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18 top beauty benefits of carrots: How to use carrot juice in your beauty routine, Beauty uses and applications of carrot

You must have munched on  red and crunchy carrots several times or whipped up some delicious deserts using carrots. But are you well conversant with the beauty uses of carrots? If not, then read this article and you will be surprised to know that carrot is indeed a big depository of beauty-enhancing proprieties. Mentioned below are the top 18 beauty benefits of carrots. Read on to know how to use carrot to deal with your day-to- day beauty ailments.

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Beauty benefits of carrots

 1. You can make some amazing anti-aging masks at home using carrots. Boil carrots and mash them completely and mix them with half a spoon of honey. Thereafter apply this mix on the face for 30 minutes. In the end wash off with water. This recipe helps a great deal in easing off existing wrinkles and prevents  formation of  new wrinkles.

2.Combine together 4 spoons of grated carrots, one spoon of honey, half a spoon of lemon juice and let  this mask stay on the face for 15 minutes. This face masks helps tighten the skin and fends  off appearance of  premature wrinkles.  Use this mask on your perfectly cleansed and clear face for best results.

3. Boil carrot and mix them with one spoon of lemon juice and 2 spoons of cucumber juice and apply on your sun burnt skin to get relief instantly. Rich in anti-oxidants and carotenoids, carrot shields and enhances skin's capacity  to fight against  suntan. Moreover, gulping down carrot juice daily makes for a wonderful natural sunblock.

4. Massage your nails with carrot juice and olive oil mix to make them healthy and  strong.

5.Carrot juice, amla juice and lemon juice mix  makes for a wonderful potion for your damaged and brittle hair. In addition, this beauty tip cures hair fall and makes hair shiny too.

6. Mix coconut oil with mashed carrots and massage your hands  with  this skin nourishing mixture to make your hands soft and clean.

7  Studies reveal that drinking carrot juice on empty stomach daily to  helps  improve your skin's radiance and gets you rid of acne.  What is more, drinking carrot juice improves your vision and eye -sight too. So from now on, make it a habit to binge on carrot whenever your mood strikes to chew on something.

8. To get glowing skin, make a face mask at home mixing carrots, banana, papaya , watermelon, rose petals, milk cream, and almonds. Next, massage your face with  this skin nurturing mixture to make your skin silky shiny and soft. Carrot is abundant in potassium that keeps skin hydrated and shiny. So carrot breathes a new lease of life  into dry and dull skin.

9.Mix carrot juice with beetroot juice and apply on your lips to make them pink and rosy the natural way.

10.Applying carrot juice mixed with tomato juice on your face lightens your skin tone a great deal.  Carrot is rich in loads of nutrients and  skin -friendly vitamins C and  A which make it an excellent beauty ingredient for skin-care. Carrots are loaded with B-carotene, an anti-oxidants that makes them a great aid for skin-whitening.

11. Grate a carrot and mix  it with honey and egg yolk, then apply this preparation on your face to tighten your sagging and wrinkled skin. Carrot contains vitamin C which aids in production of collagen, a protein that keeps the elasticity of skin to make it firm. Vitamin A in carrot fights skin -damaging free radicals to keep your  skin radiant and youthful for long. So incorporating carrots  into  beauty regime can  keep wrinkles at bay.

12. Apply  carrot juice blended with sea salt  on your face. Rub gently on your acne-scars making sure you do it lightly.  This recipe equals micro-dermo abrasion procedure performed at  beauty salons, which lightens acne scars.

13.You can apply carrot pulp on your blemishes to fade them away successfully at home. In addition , drinking carrot juice daily will help you get rid of all your  unwanted  facial blemishes, making it flawless and clear.

 14. Make a natural hair mask at home mixing one spoon of carrot juice,1 banana, 2 spoons of  yogurt, few drops of olive oil and honey. Apply  this magical potion on your hair for 2 hours. Just see for yourself how lustrous your hair becomes. Skip honey if you do not like the sticky feeling while the mask is on.

15.Grate a carrot and rub the carrot mash on your hair for a while and then wash off completely  with plain water.Very simple and easy to follow recipe for making hair clean and shiny.

16. You can prepare a peel off mask with carrot to remove the deep seated dirt within your skin pores. Take one spoon of gelatin, half cup of carrot juice and half a spoon of lemon juice. Mix all ingredients well and heat the mix in  microwave oven till gelatin melts. Put this mixture in fridge for 15 minutes. Steam your face, then apply this mask evenly on face. After 15 minutes, peel off the mask to remove any residue from the face.  Finish off the process by washing  off the face with cold water. This process helps tighten your  skin pores and makes skin squeaky clean.

17. If you want to get  fresh skin instantly,  then try this mask made from grated carrots, potato flour and egg yolk. Apply  the face pack on face for 30 minutes. You will experience mint-fresh skin within minutes.

18.You can prepare a mask at home for getting soft and silky skin with one avocado,  one carrot, 2 spoons of olive oil and one spoon of Epsom salt . Grate the carrot and take the seed form  avocado and add Epsom salt and olive oil to make a paste of thick consistency  to apply on your face. Let the mask stay for 25 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. This face mask gently exfoliates your skin to remove the dead skin cells leaving your skin silky smooth naturally.

By now, you are aware of the 18  best beauty benefits of carrots. Why are you waiting? Follow these tips and get set to shine bright! Check out   70 tips for getting rosy and pink lips101 tips for glowing skin                                                       


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