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101 tips for hair care: home remedies for getting healthy and beautiful hair naturally, how to make your hair silky, soft and shiny using natural remedies at home

Since ages, beautiful hair is considered to embody the beauty of a woman. No doubt, silky and shiny hair adds extra charm to a woman's personality and looks. Who would not long for a healthy, long and thick hair? But nowadays, our lifestyles have become too fast paced, including our unhealthy dietary habits, people have numerous hair problems like hair loss, premature graying of hair,dandruff etc, which stunt our dream of flaunting lustrous hair.  Market is bursting with lots of products which promise to work magic on your dull and  lifeless hair but let me tell you one thing -all these chemicals laden products are costly and harmful on your hair in long run.  So wiser option would be to rely on home remedies to get  healthy, shiny and silky hair naturally.  Mentioned below are the top 101 tips for getting healthy, silky and beautiful hair naturally.  All these recipes will make you aware of how to take care of your hair naturally at home.

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Home remedies for healthy. smooth and beautiful looking hair

1. Mix together banana pulp , avocado and eggs to apply on your  hair  for 30 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. This recipe is very effective for  dry and dull hair. It gives brilliant shine to your hair as well as nourishing your hair strands from the inside out.

2. Mix amla(Indian gooseberry), henna ,shikakai( acacia concinna) with curd to make a homemade conditioner for your hair. This hair pack  gives amazing shine and thickness to your hair.


3. Massage your hair with egg yolk and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. This recipe imparts softness and shine to your  rough  and dull hair.

4 .You can mix aloe vera gel in your shampoo and shampoo your hair as usual. This home remedy  is a great aid in bringing  visible shine and softness to your hair.

5.Apply mayonnaise on your hair for 30 minutes, then wash out thoroughly  with cold water. You can apply mayonnaise with 2 spoons of avocado pulp. All you got to do is to spread this mix gently on your hair.  Leave the mask to set  on your hair for 3 hours.  If your hair is extremely dry and damaged, then  you can leave this mayonnaise mask overnight and wash off in the morning.

6.  Whip up a hair mask at home combining  4 spoons of henna ,  few drops of lavender oil and some curd. Apply  this mixture on your hair. Good for getting rid of dandruff and making your hair silky smooth. Try this recipe twice a week.

7.Mix Vitamin E oil cod liver oil to your favorite  hair oil to get shiny and problem free hair. Try this easy home remedy  for fast results. Men can try this recipe.

8. Massage your hair with almond oil before you wash your hair.  Massage gently over your hair and scalp and leave it  on for one hour.  In the end, wash out with water.  Almond oil strengthens the hair roots that leads to reduction in hair breakage.  You can add castor oil to almond oil to apply on your hair.  Massaging your scalp facilitates blood circulation, thus, giving wonderfully healthy and silky hair. Additionally,  castor oil and almond oil mix, when massaged regularly on your scalp, can reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.  Try this  homemade beauty tip to leave your  hair  soft and silky smooth  naturally. 

9.Vitamin-rich food banana  can do wonders for your hair. You can mix honey or egg or curd with banana to condition your hair. Banana is available all year round, so make it a part of your hair care regime.

10.You can massage your hair with aroma oil to strengthen its roots and improve its texture.You can use bhringraj(Eclipta Alba) oil  or amla oil to massage your hair to nurture your hair deep down.

11  Mix 4 spoons of olive oil with 2 eggs and leave this mask on your hair.  Wash off after 30 minutes. This natural remedy will give you beautiful and lustrous hair  within short span of time. Check out 80 tips for removing dark circles 

12. Apply warm coconut oil at the bed time and rinse off in the morning.   You can add a pinch of camphor to coconut oil and then apply on the hair. This  home remedy helps get rid of lice besides giving full nourishment to your hair. You can try warm  olive oil too which is very effective for conditioning your hair.

13. Apply apple juice or apple pulp  on the hair, prior to washing it,  it can give you healthy and shiny hair quickly. You can use apple juice with henna to promote healthy  hair and getting rid of dandruff.

