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5 best fruits for glowing and fair skin

The next time you plan to visit a beauty parlour to get a fruit facial, think twice.  How nice it would be if you can get parlour like radiance on your skin without spending money? Yes, it is possible to get that amazing sheen on your face with some sweet fruits available in your kitchen cabinet. Do not be surprised! It is true! Incorporating fruits into your skin-care regime can bring all the difference in your skin's overall health. Besides being feather-light on your pocket, fruits are skin-friendly too. So why not try some fruity recipes to make you look gorgeous naturally? Read on to know about the top 5 fruits which help in getting glowing and fair skin naturally at the comfort of your own sweet home. Check out Fair skin in 7 days, try these home remedies

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 Fruits  for glowing , healthy and fair skin


Oranges are rich in vitamin C which aids in production of collagen, a protein that keeps your skin firm and elastic. All you got to do it to dab orange juice on your face or simply scrub a slice of orange on your face and wash off off after 10 minutes. This process tones and revitalizes your skin to make it visually fair and glowing. What is more, application of orange juice minimizes open pores and  evens out your complexion naturally. Not only this, orange peels are immensely helpful  in beautifying your skin . Just dry them in the sun and grind them well to a fine powder. Thereafter add curd or milk to orange peel powder  to apply on your face. Orange peels powder scrub sloughs off dead cells effectively and removes all types of unwanted facial  blemishes such as pigmentation marks , dark spots, age-spots to  reveal a flawless complexion from the inside out.

 Dermatologists claim that snacking on oranges can give you fair and youthful complexion the natural way given the fact that  oranges are loaded with amiono acids, folic acids, pectin, flavonoids and  loads of anti-oxidants to nourish and pamper your skin. Check out How to remove dark circles in 7 days


 A banana can do a whole lot of things for making you beautiful and healthy. Just mash a banana and mix it with some honey and one spoon of milk.  Smear this homemade facial mask on your face for 30 minutes. Thereafter wash off with cold water. This recipe can give instant glow to your skin which is akin to parlour like facial,  minus any chemicals .Enriched with the magic of vitamin A, B and C, banana face mask acts as an amazing anti-aging agent. Banana has potassium in abundance also which lends hydration and luminosity to your skin if eaten daily. So the next time when you want to binge on something in between meals, skip unhealthy  junk foods in favor of this nutritious  beauty fruit to have glowing and healthy skin from the inside out. Get milky white skin with milk face masks


Papaya is a beauty fruit which contains papain, an enzyme which is excellent for lightning skin tone significantly. High amount of  beta carotene in papaya makes it an excellent beauty ingredient for making your skin youthful and glowing. Just scrub a slice of papaya on your face and let dry for some time and wash off after some time. Either, you can mix papaya juice with lemon juice to apply on your dull and lack luster face to make it radiant and oil-free. Papaya contains digestive enzymes to  regulate your bowel movement  leading to clear and healthy complexion. So munching on papaya can have favorable effects on your skin. So start biting into  papaya  to have a flower fresh radiance on your face. How to remove pimple overnight with mint leaves

4. Lemon

 Nothing can beat the skin-beautifying qualities of lemon in skin care.  Lemon is bursting with the goodness vitamin C which is a great aid in making your skin beautiful, youthful and spot-less. Just scrub a half of  lemon on your face continuously  for one month , you will be fairer within month. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which bleaches your skin.  Just add lemon juice to either curd or honey and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. It will clear clear all unwanted blemishes like dark spots, acne-scars, pigmentation marks  from your face to make it flawless and clear.   You can drink warm water with lemon juice and honey on empty stomach. It  will have magical effects on your skin  resulting in a clear and acne-free complexion . What is more, this health drink helps you lose extra weight from your body. Get two tones fairer skin with curd facial masks


 You can use apple  juice mixed with honey on your face to make your skin fair and glowing.  Regular application of this apple face pack helps your get rid of acne/pimples naturally. Apple contains Malic acid, a fruit acid which can be sourced from apples. Malic acid helps to  maintain the elastically of skin and keep it young and tight . It  promotes the cell renewal  renew process without damaging your skin texture. So munch on a apple daily to keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Get white skin with oranges face masks

 Apple is rich in fiber  that  cleanses your colon and regulates  bowel movement  to make your complexion clear and problem-free.

   So from now on, stop spending money on buying costly cosmetics to get glowing and fair skin. Try these above-mentioned fruity recipes for making your skin youthful and charming minus any chemicals. Get into the habit of munching on fruits to have a clear and glowing skin from the inside out.

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