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100 home remedies for treating wrinkles naturally: How to cure premature wrinkles, tips for premature ageing/aging cure and treatment, natural ways to remove wrinkles from the face

As you age,  your skin starts to lose its collagen, a protein that facilitates the skin to hold moisture that lends  softness and youthful luminosity to your skin. When collagen-filled elastic tissues underlying your skin begin to break down, you can notice tell-tale signs of wrinkles such as creases or folds in the skin. Unfortunately,  wrinkles are an inevitable companion of aging , we can never stop the age-clock from ticking. But some people  are predisposed to developing premature wrinkles.  There are a host of factors which can be responsible for premature aging. Exposure to environmental aggression such as pollution's free radicals damage collagen and  prolonged exposure to sun rays also results in premature aging of skin.  Smoking is also a big culprit for forming creases on the skin as smoking exposes your skin to skin-damaging free radicals that aggravate the aging process and premature wrinkles.  Other causes of premature aging are  poor nutrition, too much stress, menopause, facial expression and not taking enough sleep, not taking care of skin. Well worry not ! You  can do a whole lot of things to slow down the ageing process.  You can try many home remedies at home to remove wrinkles and delay aging for long. All these beauty tips are very effective in plumping up existing wrinkles and curbing further appearance of wrinkles. Mentioned below are the best 100 home remedies for treating wrinkles. Read on to know how to remove wrinkles naturally at home.

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  Tips for getting rid of wrinkles 

1. Scrubbing a lemon on your face helps smoothen out wrinkles, age spots and dead skin build up. In addition, lemon lightens your skin tone and lends a radiating glow to your skin.

2 .Apply egg white all over your face and let it remain on the face and neck for 30 minutes.  Remember not to laugh or talk while the face pack is drying up. Egg white helps a great deal in tightening your sagging skin and remove signs of wrinkles naturally. Useful for women in their 40's too.

3. Application of  extra virgin olive oil eases off wrinkles and add a youthful glow to face. You can add few drops of vitamin E oil to olive oil for greater efficacy. Liberally massage olive oil into your face and neck  and you will feel the difference yourself in few days.

4. Application of rice banana helps to cure wrinkles. All you got to do is to smear mashed banana on the face for 30 minutes. This homemade beauty tip is immensely helpful in treating wrinkles and dull skin naturally.

5. Apply castor oil on your face including under-eyes areas, forehead and neck to get rid of  wrinkles naturally and reveal a younger-looking skin.

6. Apply cucumber juice on your face,  areas around lips, under-eyes areas , forehead to remove wrinkles the natural way at home.

7. Apply pineapple juice on the face to get youthful complexion. Start using this easy to follow home remedy in your 30's to retain youthful charm for long.

8.Drinking carrot juice daily will result in reduction of existing  wrinkles and prevent further wrinkles from forming. Drink carrot juice continuously for 2 weeks and you will see how you face recaptures youthful exuberance naturally from  the inside out.

9. The nurturing mix of beet juice and carrot juice is immensely helpful in reducing  facial wrinkles naturally, if used topically on the affected areas. Carrot has loads of vitamin A which is great for your skin. Beets are known to repair your DNA, so using beetroot juice on the wrinkles skin repairs the damaged tissues of your skin, making it look younger.

10. Milk cream mixed with lemon juice is a great wrinkle treatment you can try at home.

11..Soak up breadcrumbs in milk and add few drops of sweet almond oil to this mix. Spread this mix on your under-eyes areas using  hot cotton pads  for 15 minutes. Repeat it for 3 times a  week. This recipe is a great aid in removing under-eyes wrinkles fast.

12. Apply extra virgin coconut oil at bedtime to cure premature ageing and wrinkles. Coconut oil helps in rebuilding our skin's damaged tissues and erases fine lines.

14.Combine 2 spoons of fine flour with olive oil and apply on your skin to treat wrinkles naturally.

15. Egg white and honey mix is a great cure for wrinkle. This recipe can be tried by women in 30s too to ward off attack of premature wrinkles and droopiness of cheeks.

16.Make an anti-wrinkle face mask at home mixing 2 spoons of refined flour, one egg, one spoon of milk powder and apply on face for 20 minutes. This anti-aging mask helps to tighten loose and dropping skin a great deal.

