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80 tips for treating dark circles naturally at home: How to remove dark circles using home remedies, puffy eyes and under eye bags cure

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In present times, our life is full of hectic activities where unbearable stress, endless working hours and unhealthy dietary patterns have become the order of the day. All these take a heavy toll on our health. Especially eyes, which are the first ones to bear the brunt of it all. The skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest parts of our face, which makes the blood flow under our eyes's veins look more noticeable that is termed as dark circles. It is very common compliant among people of all ages.  These are many factors that trigger off dark circles around eyes such as unhealthy diet,  inadequate sleep,  menopause, vitamin deficiency, anaemia, working  a lot on computer screen,  heredity,  water retention, sinusitis,  aging and illness. Before using any home remedy you must find out the real cause behind your ugly dark circles. As home remedies can work only if you make sure you take a healthy diet, proper sleep and lead a stress free life. You can use a lot of home remedies to cure dark circles around your eyes. All these home remedies are cheap and very effective. Listed below are  the best 80 tips for treating dark circles naturally.

Home remedies to get rid of dark circles

1.Well known for lightening  your skin tone, cucumber is very helpful in removing dark circles. Either scrub it under your eyes or dab cucumber juice on your dark circles. Then wash off after 20 minutes. Time-tested and very popular home remedy for dark circles.

2. Mix lemon juice in tomato juice and apply the resultant mixture on your dark circles. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing away with cold water. Try this very effective natural remedy for getting fast results.

3.A nourishing blend with coconut oil and almond oil both known for skin whitening qualities, makes for a powerful aid in dark circles cure. Mix both in equal measure and apply using cotton pads. Wipe away with moist cotton pads. You will see results in ten days.

4. Grind mint leaves in a grinder and smear this fine paste around your eyes. Mint juice also can also help in fading away dark circles. Very helpful recipe. Do try it!

5. Soak up cotton pads in rose water and put this rosy cotton on the affected areas. This practice lifts away the tiredness instantly and  minimize the appearance of puffy eyes, eyes bags and dark circles.  Very good beauty tip for working women.

6. Scrub a potato slice on your under-eyes areas or dab potato juice on the affected areas to cure dark circles. This recipe is one of the most powerful natural remedies for removing under-eyes circles.

7. Add a pinch of turmeric to pineapple juice to apply on your dark circles.This natural treatment helps erases eye-wrinkles as well as darkness under eyes.

8.You can drink a potent drink prepared from mixing tomato, mint leaves , lemon juice and salt. Drink it daily to cure dark circles.

9.Go grab a aloe vera plant from your garden and take out its juice to dab on your dark circles. Aloe vera is an excellent aid for removing dark circles, bagginess under-eyes and puffy eyes at home. Best beauty tip  for both girls and boys.

10. Soak up few almonds in milk overnight and in the morning grind them to make a fine paste. Apply this mask on your dark circles to fade them successfully.

11. You should opt in for under-eye creams which are loaded with the goodness of vitamin E and C, seaweeds extracts which  are  good for warding off dark circles. You can apply vitamin E oil directly on your under-eyes circles too. Vitamin C and E work brilliantly to fight eye bags, puffiness, eye-wrinkles along with dark circles naturally.

12. Applying a mix prepared from grinding nutmeg in milk is a great aid in lightening the under-eyes dark circles. Additionally, it gives your eyes a  refreshing and soothing sensation in a jiffy.

13. Application of banana pulp helps to cure dark circles naturally at home.

14. Do pranayama for ten minutes daily to get rid of dark circles. Regular practice of prananyama is a must for the eyes that sparkle with health.

15.Massaging avocado pulp on dark circles helps to lessen puffiness and bagginess of eyes and treats dark circles as well naturally.

16. Add corn flour to curd and apply  this mix on your dark circles for about 15 minutes daily. This recipe helps treat dark circles naturally at home.

17. Practice  acupressure just by pressing the mount of your palm's index finger. Good practice for vision and healthy eyes.

18.Crush rose petals and combine it with raw milk to make a thick paste. Then apply this mask on your under-eyes circles to remove dark circles. Check out beauty benefits of coconut oil

19. Application of  castor oil is a great aid for removing dark circles. Just apply castor oil around your eyes.

20. You can prepare an under-eye mask at home mixing lentil, turmeric, lemon juice and tomato. Afterwards, apply on the under-eyes areas for about 15 minutes daily. Try this wonderful natural recipe to get fast results.

21. Crush parijat flower ( night jasmine) and mix some curd in it and apply to the affected areas.

22.Mix few drops of orange juice with glycerin to apply on the affected areas.This recipe works well to treat dark circles.

