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The best 8 anti-aging natural facial masks : How to get younger-looking skin using homemade face packs

Time steals the youthful exuberance of your face. You can not stop the clock from ticking, but you can definitely adopt some skin -friendly habits to prevent the signs of aging from appearing on the face. Why not try anti-aging face masks to fight aging? Yes, anti -aging masks help a great deal in delaying the aging process. The good news is that you can easily rustle up some anti-aging masks at home without burning a hole in your pocket. Read to know the amazing 8 recipes of anti-aging face masks in this article.

As time passes by, the youthful radiance of your skin starts getting lost gradually. You can do nothing to stop time, but you can resort to some skin-saving tips to delay aging and look young for long. These days the cosmetic market is bursting with tons of creams, serums, face packs, which claim to iron out the wrinkles and fine lines in no time. But all these are so costly and run the risk of harming your skin texture over time. So, it is advisable to rely on natural remedies to fend off wrinkles and aging, which fit your budget too. Mentioned below are the best   8 recipes of anti-aging face masks to give you taut and visibly   younger-looking skin without spending money.

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Anti-aging Masks 

1. Coconut oil, Orange essential oil/Rose essential oil mask
Mix coconut oil with either orange essential oil or rose essential oil and apply this mix on your face. This facial mask imparts a youthful glow to your face and irons out fine lines effectively.

2. Olive oil, Egg and Honey face pack 
Take one egg and add one teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey to this. Apply this face mask on your face and neck. Take lukewarm   water and add one teaspoon of sodium bi-carbonate to it. Wipe clean your face with this solution to remove this face mask. You will experience an intense burst of hydration to your skin instantly. Check out

3. Mint leaves, Peach and Egg white/Corn starch mask
Take and mash a ripe peach and mix it with one egg white or one cup of corn starch and few mint leaves. Grind all ingredients well in a grinder and apply this mix on your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes. This anti-aging mask is a great aid in tightening the sagging skin and brings an instant freshness to your face.

4. Cabbage, Yeast and Honey mask
Grind the leaves of cabbage and mix them with ¼   teaspoon of yeast and one teaspoon of honey. Dab this face mask on your face evenly and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Remove the mask with a damp cotton pad. This anti-aging face pack penetrates deep into your skin ensuring moisture to seep into the inner layers of your skin to fend off aging.

5. Cottage cheese, Sour cream and Salt mask
 Mix one teaspoon of cottage cheese, two teaspoons of sour cream and one teaspoon of   salt in a bowl. Mix them together and smear on the face. Leave this mix on for 20 minutes. Follow with a good moisturizer. Use this home remedy twice a week.

6. Potato and Curd mask 

Grate one potato and mix with a half teaspoon of curd. Leave this wonderful preparation on your face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off. This anti-aging mask is very beneficial for hydrating your dry and parched skin, which is more prone to premature aging.

7. Apricot and Almond oil mask

Mash an apricot and mix it with warm almond oil, smear this mixture on your face. This face pack replenishes your skin with vitamin A and makes it soft.
8. Rice, Almonds, Egg yolk and Lemon juice mask

Take cooked rice, ground almonds, one egg yolk, and few drops of lemon juice. Whip all ingredients well to make a fine paste. Spread this mix evenly on the face. Rinse off after 15 minutes to reveal a brighter complexion in a jiffy.
By now you are aware of the top 8 recipes of anti-aging face masks. So from now on, stop subjecting your skin to the harmful chemical preparations and go natural all the way!  Start practicing these aforementioned tips right now and get set to stun the whole world with your youthful glow!


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  2. These are really good tips. No one product works for everyone. I found more tips on how to get rid of the wrinkles on the face here moisturizing face mask

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