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12 Beauty benefits of coconut oil: How to use coconut oil in your beauty applications, beauty uses of coconut oil

Think coconut oil and you will most probably think of your hair oil you have been using for years. But let  me tell you one thing that coconut oil has much more to its kitty than being just a miraculous elixir for your hair. Coconut oil comes packed with many skin beautifying benefits to give your skin a radiating glow.  Do not be surprised!It is true! In this article you will be full aware of the beauty benefits of coconut oil. Read on to know how to use coconut oil in your beauty applications. All beauty uses of coconut oil are wallet-friendly and effective. Mentioned below are the top 12 beauty benefits of coconut oil

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Beauty benefits of coconut oil

1. Coconut oil helps to make  your complexion fair

Coconut oil is a powerful skin-lightening agent which works a great deal in whitening your skin tone. Just massage extra virgin coconut oil on your face and neck in a circular motion at bedtime. Wash off in the morning and enjoy a fair and glowing skin daily. Follow this beauty tip to get fair skin.You can add a pinch of saffron to coconut oil to massage on your skin.Coconut  oil coupled with saffron gives you incredible fairness all over your body.

2.Coconut oil is a great aid in making your skin flawless

Coconut oil has great potential to ease off facial blemishes if used daily. Well known for improving the skin tone, coconut oil helps to remove pigmentation marks, pimple scars and even chicken pox scars in initial stage. Just apply coconut oil liberally  all over the affected areas to remove blemishes. Do it daily to see gratifying results in one month. What is more, coconut oil helps to cure psoriasis, eczema and bug- bites too. So make a point to keep a bottle of coconut oil at  your home, right!

3.Coconut oil makes for a great exfoliating scrub too

Take  few spoons of extra virgin coconut oil with 2 spoons of sugar and scrub on your face, neck, hands and legs to slough off the dead skin layer to bring out a fresh and vivid complexion on the outside.

4. Remove dark circles with coconut oil

  Massaging your under-eyes areas with coconut oil has been proved to be very effective in fading off under eyes  dark circles. For greater efficacy, blend almond oil with coconut  oil and thereafter dab on your dark circles. Believe me! This recipe works wonders !

5.Coconut oil is a boon to dry skin

Treat your skin to the  replenished qualities of coconut oil for providing an immediate burst of hydration to your skin. Just mix it in your body lotion or just apply it all over your body after you take shower to drive away the dryness. What is more, it leaves your skin with a silky sheen exuding a captivating fragrance. Best option for those with itchy, flaky and irritated skin.

6.Get youthful skin with coconut oil

Coconut oil is bursting with anti-oxidant properties and other vitamins, which help offset the early signs of wrinkles and aging. Coconut oil is loaded with essential emollients to fight aging and smooth out fine line and wrinkles. This oil has power to keep your skin elastic and firm.

7.Coconut oil acts as make up remover

You need not buy facial cleanser or cleansing milk to remove make up. Instead use coconut oil to remove all traces of make up to reveal a clear and pure skin naturally. Just dip a cotton pad in coconut  oil and wipe away all deep-seated grimes and make-up residue accumulated on your skin. In addition, coconut oil can be  used to remove  eye make-up also.  So simple and cheap!

8.Coconut oil for hair

Just apply coconut oil before your wash your hair and see how it conditions your hair naturally. For best results, apply warm coconut oil at bedtime and wash off in the morning. This application helps reduce hair-breakage and  aids in making your hair healthy. Use it and see your tresses have never been so shiny and smooth before using this home remedy. Coconut oil can be used as leave- in conditioner too.  Loaded with rich fatty acids, it protects your hair against dandruff and enriches your scalp with  a healthy dose of protein, leaving your hair lustrous and beautiful. Not only this, coconut oil mixed a pinch of camphor aids in lice-treatment.

9. Coconut oil for getting pink lips

Just massage your lips with coconut oil to redden them. You can blend it with almond oil to apply on your dark lips. Use it daily and you will see a dramatically change in your lip's color.

10 Coconut oil helps cure sun-burn

A nasty sunburn on your face can heal completely with coconut oil. Consuming coconut oil can make your skin less prone and  more resilient to sun burn. Just apply few drops of pure coconut oil before your step out in the sun. It shields your skin against the damage sun's harmful UV rays may cause.  Skin experts recommend slathering coconut oil on your sun tanned skin to cure redness and peeling caused by overexpose to sun.  You will get instant relief from stinging and redness which are by-products of sun tan.

11. Use coconut oil for removing acne and acne-scars

Coconut oil boasts of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities which make it a powerful aid for acne-suffers.
 Mix it with neem oil or camphor, it gives satisfying results. The amazing blend of fuller's earth, rose water and coconut oil is a very effective home remedy for lightening acne-scars naturally.

12. Apply coconut oil on your cracked heels to heal them

Just apply warm coconut oil on your cracked heels and thereafter wear a pair of socks. You will be stunned to find how coconut oil reduces pain and roughness of your cracked heels overnight. In case your heels  are painful, then prepare a mask at home mixing paraffin wax and coconut oil together. Heat this mix till paraffin wax melts completely and let this concoction cool. Apply this preparation on your feet at night and do not forget to wear socks following this application. In the morning,  wash off properly. Coconut oil is teeming with emollient properties which help to soften and heal cracked heels quickly.

By now, you know about the best 12 beauty benefits of coconut oil. Now you know how to use coconut oil in your beauty applications. Just follow any of these tips and get set to be more beautiful naturally.

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