81 Fairness tips: Tips for getting fair skin naturally at home: How to get fair complexion using home remedies

One of the most important factors for raising a woman's beauty parameters, fair skin is desired by almost all women, especially in Asian countries. For getting fair skin, women start using chemicals-laden beauty products like fairness creams or bleaching agents at the cost of harming their skin texture in the long run. But what is the point in subjecting your skin to harmful chemical preparations when you can get fair skin using ingredients available in your kitchen cupboard, which are harmless and cheap? Yes, it is true. You can rustle up some amazing homemade facial masks at home for lightening your skin tone. Mentioned below are the best 81 fairness tips for getting fair skin naturally at home. Read on to know how to get fair complexion using home remedies.But let me tell you one thing at first that no home remedy is going to help if you do not use sunscreen before going outdoors or even indoors. So it is mandatory to slather on sunscreen, for shielding against the harmful rays of sun, of  at least SPF 15 when indoors and SPF 30 when stepping outdoors. So, go buy yourself a good quality sunscreen  prior to using any beauty tip given below.

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1. Grind chana daal(Bengal gram) and rice coarsely  in a mixer and  blend this mix  with multani miti in equal measure. To this skin-lightening facial mask, add a pinch of turmeric and pulp of  raw papaya. All you have to do is to massage your skin with this preparation and you will be stunned to find an amazing results.

2. Take barley flour, egg yolk, curd and rose water. Mix them well and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. This recipe helps to make your skin fair and glowing. 

3. Prepare a mixture of orange peel powder, neem powder and rose water and knead it with the help of  orange juice. Blend all ingredients in equal measure to make a skin-whitening exfoliating scrub at home. Use it daily and you will be all set to flaunt  fair and flawless complexion.

4. Make a face pack using  glycerin, rose water and lemon juice and dab on your face daily at bedtime and keep it overnight. Use this home remedy daily and you will see a significant change in your complexion. Your face will become  glowing and smooth with regular use of this recipe. Check out How to make fairness cream at home

 5 .Apply raw milk all over your face and neck using cotton balls and wash off after ten minutes.  Loaded with the magic of  lactic acids,  milk is very helpful in giving your fair and smooth complexion naturally.

6 .Curd is a very effective bleaching agent that helps to lighten and brighten your complexion. Additionally,  it protects against harmful effects of sun rays and removes facial blemishes as well.

7. Take calamine powder and poppy seeds, papaya pulp and almonds; mix all ingredients to whip up a powerful skin-lightening  facial scrub. Use this home remedy daily and you will see your how skin becomes fair and glowing.

8. Mix 4 strands of  saffron, milk, one spoon of multani mitti  and one spoon of sandalwood powder together. Apply this natural fairness face pack daily and see how your complexion blooms like a rose. This home remedy is opt for dark-complexioned people.

9.  Blend  manjistha(India madder), chironji(sunflower seeds)  and  turmeric in equal  amount and add  half a  spoon of calamine powder, half a spoon of honey, rose water and lemon juice to it. Let this mask stay for 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm  water. This natural remedy  helps to lighten your dark skin fast.

10  Apply the mix of tomato juice and carrot juice in equal measure on your face to become fair naturally.

11. Try the mixture of cucumber juice, rose water and lemon juice for making your complexion fair and glowing naturally at home.This natural remedy is good for oily skin.

12.  Mix honey with lentil and a pinch of turmeric together and apply on your face. Use it daily and you will see results in 15 days.

13.  Blend  egg white, half a spoon of honey  and half a spoon of carrot juice and kaolin powder. Apply this homemade fairness face pack on your face.

14. The amazing blend of urad daal, almond oil and rose water helps to grant fairness a glow to the skin.

15.  Add curd to gram flour with a pinch of turmeric to make a fairness treatment at home. This home remedy is great for using daily. Best for teenagers girls. Opt for all skin types. Check out 101 tips for hair care

16.Drink coconut water and orange juice to lighten your skin tone. Do it continuously for one month to see a visible results.