17. Avoid going out in the sun  and slather a sunblock with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin against the harmful effects of sun rays. It is mandatory to wear sunblock with at least SPF 15 even indoors.

18. Paste of turmeric with juice of sugarcane has power to treat and slow down sagginess and premature  ageing of skin. Women under the age group of 35-40 must use this recipe.

19.  Mix onion juice  with honey and apply on your skin to iron out wrinkles and fine lines.

20 Avocado had loads of fat and high soluble vitamins that help in slowing down aging and  premature wrinkles on the face. Just rub a slice of avocado on your face to rejuvenate it the natural way.

21. Grate an onion and extract its juice to apply on your face. This home remedy  help to cure wrinkles naturally.

22. Chew a spoon of shredded ginger with honey in the morning to cure premature wrinkles and keep your skin younger-looking for longer.

23. Apply the mixture of  milk and honey mix to  soften out wrinkles and make you look younger than your real age. Opt for dry skin types.

24.  Mix one spoon of orange juice, one spoon of olive oil, one egg yolk and two spoons of oatmeal powder  together to  make a scrub for your face. This exfoliating scrub gently removes dead skin layers, leaving  your skin look younger.

25. Apply  an anti-wrinkle  facial mask  comprising  milk cream, olive oil and honey  for fighting premature wrinkles and age spots fast.

 26. Soak up almond in milk overnight and grind it in the morning to apply on your face and neck. This home remedy provides an immediate burst of hydration to your dull and wrinkled skin. Try this homemade beauty tip for getting fair and youthful skin naturally.

27. Apply aloe vera juice of aloe vera gel on your skin to keep it young and wrinkle-free for long.

28. Gently  massage almond oil on the face and neck at bedtime and wash off in the morning. This natural remedy aids in removing wrinkles and age spots, keeping skin luminous. Good beauty tip for dry skin.

29.  Apply pure honey all over your face and 5 minutes later wash off with cold water. This homemade beauty tip is helpful in removing wrinkles fast.

30.  Shredded cucumber mask, when applied on the face helps to get you rid of  wrinkles

31.  Mix few drops of roogan badam oil(sweet almond oil) in  2 spoons od rose water and 2 spoons of besan(gram flour). Apply this mix  on the face and neck and wash off with cold water. This natural remedy cures wrinkles quickly.

32. Apply lemon juice with amla juice on the facial skin  to treat  premature wrinkles naturally.

33.. Prepare an anti-aging face mask at home with  yogurt, ghee(clarified butter), milk and honey. It works wonders in driving away those embarrassing wrinkles quickly.

34. Take the core of a peeled apple and mash it and apply on the face.Thereafter, wash off with warm water. This homemade tip is a great cure for wrinkles removal.

35.  Blend egg yolk with 2 spoons of wheatgerm oil to apply on your face.Excellent recipe for wrinkle removal.

36. Milk cream and saffron is a great aid in keeping your skin younger for long.

37.. Add one spoon of sandalwood oil to one cup of coconut oil to massage your face and body.

38. Take one spoon of almond  powder,  juice of  a lemon ,one spoon of honey to massage your face.

39. The skin  nourishing mix of glycerin, olive oil and honey mixed in equal measure helps to remove wrinkles effectively.

40.  Apply the core of pineapple on your wrinkled face to get rid of wrinkles and achieve younger-looking skin.

41 Make a paste grinding endamame ( made from the pods of soybean) . Apply this preparation on the face to treat wrinkles at home.

42.  Mix avocado pulp with  3-4 spoons of clay and apply on your wrinkled face.

43.  The amazing and potent mix of olive oil , milk cream  and honey  is a great anti-ageing treatment.

44.  Prepare an anti-wrinkle mask mixing 2 spoons of vodka, 1 spoon of fennel seeds, half  spoon of honey. Boil all ingredients together  and keep the mixture in the fridge. Thereafter apply with cotton pads, wash off with warm water.

45. Prepare a mask at home mixing 1/4 cup of witch hazel with water and apply on the face.

46. Make an  anti-wrinkle cream at home with few spoons of milk cream, 1 slice of  avocado,a handful  of flax- seeds, one spoon of honey and grind all  ingredients  in the blender to prepare an anti-wrinkles cream  rich in vitamins and minerals to pamper and nourish your skin deep down .