23. Boil half cup of milk till cream starts to float, thereafter add lemon juice to it. Then apply this preparation on your under-eyes circles. This home remedy gives fast results if you follow this remedy religiously. Check out 101 tips for hair care

24.Make use of vitamin rich food papaya to lighten dark circles. Just rubbing cold papaya pulp is what you got to do. Frozen papaya cubes help to lessen puffiness and bagginess of your eyes.

25.Applying retinol (one of the animal forms of skin nourishing vitamin A) on the dark circle helps. This treatment helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles from the eyes as well.

26.The nurturing blend of almond oil and honey in equal amount helps to cure dark circles. Try this recipe at bedtime to see noticeable results in ten days. Good beauty tip for middle-aged woman.

27.Go for  the eyes cream which is loaded with vitamin K, C, aloe vera and alpha hydroxy acids, which help to ward off dark circles naturally. Creams which contain vitamin k is very good for enhancing the looks of your eyes. Vitamin k helps restore the stability  and strength  of  blood vessel of your  eyes. Vitamin k helps remove dark circles, puffy eyes and redness of eyes.

28.Put a spoon in your freezer for ten minutes and put this chilled spoon on your under-eyes areas.

29. Massage your under-eyes areas with pea-nut oil.

30. Take few q tips and soak up both ends in water. Roll the frozen q tips around your eyes to relieve dark circles and puffiness in few minutes. Try this treatment daily.

31. Soak up chamomile tea bags in hot water and then rinse them away with cold water. Keep these tea bags on your tired and puffy eyes to lift away fatigue instantly. This home remedy helps to cure dark circles,  redness and sore eyes.

32.  Put rose water or cucumber juice in chill tray and put frozen ice cubes of these juice on your eyes while working on the computer. This practice relieves the fatigued eyes within short span of time and lightens dark circles. Nice recipe for men working in the office.

33. Use eye cream enriched with SPF  before your step out of home to prevent appearance of dark circles and eye- wrinkles.

34. Mix together cucumber juice, lemon juice and lanolin cream to apply on your  dark circles. This home remedy must be used daily to get rid of dark circles.

35. Apply green tea mask on your under-eyes areas. Green tea help constricts the eye capillary, thereby diminishing dark circles dramatically.

36. Apply castor on the sole of your feet to reduce dark circles.Castor oil helps stimulate the pressure point of eyes which is situated on the sole of your feet.

37. Milk cream mixed with castor oil helps fade dark circles. Try this natural remedy  for getting gratifying results.

38.Avoid reading in dim light as it leads to dark circles. Never ever lie down while reading to  prevent  occurrence of dark circles. Splashing cold water over your  eyes is what you should do in the morning to keep  dark circles at bay.

39. The yogic posture of sarvangasan is good yogic posture for removing dark circles. The age-old and time tested practice of jalneti ,which entails flushing of nose with salt water to cure cough and sinusitis, mucus,  allergy that leads to under-eyes circles, helps to remove dark circles naturally. Bur never ever practice any yoga posture without supervision of a yoga practitioner.

40. Keep used tea bags in the fridge and use them on your eyelids and under-eyes areas. Put frozen tea bags on your under-eyes to lift away dullness from your puffy and tired eyes. Tea bags contain caffeine which is main ingredient of under-eyes as it helps in reducing the puffiness and water retention around your eyes.

41 Mix together potato juice and lemon juice and apply this preparation on dark circles.

42. Massage your under eyes area with extra virgin almond oil and add few drops to vitamin E oil to it. Good recipe for treating dark circles, puffy eyes and baggy eyes and eye-wrinkles. This beauty tip is a must for women in their 30s .

43 Prepare a mask for your under-eyes areas with 3 almonds paste, 5-6 drops of  lemon juice and milk and leave  it on under eyes areas for 15 minutes.

46. Slice a tomato and keep this on your eyes or just dab tomato juice on your dark circles. Very helpful home remedy.

47. Application of coconut oil gives encouraging results if used daily. Coconut oil works a great deal in lightening your dark circles under eyes.

48. Boil black tea in water; strain this mixture and wash your eyes with mix to cure puffiness and baggy eyes.

49.Soak up rose petals in water and mix the resultant mixture with rose water. You can use water to wash your eyes to lessen under-eyes circles naturally at home.

50 . Mixture consisting of nutmeg and sandalwood is a great help for removing dark circles naturally.

51.Grate a potato and tie it in a muslin cloth and keep it on your puffy eyes. It helps to treat bags under-eyes and dark circles naturally.

52.Mix cucumber juice with rose water and apply on your under-eyes areas to get rid of dark circles naturally.