 17.Aloe vera gel helps to lighten  the skin tone if used regularly. Check out 80 tips for removing dark circles

18 Application of tomato juice is very helpful in improving your complexion. Try this recipe for oily skin. Very good recipe for using in summer.

19. Squeeze a potato and extract its juice to apply on the face.

20.Scrub a lemon on your face or apply its juice on your face to get fair and clear skin naturally.

21.Honey alone can be applied on the face to make your skin white and supple.This remedy suits dry skin.

22.Mix honey with  tomato juice to apply on your face. It works a lot in getting fair and spotless skin.

23. Honey mixed with curd also works as a wonderful home remedy for fair and glowing skin.

24.Mash a banana and mix it with milk and apply on your face to make it fair. 

25.  Mix gram flour with milk and apply on your face and neck and wash off after 20 minutes. This home remedy can be used on your whole body daily. This remedy is very good for normal skin

26.Add a pinch of saffron  to milk and apply on your face. If you want to get fair hands and legs, then give this recipe a go.

27. Milk cream mixed with saffron and a pinch of turmeric is good for getting fair and soft skin  naturally at home. This recipe is good for dry and parched skin. This beauty tip is effective for all skin types in winter when  your skin needs extra hydration.

28. Turmeric, honey and lemon juice mix is good for getting fair and glowing skin

29 Soak up almonds  in milk overnight and grind them in the morning. Apply this wonderful preparation on the face.Very helpful for dry skin.

30. Massage your face with either almond oil or olive oil and add a pinch of saffron to maximize the efficacy of this recipe. Try this home remedy on small babies to improve their complexion. People with dry skin can try this beauty tip.

31.Boil cumin seeds or cabbage in water and strain its water and wash your face with this water. Men can try this fuss-free beauty tip for getting fair.

32.Mango peels mixed with one spoon of milk does wonders for lightening your skin tone.

33 . The mixture of corn flour and egg white is good for getting fair and glowing skin.

34. The amazing blend of  one spoon of milk and  juice of one fourth part of an orange is good for making your face fair.

35.  Apply orange peel powder  mixed with  curd on the face.

36. Apply half a  spoon of cinnamon with 2 spoons of honey  mix on the face to make it fair and flawless.

37 Apply the blend of  one spoon of milk with one spoon of papaya and one spoon of honey for fair and supple skin.

38  Grind bread crumbs with (milk cream) malai and rub this mixture on your whole body before you take bath. This home remedy is the best  for  small babies for improving their complexion

39.  Add 2 spoons of sugar  to 3 spoons of baby oil and massage on your body till sugar melts completely. This treatment helps to impart fairness and softness to your skin.

40. Smear the mixture of milk and honey on your face for 20 minutes.It helps to get you fair and smooth skin.Very useful beauty tip for dry skin.  You can try this remedy in winter for getting soft and fair skin.

41.Spread the mixture of potato, honey, banana. Bergamot essential oil on your face for 20 minutes.This home remedy helps to remove all types pf pigmentation marks from the skin as well as lightening the skin tone.

42. Steam  the face mixing mint leaves, lavender, peppermint or chamomile in 2 cups of water to get radiant and squeaky clean skin.

43. Application of curd, turmeric and lemon mix is good for making your face fairer and younger-looking

44.Apply corn flour/ oatmeal with cucumber juice on the face to make it fair and glowing.

45. You can mix 250 grams of milk powder with half a spoon of almond  oil and any essential oil you like, to your bath water. Soak up in this water and experience a fair and smooth skin

46.Apply the mix of cucumber and lemon juice to lighten and give radiance to your skin. Opt for oily and normal to oily skin types. You can try this recipe in summer.

47. Application of potato juice with lemon juice is helpful in making your skin fair and clear.

48. You can mix sandalwood powder with milk and then smear this concoction on your face.This home remedy is very effective in treating sun tan and  facial blemishes,besides making your face fair

49.You can prepare an excellent homemade fairness facial mask at home mixing raw milk, almonds, barley flour, honey and a pinch of turmeric. Spread this mix liberally all over your face and wash off after 20 minutes. Use this home remedy daily and you will be the proud owner of younger and fairer looking skin.