47. Take Thompson seeds grapes and crush these seeds to apply on your face and wash with lukewarm water. This home remedy helps to cure premature wrinkles fast.

48.Puree of raw papaya and banana can  cure men's  forehead wrinkles excellently.  Papaya has papain that speeds up cell renewal process in the skin and banana has essential vitamins that help skin to rejuvenate and keep it silky smooth.

49. Almonds powder and honey mix  is a great anti-ageing face mask you can prepare at home.

50 . Mix together 1/4 cup of witch hazel , ten drops of patchouli essential oil and comfrey infusion. Thereafter, dab this preparation with a tampon on your face and store this preparation in an air-tight jar for further applications.

51.  Mix lemon juice, tomato juice and yolk in equal measure to apply on your wrinkled face. Excellent recipe for treating premature wrinkles

52. Mix  2 spoons of vinegar with one spoon of olive to apply on the  face.

53. Blend together one spoon of skimmed milk powder, one egg yolk and 1/2 spoon of honey and spread on the face for 15 minutes. Nice homemade beauty tip for treating wrinkles.

54. Mash a tomato and mix it with half spoon of orange pulp,  half spoon of papaya  pulp, one spoon of glycerin and rose water. Your anti-wrinkle face pack is ready to use.

55. The nourishing mix of  radish juice mixed with butter helps to fight premature aging of skin and wrinkles.

56.  Take 30  ml cabbage juice with one spoon of honey to apply on your face. Very easy to follow home remedy for removing wrinkles and retaining youth for years to come.

57. One spoon of rice powder with half spoon of honey mixed together makes for a nourishing concoction for your skin.

58. Beat 4 egg whites and mix  25 ml of rose water to it and boil  both natural ingredients  for a while;  then add 12 gms of alum and few drops almond oil to it. This home remedy is an excellent anti-aging mask for your aged and mature skin.

59.  Blend together egg yolk  with 2 spoons of rose water and 2 spoons of  glycerin and leave on the skin for 20 minutes. Very effective home remedy for getting rid of wrinkles.

60  Mix rice flour with rose water and milk, then dab this mix on  your chin, forehead, areas  around mouth. Do not talk while the facial mask in on.

61. One teaspoon of besan,  a little amount of  turmeric, 5-6 drops of olive oil combined together makes for a good wrinkle treatment you can use at home. Apply  this facial mask on for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

62. Application of one spoon of cream with honey wards off wrinkles and fine lines fast. Opt for dry skin.

63.  Grind corn flour and jowar flour  together and add malai to it .Corn tightens the skin and jowar eliminates dead skin cells, thereby  keeping your skin wrinkle -free and young.

64. Mix one spoon of curd with one spoon of   black gram (urad daal). Sprinkle water when the pack is dry and wipe off with cotton pads to remove the mask. Very helpful natural remedy.

65.  Mix 50 grams of honey, 25 gms white wax, 50 gms lily flower, 50 gm onion juice  and  heat them till wax melts and then apply on your skin.

66. Add  either orange essential oil or rose oil  to coconut to massage your face.  Good for youthful glow and fine lines removal.

67.Take an egg yolk and add one spoon of honey and one spoon of olive oil to it. Leave  this mix on for 20 minutes. Add  sodium bicarbonate to water and wipe clean your face with this solution.

68.Mash a peach and mix it with either egg white or corn starch and mint leaves paste. Apply this mask on your  dull and loose skin. Good  recipe for tightening  sagging skin.

69. Grate a  potato and mix it with  one spoon of curd to apply on the face.

70.  Apply the mix of one spoon of cottage cheese, 2 spoons of sour cream and one spoon of salt on your face. Leave  it on for 20 minutes  and follow with  moisturizer. Use this recipe twice a week.

71. Grind the leaves of cabbage and mix it with 1/4 spoon of yeast, one spoon of honey and apply it on for 15 minutes.  Wipe this mask off with cotton pads. Very effective anti-ageing facial mask for  both men and women.

72. Mash an apricot and mix it with one spoon of almond oil to apply on your face to reduce wrinkles.

73. Take cooked rice, ground  almonds, lemon juice and egg yolk. Whip up all ingredients well and dab on your face, leave on for 20 minutes. In the end rinse away the face pack with water.