14.Soak up hibiscus flower in water and use this water as a last rise. You can apply the paste of hibiscus on the hair to combat hair loss.

15. Mix 2 spoons of honey to one cup of milk. Apply  this elixir on your hair and  massage it gently for 30 minutes. It is a great conditioner for your hair.  Boys can try easy to follow beauty tips for healthy hair.

16.Apply beer with egg white on your hair to add shine and volume to hair. Use this home remedy as a last rinse after you shampooed your hair.Wash off after ten minutes.

17 .Add beer to some water and use this mix as a last rinse on your well-shampooed hair. The result: silky, shiny and beautiful hair instantly.

 18 . Mix 2 cups of water to juice of 2 lemons and use this lemon water as last rinse on your well-shampooed hair. Apply lemon juice on your wet hair and massage for few minutes.  Lemon is a great natural hair conditioner you can use at home. 

19.  Use vinegar to condition your hair. Mix some water with vinegar and use this water to rinse your hair. You can get glossy hair with this home remedy.

20 . The potent  mix of  mustard oil, lemon juice and curd makes for a nourishing potion for your hair.  This home remedy is  elixir for your  hair, which makes your hair look fuller and beautiful.

21 Mash a papaya  and blend  it with curd, then apply on your hair for one hour. Wash off with lukewarm water.

22. Massage your hair with one spoon of cream and one cup of  milk and leave it on for 30 minutes.Very nice home remedy for dry hair.

23. Mix one spoon of fuller's earth, one egg  and few spoons of rice flour. Try to smear this mask while combing the hair. It will make your hair straight  and shiny too. 

24.  Boil amla, reetha(soap nut), shikakai and bhringraj(Eclipta Alba) in a container in 200 ml of water.  Boil till water remains half and strain this mixture to use this mix on your hair.  This recipe is a sure-shot remedy to cure all hair problems like hair fall, graying of hair and split-ends. Use this herbal  remedy on your damaged hair and see how it bounces with health and shine on continuous use of this recipe.

25.Keep barley flour in water overnight,  then apply  this mixture on your hair blending it with coconut milk.  Use this recipe twice a week.

26.Soak up amla and fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind them in the morning and apply on your hair to make it smooth it and silky. Fenugreek seeds can used with mustard seeds  also.  Grind mustard seeds with  fenugreek seeds together to apply on your hair. This home remedy helps treat dandruff and makes your hair thick and long. 

27.  Beat one egg and add one spoon of olive oil, one cup of salt and one soon of lemon juice to it. Massage on your hair and wash off after ten minutes. You can achieve luxuriously shiny hair by using this home remedy.

28  Rustle up a hair mask mixing together henna powder , one egg, curd and rosemary oil to apply on. your hair.  Rosemary oil is very beneficial for nourishing the scalp and preventing hair loss.

29. Mix honey  in two cups of water and use this mixture as a last rinse for your well-shampooed and clean hair. See how shiny, silky and manageable your hair becomes.  Opt for dealing with frizzy hair. 

 30. Massage your hair with aloe Vera and honey and wash off after ten minutes. You can massage your hair with mustard oil or coconut oil mixed with  camphor to treat dandruff and dryness of scalp.

31. Massage your hair with olive oil or coconut oil and wrap towel around your hair. This treatment helps in leaving your tresses gorgeously soft and healthy.

32. Boil one cup of strong espresso  and let it cool down and use this preparation on your hair to get shiny and silky hair naturally. Good for teenager girls as it gives instant results. Check out beauty benefits of coconut oil

33. Massaging hair with jojoba oil and honey ensures strong and healthy hair. So easy and effective homemade  beauty tip.

34. Apply the mixture of shea  butter, avocado, vinegar, coconut oil/olive oil on your hair to treat dry and dull hair. 

35.Mix   two spoons of castor oil with one egg white, one spoon of glycerin and leave it on for ten minutes on the hair.

36. You can use freshly brewed tea as a last rinse to condition your hair. This home remedy is so easy to use and it  gives quick results.

