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85 tips for removing blackheads naturally: How to treat blackheads using home remedies, Blackheads cure and treatment at home


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When bacteria gets trapped into your skin's pores and sebum hardens to form small bumps on your face, forehead and neck that are termed as blackheads. Blackheads on your face can lure you into squeezing them to remove them. But pulling them out  can lead to inflamed skin and scarring. So best option would to try some homemade face masks to  banish them completely. Excess oil secretion on the facial skin is the biggest culprit which triggers pesky blackheads on your skin. So best recourse would be to keep skin oil-free to prevent blackheads from forming on the skin. Here are some home remedies that will help immensely in treating blackheads the natural way right from your kitchen shelf.  Read on to know the top 85 tips for removing blackheads naturally at home.

Home remedies to get rid of blackheads

1. Grind drumsticks pods and leaves together  in a grinder and prepare a paste with lemon juice and apply on your blackheads. This home remedy helps to remove blackheads and  prevents further recurrence of blackheads formation.

2. Grind fenugreeks leaves and apply on your face. Let the face mask to remain on the face for 15 minutes  before rinsing thoroughly. This recipe helps to remove acne and acne marks too.

3. Use green tea as a scrub to loosen black heads. Mix green tea leaves with warm water and rub gently on the skin to loosen the blackheads gently.

4. Rubbing your face with radish seeds  paste is helpful in removing blackheads and acne. This natural home remedy is time-tested and very effective.

5.Take 5 grams of red sandalwood and 5 grams of turmeric and add a little milk to prepare a paste. Apply this mask on your blackheads leaving for 10 minutes and lastly scrub gently the affected areas to banish blackheads naturally.

6. Prepare a natural face pack at home mixing margosa leaves and turmeric. Smear this preparation on your face. This recipe helps to cure  pimples, pimple scars blackheads at home the natural way.

7. Exfoliating your face with 2 spoons of cinnamon powder and 2 spoons of lemon juice is a great aid in blackheads removal.

8. Mint juice  mixed with turmeric helps to remove blackheads effectively.

9.Grind oatmeal with rose water and use this mixture to exfoliate your face. Very good blackheads treatment.

10.Poultice of grated potato also helps to cure blackheads. Scrubbing  a potato on the blackheads helps to cure blackheads.

11.Grind few almonds coarsely and blend them with rose water to apply on your face. Leave this face mask on for 5 minutes and later rub your face gently  to loosen blackheads without hurting your skin.

12. Grind lentil and mix in it some curd to apply on your face. This home remedy aids in blackheads treatment naturally.

13.Scrub your face with  lemon to clear blackheads or just smear undiluted lemon juice on your blackheads to treat them naturally.

14. Apply warm honey on your face for 5-10 minutes. Do mild scrubbing and then wash off. Blackheads will come off easily with this natural remedy.

15. Apply egg white and honey together and leave it on your face for 5 minutes. Later rub off gently to rinse away the face mask. Remember not to rub  vigorously  to remove blackheads. Moreover, this home remedy gives you youthful skin.

16. Rice powder mixed with curd helps to clear blackheads easily, when rubbed on affected areas.

17.Mix sugar with  lemon juice and scrub on your face till sugar granules melt completely. This exfoliating  scrub work well to remove dead cells  and ugly blackheads.This home remedy can be tried on your whole body.

18.Grind cloves and garlic together and apply on your face to treat blackheads naturally.

19. Apply fuller's earth with rose water and dab on your face and  then rub gently to clear blackheads This face mask helps cure acne, acne marks. This home remedy helps to soak extra oil from the skin's surface reducing the chance of formation of blackheads. Girls can use this recipe daily to have problem free skin. Check out beauty benefits of coconut oil

20.Washing your face twice a day helps to keep blackheads at bay and apply toner with niacinamide post washing your face.

21. Grind strawberry leaves and apply on  your forehead, chin, nose and face (where blackheads attack first) for some time. Strawberry leaves' alkalinity helps  minimize greasiness and blocked pores, thus, reducing blackheads.