50. You can try this recipe for getting fair-  Mix 2 almonds, one spoon of carrot juice, one spoon of orange juice and smear on your face for 15 minutes.This natural remedy is a  sure-shot  way to get rid of unwanted facial marks and dark skin.

51. Carrot juice mixed with honey helps to get fair face.

52. Add milk cream with to one spoon of walnut powder, honey and lemon juice and scrub this mix on your skin gently to remove dead skin cells and lighten your face.

53. Add a pinch of turmeric to orange juice and dab on your skin to remove tan and lighten skin tone fast at home.

54. Cucumber when mixed with coconut water is a great aid in whitening your skin fast. This home remedy helps to clear chicken pocks scars at initial stage.

55. Rubbing papaya or avocado had huge skin-lightening benefits for the face.Young girls can try this less  time consuming and effective beauty tip

56. Mix banana, honey, lemon juice and margarine together and use this concoction on your face. For optimal results, leave this preparation overnight.

57. Soak up chirongi( sunflower seeds) in milk overnight and grind them with a pinch of saffron. Apply this amazing natural fairness mask on your face and neck. This beauty tip helps to make even dark person fair.

58. Mix 2 spoons of sugar with one spoon of lemon juice and rub on your hands, legs, elbow to deep cleanse and lighten them.Practice this recipe daily and you will notice results in just one week.

59.  You use the mix of rose water, half spoon of glycerin, sunflower oil and sugar to exfoliate your face.

60. Blend cabbage juice, 1/4 spoon of barley flour, one spoon of honey to apply on your face to make it fairer and radiant.

61 Massage your face with coconut  oil to make it fair and bright. Follow this beauty tip for making your dry skin glowing and fair.

62. The wonderful blend of watermelon and papaya is great aid in making your skin fair and oil-free. Good for oily skin.

63. Spaying rose water on the face daily helps also. Boys can follow this easy recipe.

 64.Lentil mixed with rice and curd makes for an excellent skin-whitening scrub for your face.Young girls can use this easy to follow recipe to retain the radiance of their face.

65. Liquorice mixed honey is wonderful beauty tip for becoming fair and glowing naturally at home.

66.Prepare a mask at home mixing cucumber pulp and curd to apply on your skin.

67.Application of pineapple juice helps to gives you fair and youthful skin.

68. Mix lemon juice and mint juice in equal measure and dab on your skin and see how it helps  make your skin fairer and removes all sorts of fungal-infections from the face in few days.

69.Home remedy of cucumber juice mixed with honey is useful for making your skin fairer. Good for dry skin.

70. Apply coconut water on  the skin get flawless and fair skin at home. This home remedy helps to lighten the chicken pox scars too.

71 Application of cucumber juice and lemon juice helps to make skin fair. Good for oily skin.

72. Egg white on face twice a week helps to whiten your skin and make it firm as well. Best for oily skin and women with sagging skin.

73.Application of dosa batter on the face helps.

74. Mix sugar with olive oil and scrub on your face, neck and all body parts. It helps to deep-cleanse and lighten your body thoroughly. Moreover, this beauty tip  helps to clear pigmentation marks.

 75.Drinking spinach juice daily improves your complexion.

76. Heat olive oil in a pan and fry red masoor daal(lentil) till it turns red and now grind masoor daal with milk and apply on your face. Let it dry and scrub off to remove the mask.

77. You can apply sandalwood mixed with milk and apply on your face. This home remedy helps to clear all sorts of facial blemishes and,pigmentation marks very effectively

78 Make face pack mixing 2 spoons of barley flour and  2 spoons of almond powder, 2  spoons of  rose water and carrot juice to achieve amazing skin fairness.

79. Mix coconut milk and honey in equal measure and leave it on for ten minutes before washing off.

80 .Use lemon juice with honey and walnut powder for fair and glowing skin

81. Boil orange peels in water and use this water as a toner to lighten the skin.

Do you know about any other skin care remedies that will make your complexion fairer? If yes, then share your recipe with us in the comments  section given below the post.

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