37. Make it a point to trim your hair 2-3 times a month so  that you can avoid split ends. Go easy on using chemicals and hair-styling tools on the hair; have protein rich diet and drink a lot of water. Make it a point to use clean comb for your hair. Avoid combing the hair when it is wet.

38. Grind one cup of Bengal gram with one spoon of fenugreek powder and apply  this concoction on the hair. Mix curd and leave this mix aside for some time. Then apply  this mask on your hair for 2 hours before washing off. This hair mask replenishes  your hair with protein, thereby, giving  amazing luster to the hair

39. Beat 2 eggs and add one spoon of water to them and massage thoroughly over your scalp  Afterwards, wash off with mild shampoo. If you can not bear the smell the eggs then you can massage rosemary oil post washing your hair with eggs.

40. Mash a banana and blend  it with an egg, one spoon of olive oil ,3 spoons of milk and honey. This beauty tip  renders shine and softness to your hair.

41. Add few drops of almond oil to one mashed banana and massage on your hair before shampoo. Opt in for this homemade treatment to get  silky soft hair at home.

42.  Blend 2 bananas with  mayonnaise and olive oil in a blender;  you  can mix any essential oil of your choice in this mix to massage your hair . Leave it on for half an hour. Rinse away with lukewarm water. Use the remaining mixture in the fridge. You can use this homemade hair mask  twice a week.

43. Combine together one egg, one fourth cup of curd, one fourth cup of mayonnaise and smear this nourishing mix on your hair;  wear shower cap and leave it on for  one hour, then  wash off with cold water.

44. Mix one  egg yolk with ¾ cup of   lukewarm water and  3/4 cup of olive oil to  massage your scalp  prior to shampooing your hair.

45.  Blend together half cup of sweet almond oil with one fourth cup of apricot seeds oil and one fourth cup of  olive oil .This way you can prepare a homemade oil which lasts up to one year.

46.  Egg and lemon mix is a great aid in   conditioning your hair. Try this very effective homemade conditioner for making your locks softer and  more beautiful. You can transform your hair to salon soft with regular use of this recipe

47 . If you are suffering from dandruff and dry scalp, you can massage your hair with apple cider vinegar. In the end,  rinse  your hair with vinegar as final rinse. In return you will experience a silky soft hair in a jiffy.

48.Mix 3 spoons of sour cream to one spoon of coconut oil and massage your scalp with his mix ;  wrap towel around your hair, then wash off after 30 minutes with  mild shampoo.

49. Add one spoon of rum to 4 spoons of strong  black tea and massage this preparation on your roots and wash off after one hour. This homemade beauty tip is very effective for making your hair shiny and silky

 50.  Blend together the juice of lemon and 2 yolks, one egg white and one spoon of honey and  apply on your scalp for ten minutes.

51.Use the mix of honey and lemon juice as a  post shampoo shine-boosting conditioner.

52 .Grate a potato and squeeze its juice and mix potato juice with 2 spoons of aloe vera gel and 2 spoons of honey and then  massage your hair for 20 minutes. Keep it on for 2 hours.  Use this recipe twice a week to treat hair loss and get a healthy looking hair.  

53  Extract cream from tender coconut and keep in a microwave and massage this on your scalp and roots. Wrap mild towel around head so that the natural goodness of coconut milk gets soaked into your scalp well. Wash off with a mild shampoo. Very good home remedy for dry and dull hair.

54. Try a herbal hair mask at home pack mixing ten grams of henna powder, 5 grams shikakai, 5 grams amla, 5 grams brahmi, 2 grams of multani mitti(fuller's earth)  and 2 grams of coffee powder, half  spoon of wild turmeric, 5 spoons of bhringraj  powder(Eclipta Alba) some curd and one egg. Keep it for 2 hours. Try this herbal home remedy to give miraculous shine and volume  to the hair. Perfect home remedy for those with fragile and thin hair.