53.Add a pinch of salt to milk and wash your eyes with solution to cure dark circles naturally.

54.Dab carrot juice on dark circles. Munch on carrot daily to get healthy eyes and good vision.

55. Application of orange juice gives same results.

56. Almond powder mixed with milk makes for a good dark circles cure.

57. Dip cotton pads in milk and keep this cold cotton pads on eyes. Applying the compress of ice cold water or cold milk directly over eyes helps in relieving tiredness of eyes as well as dark circles. Try this easy recipe as it gives fast results. This natural treatment can be followed by students too.

58.Macadamia,  grape seeds oil  are the aroma oils, which  help to erase out eye- wrinkles and dark circles. Mix it in  your moisturizer to use it under-eyes areas. Try this treatment at home to remove dark circles.Women in their 40s can immensely benefits from this homemade tip.

59.  The preparation made from orange juice , lentil, tomato puree, and lemon juice blended together  left for half an hour on the dark circles  is a sure-fire home remedy for dark circles treatment.

60 Massage the dark circles with papaya pulp and honey mix and wash off after ten minutes.  Try this homemade remedy to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and baggy eyes.

61 Take a peach and mash it completely to apply on dark circles to lighten them naturally.

62. Massage your under-eyes areas with sesame oil to cure under-eyes circles.

63. Start using the paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice on your under-eyes areas. Wash off with cold water.

64. Try the mixture of egg white, vitamin E oil and honey to remove the ugly dark circles.

65   Add a pinch of saffron to malai( milk cream)  and apply it under-dark circles to lighten them significantly.

66.  Prepare an under- eye-pack at home with 2 spoons of buttermilk and  half spoon of turmeric, thereafter apply on your dark circles.

67.Sandal wood and rose water, when mixed together, makes for a good dark circles treatment the natural way.

68.  Add few drops of lime juice to milk-cream and apply on  your dark circles to treat them naturally
69. Honey and cinnamon mix is a powerful treatment for removing under-eyes circles the natural way.

70  Apples contain tanic acid, which cure dark circles efficiently.

71. Mix multani mitti and rose water together and smear this concoction on your under-eyes areas.

72. Strawberry is full of vitamin C which helps in making your under eyes area free of dark circles and wrinkles.

73. Combine basil juice and lemon juice in equal amount and apply on your dark circles to make them disappear. Try this herbal remedy daily.

74. Jojoba oil and olive oil mix is  very good treatment for dark circles cure at home.

75. Chamomile oil and almond oil mixture is good for massaging your under-eyes areas as it helps in removing dark circles by making less noticeable.

76. Gram flour, turmeric and lemon juice mixed together makes for a good treatment for dark circles removal easily.

77. Mix curd and honey to apply on your dark circles. Try this home remedy to make your dark circles less visible.

78. Mint juice with tomato juice makes for a good home remedy for treating dark circles naturally.

79. Tomato juice blended  with potato juice works well in easing off dark circles naturally at home.

80. Mix milk and almond oil together and dip a bread crumb in this mix and then place this bread crumb in fridge thereafter apply  it on your dark under-eyes areas. This practice helps drive away dark circles, eyes bagginess and eye-wrinkles.

 Diet. What you put into your mouth has a big impact on how you look. Likewise, if you have dark circles around your  eyes, your diet is to blame for that. You must feed your body a nutritious diet and drink a lot of water to  drive away unwanted dark circles around your eyes. Dark circles are normally triggered by anemia  or calcium deficiency. Vitamin K12 deficiency also causes under eyes circles. You must take milk, dairy products, cabbage, carrots, spinach ,eggs,  sprouted grains,  cod liver oil , pulse,  fish, buttermilk. Calcium can be best sourced form milk and daily products but if  dark circles are still persistent, you must supplement your diet with calcium sandoz tablets.  Cranberry juice, if taken for 2 weeks,  helps to remove dark circles under-eyes. Munch  on blueberry, strawberry, parsley and cranberry  as all these are rich in antioxidant pigments that helps fade circles around eyes.  Try not to lose weight quickly as fast reduction in weight leads to dark circles. Not getting adequate sleep is the biggest culprit that results in dark circles. Therefore, 8 hours of sleep is a must to reduce dark circles.  You should avoid  eating high dose of salt. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Get checked for any allergies that may cause dark circles. Take proper medication for any allergy so that dark circles can be reduced successfully.  Stay stress-free and cheerful because unless you are happy inside out, it can not reflect  on the outside.

By now you are aware of the top 80 tips for removing dark circles naturally at home. Why are you waiting? Put these tips into your practice and get set to remove dark circles all the way!


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