74. Apply fenugreek leaves paste on the face to lift away dullness and wrinkles.

75. Wash  your face with fenugreek seeds water  to cure premature aging of skin.

76. Olive oil and pineapple mash mix  plumps up the skin and clears up the skin pores to leave it fresh and youthful.

77. Apply egg white from the bottom of shell to cure eye-wrinkles.

78. Egg white and castor oil mix is an amazing wrinkle cure for you.

79.  Mix cinnamon and honey together to apply on your wrinkles-affected face.This herbal remedy is the  best natural treatment for wrinkles and age- spots.

80. Boil carrots and mash it completely and mix it with honey and apply on your face to remove wrinkles the natural way. Loaded with potassium and anti-oxidants, carrot works wonders for making your skin youthful.

81 Tomato is rich in lycopene that  cures wrinkles effectively. Smear tomato paste on your face to remove wrinkles naturally at home.

82. Dip the top of tomato in sugar and rub this tomato on you face to remove dead skin cells to bring out a youthful complexion on the outside.

83. Lemon juice and glycerin mixed together in equal amount  can be applied  at night before sleeping.Very nice recipe for wrinkle removal.

84. Soak up urad daal in 4 spoons of mosambi juice overnight.  Grind it in the morning with a pinch of turmeric. 15 minutes later, wash off with water. Try this home remedy to cure wrinkles fast from the comfort of home.

85.Boil an apple and mash it to deseed it  and mix this content with it one spoon of honey and malai(milk cream). Apply this preparation on your face and neck. This recipe is an amazing anti-aging treatment you can try at home.

86. Raw milk  mixed  with  salt makes for wonderful wrinkle cure.

87.  Mix banana, half spoon of  honey and 4-5 drops almond oil to apply on your face.

88 . Castor oil and honey mixture is a boon to moisture-starved skin.

89.  Egg yolk, almond oil, rose water mixed together makes for a   good anti-aging treatment for you mature skin.

90. Watermelon skin rubbed on the skin helps to smoothen out wrinkles quickly.

91. Soak a cotton pad in spinach juice and apply on your  face to reduce wrinkles.

92. Mix together sea bunch thorn oil  with egg and apply on the skin. This home remedy helps in treating wrinkles naturally.

93. Cod liver oil massage helps prevent premature wrinkles from forming.

94. Scrub a slice of orange on the face to remove wrinkles. Men can try this easy to follow recipe.

95. Orange juice, honey and yogurt together makes a facial mask for younger looking skin.

96.  Rose water, honey  and turmeric mix  is a great home remedy in wrinkles removal.

97 Mash strawberry and add rose water to make a pampering mask and apply this mix for for 20  minutes.

98. Sandal wood powder and rose water works well to cure premature wrinkles. This herbal remedy is best for oily skin.

99. Rose seed oil, clary sage, carrot seeds oil, neroli, sandalwood oil, grape seeds oil, geranium, myrrh, frankincense oil are the names of some essential oils that help to retain skin's elasticity and make skin  firm.You can add any of these essential oils to your favorite massage oil and massage into your face and neck. You will be stunned to experience youthful and vivid skin on continuous use of this recipe.

100. Take one part of cooked oatmeal with 2 parts of mashed papaya  and mix them well to apply on your skin. Very good beauty tip for removing wrinkles from the face.

Diet  plays very important oil in determining your appearance .Feed your body with a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids like flax seeds oil,  mackerel., tuna, salmon. You must take protein rich diet such as skinless chicken, pulse, dairy products,  beans, turkey breast, etc.  Incorporate  spinach, soybeans,leafy vegetables, amla, goziberries, into your dietary routine. Up your vitamin C intake as vitamin C elevates  the process of collagen formation and protects  your skin against skin-damaging free-radicals. So munch on citrus fruits too often to look younger. You can supplement your diet with  vitamin  D tablets to look younger. Make it a point to chew 2 almonds daily to ward off wrinkles for long. Drinking amla juice maintains the youthful exuberance of your face for long.Eating  apple daily  helps to keep skin young and prevents premature ageing.   Gulp down a lot of water to flush out toxins from your body and maintain a youthful skin.




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