55 .If you have oily hair, then try this hair pack. Add two spoons of curd to henna powder and one pinch of  sugar and you can add water if needed. Keep it on for 20 minutes and wash off. This homemade hair treatment  gives volume and shine to the hair.

56. Grate cabbage and onion to  extract its juice and put the juice  in copper vessel overnight and to it , add  any herbal  oil  of your choice. You can add any essential oil to this mix for captivating fragrance. Keep this concoction on your hair for 20 minutes prior to  shampooing your hair. Try this homemade conditioner for shiny and silky hair naturally .

57.   Mix together one spoon of castor oil, one spoon of malt vinegar and one spoon of glycerin, then apply this mix on your hair before you shampoo you hair. This natural remedy gives amazing shine and bounce to your hair and maintains the PH balance of the hair as well.

58. Henna is good for your hair and it is no longer a secret. But it can dry up your hair also. So you can  mix one spoon of  olive oil,  one spoon of hot milk with henna to apply on your hair and  see how shiny and soft your hair becomes after using this home remedy.

59. Take  one cup of water with one spoon of gelatin and  use this water to rinse your shampooed hair. Towel dry and style your hair as you wish.

60 . Combine together one spoon of oatmeal powder, one spoon of almond oil and one spoon of   fresh milk;  smear it on your dry and lifeless  hair for 20 minutes.  In the ends wash off with cold water.

61 . Mix two eggs with 5 spoons of olive oil and massage this concoction on your hair for 20 minutes. Very effective home remedy to make your hair silky smooth and shiny.

62.  Mixture of 3 spoons of olive oil and 2 spoons of honey is a great natural homemade conditioner for the hair.

63  Mash an avocado, then  mix it with one spoon of honey and 2 spoon of olive oil.  Rub  this mix on the hair for 20 minutes and then wash off with mild shampoo. Very good for dry and lackluster hair.

64.Prepare a hair mask at home mixing one banana , one egg, and half avocado, and 2 spoons of honey and 3 spoons of buttermilk and 3 spoons of olive oil. Use  this natural hair pack on the  hair and its roots. Use this on your hair twice a month to have a healthy and silky texture of hair. 

65. Strawberry is full of vitamin C,  which gives luster to the hair. Either crush it or mix it mayonnaise and apply on your mane for ten minutes. This home remedy is boon to your dry and rough  hair.

66.Soak up fenugreek seeds overnight, then grind them in the morning and  then apply on your hair to cure hair loss and get healthy looking hair.

67  Soak up shikakai powder in in rice gruel and rinse your hair with this water. This recipe gives shinier  tresses and cures dandruff as well.

68. Rub a slice of amla on your  hair to cure hair loss and split-ends.Do try this beauty treatment if your hair is brittle and weak

69. Massaging your hair and scalp with coconut milk is good for treating hair loss and making your hair softer.

70. Rub onion slice or its juice on bald patches to cure baldness and promote growth of new hair.

71 Boil henna leaves in mustard oil till leaves  get burnt completely, then strain this oil to massage your hair  gently.  This natural homemade oil aids to cure split ends effectively. Working women who have less time can try easy natural homemade tip for making their hair smooth and healthy.

72. Grind lemon seeds and black peeper  together  in a grinder and apply this mix  on your bald patches to treat baldness.

73. Mix  gram flour and gruel together and use this mix to wash your hair. This homemade shampoo makes your hair clean, shiny and beautiful.

74.Soak up amla overnight in milk and grind it to apply on  the hair for getting shiny and long hair. Additionally, amla juice taken orally makes your hair black and beautiful. 

75. Massage your hair with  the mix of olive oil, lemon juice and coconut oil and wrap hot towel around your head to let the oil penetrate into your scalp to give your hair full nourishment . This wonderful home remedy helps in treating dandruff and gives you beautiful looking hair.

76 . Mix one cup of jojoba oil with one cup of rose water and ten drops of vitamin E oil and apply on your hair. This home remedy is perfect for summer  and protects your skin against harmful sun rays as well as making it healthy.

