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10 beauty benefits of Lemons: How to use Lemon in your beauty routine, amazing beauty uses of Lemon juice

Are you planing to hit the beauty salons to get glowing and flawless skin? If yes, then banish these thoughts of spending hefty bucks in the parlours and just grab a lemon from your kitchen larder instead and use it on your skin.  Yes, it is true. Lemon is a big reservoir of skin beautifying benefits which up your beauty parameters to a great extent. Lemons can help render a dull and lackluster complexion into a sparkling and flawless one.  Not only this, treating your skin with lemon and lemon juice is completely harmless and easy on the pocket. This article unravels the secrets of beating your daily beauty ailments using lemons in your beauty rituals.  Read on to know the best 10 beauty uses of lemons.  Mentioned below are the 10 top beauty uses of lemon  and lemon juice.

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1.Lemon helps to  give  you fair skin

Scrubbing  a half  of lemon on your face daily improves your complexion dramatically.  Either rub a slice of lemon on your face directly or dab lemon juice on your skin and let it dry for 30 minutes.  This home remedy helps to lighten your skin tone within a month. Lemon is  a great  natural bleaching agent which helps to fade away  all types of facial discolourations and dark patches of the face.  Additionally,  lemon juice can be added to either honey,  cucumber juice or milk to get amazing skin whitening results. That is not all,  the left -over lemon peels, which you toss into the dustbin, can do wonders for your skin. Take lemon peels and have them dried in the sun . After lemon peels turn hard , grind them in a grinder. Combine this powder with raw milk and apply to your clean face.  After it dries in 20 minutes, wash off  with cold  water.  Use this home remedy thrice a week and you will see for yourself how fair and glowing your skin has become.

2. Lemon juice for flawless skin

Lemon are well known for easing off all types of  facial blemishes  and  render the skin flawless and clear. All you got to do it to cut a slice of lemon and scrub  it all over your face daily or  add one spoon of curd to lemon juice to  apply on your marks. This process helps to clear  the nagging  facial blemishes.  Additionally,   lemon juice can be blended with potato juice,  tomato juice or cucumber juice to make a nourishing facial mask to  knock off those ugly unwanted facial marks from the face.

3. Lemon juice is a great exfoliating agent

You can add two spoons of lemon juice to olive oil and sugar mix.  Rub it  all over  your neck, elbow and knees to iron out deep seated dirt deposits lurking inside these areas. Remember not to rub too hard. Rubbing lemon peels on the skin  helps to scrub out dead skin  layer  from the skin.  Rich in  alpha hydroyl acids,  lemon facilities the cell renewal process and reveals the fresh skin lying underneath to bring  out an incandescent glow on the outside. Check out how to get fair

4. Lemon juice helps to  treat acne and acne marks

 When it comes to treating  acne, lemon juice comes to your rescue. Grind cinnamon in a grinder and add this powder to lemon juice.  Smear this facial mask on your acne-affected face. Let this face pack to set on your face  for 30 minutes and thereafter  wash off ice cold water.  This home remedy helps to clear persisted acne and its  ugly marks. Also,  you can can add mint juice to lemon juice and dab this wonderful combination on your acne and leave on overnight. This recipe is a sure -shot remedy for treating acne  and marks naturally.

5.lemon juice is a great conditioner for your hair

Mix water with lemon juice and put this water on your well-shampooed hair as a last rinse. This process gives a glamorous shine to your hair. This recipe for best suited for for oily hair. You can add lemon juice to one cup of honey and  3/cup of olive oil and coat your hair evenly with this wonderful nourishing  hair mask.  Wait for one hour and wash it out.  This recipe  breathes a fresh lease of life into your dull  and lifeless hair.
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  6. Lemons for dandruff free hair

 Add  two spoons of lemon juice to  half a cup of  olive oil and massage your hair with this mix to get rid oft those itching dandruff.  Furthermore, curd and lemon juice mix is a elixir for dandruff- affected hair which keeps your hair lustrous and healthy.

7. Lemon juice for health nails

Soak up your nails in lemon juice for ten minutes and then  brush your nail with a toothbrush  with  the mixture of vinegar and water. Then wash off with warm water. You will notice your shiny  and healthy-looking  your nails become. Check out 80 tips for removing dark circles

8. Lemon juice is a great skin toner for your skin

Whip up a facial  toner mixing 2 spoons of lemon juice, 2 spoons of vodka, 1 spoon of distilled water and 1 spoon of witch hazel and apply this concoction on your face using cotton pads prior to using moisturizer . It is   a  great facial  toner for oily skin. In addition,  steep peppermint tea bags in water for 15 minutes and blend it with lemon juice and quarter of witch hazel. And use this preparation a skin/face toner.

9. You can make home made moisturizers using lemons

Combine lemon juice with any  vegetable oil /  olive oil / canola oil and honey and apply this concoction on the face.  Moreover, you can  blend  lemon juice, rose water and glycerin to make a moisturizers for all skin types.

10. Drinking lemon water helps to keep you fit and slim

 Drinking lemon water is a delight for weight watchers as it helps you shed  extra flab. For this,  Just add juice of a lemon and two spoons of honey  to one glass of warm water and drink it in the morning.  It helps to lose extra body fat  and keep your weight in check.

 By now, you are aware of the best 10 beauty  applications of lemons and lemon juice. Follow these beauty tips religiously and get set to be flooded with admiration for your ravishing looks.

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