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5 beauty benefits of Milk cream : How to use milk cream in your beauty applications, beauty uses of malai

Have you ever used milk cream or malai on your face to enhance your external beauty? Well,   if your answer is no,   then you must  give it a try and  I am sure you will get that soft and resplendent skin you have always craved for.  Read on to know the best beauty benefits of milk cream.  Mentioned below are the best 5 beauty uses of milk cream (malai). Check out Get milky white skin with milk facial masks

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1.Milk cream for getting healthy skin

If you are blessed with normal skin and want to keep your skin vibrant and glowing,  then this facial mask is good for you.  Mix together milk cream, sandal wood powder, turmeric, gram flour, honey and rose oil.  Spread this mix liberally all over your face and neck and let it stay for some time.  Afterwards, wash off with water and rest assured to see a luminous complexion within few minutes. This face mask removes all impurities from your skin as well making it soft and charming. Check out  How to get milky white skin with milk face masks

2.Milk cream for fighting dryness

Milk cream is a boon to your dry and parched skin.  Add one spoon of honey to fresh milk cream  and apply on your skin.  Let it dry and then massage your face with  this amazing skin-nourishing mask. You will be stunned to find how this milk cream mask gives that much needed hydration to your dull and lackluster skin in a jiffy.

3.Milk cream for  getting fair skin

Just add 2-3 strands of saffron to milk cream and massage your face gently with this preparation.  Let it stay on the face for 10 minutes.  Then rinse with water and experience a glowing and fair skin like never before. This home remedy helps lighten your skin on a continuous use.  Also, you can mix milk cream with gram flour and apply on your face daily to get fair skin.Check out  Get fairer skin instantly with sandalwood facial masks

4.Milk cream for instant glowing  complexion

You can rustle up a face mask at home to get glowing skin instantly mixing masoor daal, sugar and malai and exfoliate your face using this mask. This face mask helps get rid of deep seated impurities of the skin and gives an instant sheen to your face.  How to get magical fairness with saffron

5.Milk cream for exfoliating your skin

Milk cream can make for a  great exfoliating scrub for your skin.  Just grind breadcrumbs in a grinder and blend it with milk cream and rub gently on your face, neck, hands , legs to slough off  dead skin cells.  This home remedy can be  tried on  small babies to make their skin soft and glowing in the coming years.  Also, you can add chirongi (sunflower seeds)  to malai to exfoliate your skin.  This application gives you a  fair and silky smooth skin.

By now you are aware of the top 5 skin benefits of milk cream or malai.  So it is the time to put these beauty  tips to practice.  Incorporate these valuable beauty tips into your daily beauty regimen and get set to flaunt a soft and glowing skin everyday.
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