22. Rubbing aloe vera  gel on  the facial skin helps to loosen the blackheads. This recipe helps!

23. Rub the paste of cucumber on your face to slough off the blackheads naturally without making your skin inflamed.

24.Take 2 spoons of warm water add  2 spoons of sodium bicarbonate. Dip a towel in this preparation and place on your blackheads for some time and then rub slowly to remove them. This blackheads treatment is a must to achieve a flawless and clear skin tone.

25. Rub Jambu plums (Jamun) on your face to eradicate blackheads .naturally. Check out 100 home remedies for treating wrinkles

26.Apply the mixture of vinegar and corn starch to rub on your blackheads to drive them away.

27.Apply neem oil directly on your blackheads to heal them completely. Boy can get benefits from this easy to follow home remedy.

28.Make  a face pack comprising egg white, avocado pulp and oatmeal powder to rub on blackheads to eradicate them.

29. Blend together calamine, kaolin and rose water to apply on blackheads to get rid of them.

30.Grind orange peels and mix with curd and smear it on your face and later rub off gently to slough off blackheads easily.

31 Lemon peels  mixed with rose water, when scrubbed on blackheads, aids a great deal  in clearing blackheads.

32. Groundnut  oil mixed with lemon juice helps clear to your blackheads. Follow this natural home remedy on a regular basis.

33. Mix 2 spoons of Boric powder to one spoon of warm water. Dip a napkin in this solution and rub this cloth on your blackheads. Very effective blackheads treatment.

34. Take one spoon of black pepper and 2 spoons of curd. Apply this face mask on your skin and massage gently while removing the mask. Good for  eradicating deep-seated blackheads.

35.Take 1/4 cup of water, one spoon of Epsom salt and 2 spoons of iodine salt and wash your face with this solution.

36.Apply milk of magnesia directly on your blackheads. Try this quick fix powerful remedy for blackheads removal easily.

37.Apply white glue, Elmers on your nose and when you pull out the white glue, blackheads will come off themselves.

38.Apply tomato juice on your blackheads where blackheads strikes fast. Follow this beauty tip daily to shrink open pores and oil-free skin.

39. Combine together cinnamon, cloves and honey. All these three ingredients work in synergy to remove blackheads. Very effective herbal remedy to treat acne too.

40. Apply banana pulp on blackheads.Try this easy to follow home remedy to fight the attack of blackheads.

41.Take a pinch of glycerin soap with  a pinch of salt to rub on blackheads to treat them.

42. Apply clay mask on your skin and wash off after 30 minutes to absorb the excess oiliness, thus, reducing the formation of blackheads.

43.Apply toothpaste on your blackheads for 15 minutes. Practice this recipe continuously  for 15 days to see visible results.

44.Mix together lemon, salt and pepper to make a homemade scrub to remove blackheads. This homemade scrub brushes away dead skin cells which blocks pores to form blackheads.

45.Apply magnesium cytrate powder with water on blackheads to remove them. Try this recipe for fast results.

46.Pour lemon juice in boiling milk and wash your face with this solution to drive away blackheads.

47. Make a face wash at home mixing 1-2 ml of each witch hazel, tea tree, and  sweet fennel essential oil. You can add genreniun essential oil to this preparation for women and rosewood for men. Mix it in 300 ml of water. Shake it well so that oil floats on the surface. Wipe your face twice-thrice a day with this solution.

48. Take 30 grams of brook-lime and boil it in 300 ml of mineral water/spring water and add sodium bicarbonate to it. Apply this mix on your face with cotton pads. This beauty tip helps to control the extra oiliness of face, thereby, controlling blackheads to great extent.

49.  Combine honey and cinnamon to apply on your face. 5 minutes later, rub gently on your blackheads. A quick fix recipe to treat blackheads and all facial imperfections.

50.Scrubbing grapes on the face helps to slough off  dead skin cells and blackheads  significantly.

51.  Sandalwood and rose water mix aid a great deal in removing blackheads as well as making your skin shine-free. Try this natural remedy to have flawless and glowing skin naturally.

52. Prepare a mask at home mixing  lemon juice and coriander, cinnamon and turmeric together. Thereafter, apply on your face targeting blackheads-affected areas. This natural remedy help cure blackheads.