77. Boil one cup of amla in 4 cups of water with a pinch of sugar. Let it simmer till  water remains one cup in quantity and then add 2 cups of  henna, one egg, 3 spoons of lemon juice to this solution. Apply this amazing natural hair mask for curing premature graying of hair.

78. You can use henna and curry powder mix to make your hair thick and beautiful. It helps in curing gray hair and making your hair look voluminous as well.

79.Take camphor leaves and soak up camphor leaves in water for 2 hours and then discard the camphor leaves. Afterwards, add 2 spoons of glycerin and few drops of vitamin E oil and some water to this solution. Apply this on your hair. This homemade beauty tip helps in curing gray hair.

80. Mix one spoon of vinegar with one spoon of honey and half cup of hot water and keep it a spray bottle. Use this spray for bringing shine and volume into the hair.Do not get tempted to buy volumizer spray from  the market, instead go try this  homemade spray to make your hair voluminous and glossy.

81.  Prepare a face mask at home blending 2 spoons of beet root juice with one spoon of lemon juice and one egg. Massage onto your scalp gently and wash off after 30 minutes. Good for removing  unwanted dandruff.

82. Smear the paste for multani mitti, lemon juice and curd for making your tresses beautiful and dandruff-free.

83. Dab  triphala powder on the hair or just apply triphala oil on your hair to cure hair fall as well as making your hair healthy and strong.

84.Grind amla with neem , henna and milk; leave on the hair overnight. Good for treating lice and dandruff. This recipe helps in treating hair loss too.

85.  Extract the juice from shikakai , henna and arnica plants. And blend the mixture of these juice with almond oil and heat this mix till oil comes. Keep this mixture in a bottle; use this homemade hair oil for curing hair loss and making hair long and thick. Try this remedy if  you have thin hair.

86. Massaging your hair with sunflower oil is very effective in making the dry hair soft and attractive.

87. Massage your hair with castor oil to promote hair growth and make your hair thick.

88   Boil curry leaves in coconut water and then apply on your hair to make it black and strong.

89. Mix orange juice with egg and apply on the  hair as a shampoo. Try this easy and cheap homemade shampoo for making the  hair shiny and silky smooth.

90.Grind together hibiscus flower, marigold flower , basil leaves   and rose petals  and water. Apply this mix on the hair for one hour, then wash off with water. See for yourself how lustrous and silky your hair becomes.

91. Blend one cup of rosemary oil and 1/8 cup of lavender essential oil and use it to massage your hair. Try this effective home remedy to get smooth and beautiful hair instantly.

92. Mix baby oil with egg to apply on your hair. Try this natural homemade conditioner for getting beautiful hair quickly

93. Rub the mix of amla and lemon juice on the hair for making your hair roots strong. 

94.Wash hair 2-3 times a week and do not keep oil on the hair for more than 2 days. 

95.Mix fenugreek powder with egg and apply on the hair for curing dandruff and making hair healthy.

96. You can saute amla powder in an iron vessel ,then add castor oil to it . Then boil it and leave this mixture overnight on your hair and wash off in the morning. This home remedy is very helpful in making hair black, long and strong. Perfect home remedy for everyone who wished to have healthy hair naturally.

97. Try the mixture of curd , egg and honey to  condition your hair and make it voluminous

98. Mix together egg yolk, olive oil and calamine powder and apply on your  hair. This natural remedy is opt for oily hair.

99. Mix  one spoon of orange juice and one spoon of honey, 5 drops of sandalwood oil to massage on your hair. It will make your hair shiny and silky.

100. Boil carom seeds(ajawain) in water and use this water as a last rinse on the hair. You can combine mouth wash with water to rinse your hair also. This easy to use recipe gives shine to your mane.

101.Cinnamon powder mixed with honey is a great aid  in making your hair beautiful and  dandruff- free.

By now, you are aware of the best 101 tips for getting healthy and beautiful hair. Why are you waiting for? Just follow these amazing and effective home remedies right now and get set to flaunt gorgeous hair.


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