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27 tips for treating dark spots naturally: How to remove brown spots from the face using home remedies, how to cure facial dark spots

Initially ignored as a tiny spot on the face, dark spots, if ignored for long time, can mar your facial appearance to a great extent. Not only this, dark spots are considered as the early signs of ageing so they need more attention. Market boasts of  many creams which claim to  remove dark or brown spots but they are vary harsh on the skin. This is not all,  for this,  you have to loosen your purse strings too. So it is a wiser option to resort to natural remedies to cure dark or brown spots from the face.  Read on to know how to treat dark /brown spots from the face naturally using home remedies. Here are the top 27 tips for treating dark spots naturally.
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Home remedies for curing dark/brown spots from the face

1.Scrub a slice of lemon on your skin or just apply lemon juice on your dark spots/brown spots. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which helps in fading away dark spots and brown spots of the face.

2.Applying raw papaya on the face is a sure-shot remedy to lighten dark spots. Papain found  in  papaya is very effective for lightening the nagging dark  spots of the face

3.You can add honey to lemon juice and apply on face.

4. Applying  potato juice helps to remove dark/black spots

5.Potato mixed with lemon juice helps you get rid of ugly dark and brown spots.

6. Potato and tomato juice mix is a boon for removing dark spots.

7. Just scrub a half of tomato on the face. This home remedy  whitens and lightens the skin tone

8. Just add honey to tomato juice and apply  on your dark spots to lighten them.

9. Mint juice mixed with basil leaves paste is very helpful in removing facial dark spots. Check out 101 hair care tips

10. Apply aloe vera gel  on the face to remove dark and brown spots from the face. You can add the content of vitamin E capsules to aloe Vera gel to enhance the efficacy of aloe Vera gel.

11 .Apply pineapple juice on the face to make it free of dark/brown spots.

12. Just apply plain curd on the face to lighten your skin tone and fade away all types of unwanted facial dark and brown spots. check out how to get fair

13.Add sandal wood paste to fuller's earth and rose water; apply on your face to cure dark/brown spots

14. Scrub the affected area with olive oil and sugar and scrub till sugar melts completely. This remedy helps fade away dark spots effectively.

15 .Squeeze  a coconut and extract its juice and add it to rose water and glycerin. It helps to cure sunburn and dark spots.

16. Mix glycerin and rose water in equal measure and leave this preparation overnight on your face . This amazing natural remedy gives immediate burst of hydration to your face as well as treating dark spots of the face fast. Check out 80 tips for removing dark circles

17. Take sandalwood powder, glycerin and rose water and mix them together. Smear this herbal  face mask on your face  fade away pimple marks and dark/brown spots naturally.

18. Blend betel leaves with coconut oil and dab on your dark spots.

19. Grind henna leaves with turmeric and turmeric and  spread this mix evenly on your face and neck. Leave it on for 30 minutes. This home made natural face pack is  a great aid in curing dark.brown spots from the face naturally.

 20. Basil leaves, neem and mint leaves  ground together makes a good home remedy to cure facial dark spots of the face. Mint juice alone can help a lot in removing acne and ugly dark spots from the face.

21. Soak up bread in milk  overnight  and apply on the morning

22. Blend orange juice and lemon juice together and apply on your skin and it lightens your dark spots quickly.

23. Add rose water to multani mitti and lemon juice and apply on the face to cure pimple marks and ugly brown spots.

22.  Blend one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of honey and one spoon of almond oil togehter and apply on the affected areas  for 15 minutes.

23. Mix sandalwood powder to masoor daal  and leave this mix on your face overnight overnight. If used regularly, this home remedy can remove your all types of facial blemishes fast.

24.Boil fenugreek leaves in water and rinse off  your face with this water. This treatment helps to eradicate dark spots and pimple marks naturally

25. Take one spoon of barley flour, one spoon of honey  and one spoon of curd and mix them well to  apply on the face. This natural facial mask is a great help in removing dark/brown spots naturally.

26. Make a face mask at home mixing  yellow mustard oil  with one spoon of milk cream and dab on your dark /brown spots. Try this very effective home remedy for fast results.

27. Prepare a facial  mask mixing 2 spoons of  barley flour, 2 spoons of carrot juice, 2 spoons of almond powder and 2 spoons of orange juice and smear on your dark spots evenly for treating them.

By now, you are aware of the best 27 tips for removing dark/brown spots from the face.What  are you waiting for? Follow these tips and get set to banish the nagging dark spots from your face fast.


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