53. Add lemon juice  to rose water and apply on your whole face to remove blackheads naturally.

54.Steam your face to clear all deep-seated dirt deposited on your skin. Boil plain water and add rosemary, chamomile, mint leaves to boiling water.  Let water cool down a bit  and put you face directly over the steam and wrap  towel. around your head so that vapor can not be drifted away. This process helps to lift away all impurities accumulated on your skin , thereby, removing blackheads.

55.  Grind oatmeal  and mix it with  lemon juice to apply on your blackheads affected face.

56 Blend together lentil, orange peel powder, fuller's earth and barley flour with help of milk. Rub gently on facial blackheads and then wash clean your face.

57.Grind oatmeal  and almonds together and add a pinch of turmeric and orange juice to this mix. .Scrub your face with this mixture to fight  unwanted blackheads.

58. Try the mix of turmeric and coriander leaves mix on the face  to get rid of blackheads.

59. Almonds powder and gram flour works well to clear blackheads from nose and cheeks.
60.  Mix yogurt with lemon juice and apply on your face to cure blackheads.

61. Almonds paste and milk, when applied on your skin, works well to remove blackheads. This home remedy lightens your skin tone too.

62. Exfoliation is is the best way to  clear the blocked pores and loosen blackheads. So make it a point  to scrub away dead cells that prevent oxygen from getting inside.

63. Blend crushed almonds with honey to apply on your blackheads-affected skin.

64.Wash your face with rose water to remove blackheads.This easy to follow recipe can be used several times a day. This recipe is a must for  all skin -types in summer.

65.Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial proprieties which help in clearing blackheads fast.

66.Feed your body with diet rich in beta-carotene to keep  blackheads at bay.

67. Supplement your diet with vitamin A to control oil production of your skin.The result: clear, oil free and no blackheads on the skin.

68. Put a warm cloth over your blackheads and let it remain on your face for 5 minutes, thereafter rub gently to remove the blackheads successfully.

69. Rice powder, multani mitti and rose water mix is a best cure for blackheads removal at home.

70. Mix lemon juice with salt and apply on your blackheads. This beauty tip makes your skin squeaky clean too.

71. The wonderful home remedy of oatmeal , lemon juice, yogurt and olive oil  works well to scrub your face and eradicating blackheads..

72. Mix  tomato seeds with 2 spoons of curd, 3 mint leaves and  2 spoon of oatmeal powder, one spoon grated cucumber to make an exfoliating face mask.. This helps brush away dead skin cells to remove blackheads naturally.

73. Almonds powder and mayonnaise mixed together makes for a powerful scrub for curing blackheads at home. Good beauty tip for dry  skin types.

74. Apply raw milk over the affected areas to remove blackheads by home remedies.

75.Sandalwood powder with lemon juice works well to clear blackheads naturally. Excellent tip for oily skin.

76. Grind rose petals with  milk and apply on your skin to get rid of blackheads.

77. Mix two spoons of sea salt with either olive oil or organic honey and spread this mixture evenly on your face.  Lastly, wash away thoroughly to clear blackheads.

78. The powerful blend of  half a cup of cooked pumpkin and half a cup of brown sugar, 1/4 spoon of cinnamon  is an excellent aid to slough off dead skin cells and treat blackheads.

79. Take 2 mashed banana  and 2 spoon of rolled oats and one spoon of honey and one spoon of milk to make a facial mask at home. Rub on blackheads to cure them naturally.

80. Split gram powder  mixed with curd  helps to exfoliate your skin, resulting in blackheads removal.

81 Walnut powder, honey and lemon juice mix is the best blackheads treatment to exfoliate your skin and curbing  blackheads naturally.

82.  Combine 2 spoons of almond oil with 4 spoons of malai(milk cream) to scrub on your face. This recipe is an excellent cure for blackheads treatment. Those with dry and parched skin can benefit from this home remedy. People with all skin types can use it in winter.

83.Mix 4 spoons of rose water, 1 spoon of peas powder, 2 spoons of lemon juice to apply on affected areas. Good  recipe for oily skin types.

84.Lemon juice and sea salt scrub  helps to loosen  and cure blackheads very effectively.

85. .Rub papaya on the face to get rid of blackheads naturally.

By now, you are aware of the  best 85 tips for removing blackheads naturally at home. It is time to follow any of these-aforementioned home remedies right now and get set to banish blackheads all the way!
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