  it therefore cures anaemia and weakness. Spinach is teeming with the wonders of anti-oxidants which destroy skin-damaging free radicals to keep your skin youthful and beautiful for long.  Bursting with the goodness of vitamin K and folate, spinach lends  you that clear skin which is free from acne and dark circles. Vitamin B in spinach helps to protect your skin against harmful UV rays if taken in your diet daily. You can apply spinach juice on your face to make it fair and flawless. So make sure you make spinach a part of your everyday dietary  routine to have a pinkish glow on your skin from the inside out.

By now, you know about the best 5 vegetables for getting  glowing and fair complexion the natural way.  So make sure you include these above-mentioned vegetables in your diet and beauty regime to look great naturally. You will  surely revel in the adulation of your beautiful and glowing complexion.


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