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51 tips for treating acne on the face naturally: How to cure pimples using home remedies, how to remove pimple marks and acne-scars

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If you are plagued by the attack acne/pimples on your face,then this article will help you a lot.This article is offering 51 very effective home remedies for you.

1. Apply the  juice of raw papaya to dry up acne and pimples soon .Use this home remedy to get sure results.

2. You can make an excellent pimple cure at home by roasting a few pods of cloves in a pan ,grind it after roasting. Mix with curd to apply on your acne/pimples .This home remedy will give you  an instant result.

3. Apply a ripe tomato on your face to treat pimples and acne naturally at home .Tomato will tighten open pores and reduce oiliness of your skin. This home remedy is best for oily skin.

4. You can try this easy home remedy, apply toothpaste on your affected area .You can try this treatment when pimples break out suddenly , and you want pimples to vanish fast.

5. Make a paste mixing 3 tea spoons of honey,1 spoon cinnamon powder. Do use this home remedy at bedtime daily ,for 2 weeks. You will  see that this treatment will diminish your acne/pimples.

6. Make a mask at home with grated apple  and  honey to apply on the face to treat acne and pimples at home naturally .Wash off with lukewarm water, then with cold water/

7. Make a paste of cucumber to apply on the  face for 30 minutes , it will help in curing acne and its marks naturally.

8. Pour lemon juice in the boiled milk to use as a face wash. This easy home remedy can be used for treating pimples ,black heads ,and whiteheads naturally at home . Check out  27 tips for dark spots treamtment

9 . Apply honey on the spot where you have  an inflammation. Cover this with band-aid for 2 days . Remove band-aid after 2 days. You see that pimple will disappear. Use this effective home remedy for treating pimples fast naturally at home.

10. Grind neem/margosa leaves to mix with turmeric to treat pimples, and severe acne .This home remedy is excellent for lightening pimple/acne marks naturally.

11. Apply sandalwood paste with lemon juice to treat pimples ,and acne marks at home naturally. Check out  101 hair care tips

12. Apply fuller's earth with a pinch of camphor ,powdered cloves(3-4) ,and rose water .This home remedy is a sure shot treatment for pimple/acne cure at home naturally. Use this preparation when your acne leaved behind ugly marks.

13. Apply orange peel powder with curd to remove acne and its scars naturally. Check out 80 tips for removing dark circles

14.  Grind nutmeg with raw milk to apply, keep for an hour  on your face to dry up acne.This treatment removes scars naturally at home .This home remedy is good for treating severe acne on your face.

15. Boil basil leaves with neem leaves. Wash  your face several times a day  ,  with this mixture to cure and prevent pimple .This home remedy is good for curing every pimple spot you have.

16. Apply honey with garlic (2-3 bulbs ) to treat pimples at home naturally. Garlic has healing properties that cure acne naturally. You can eat garlic also as a pimple cure.

17. Apply honey and apple together to cure pimple and acne marks as a home remedy. Check out how to get fair

18. Make a preparation at home with 2 spoon of oatmeal powder, 2 spoon of olive oil,2 spoon ofyoghurt,  and the juice of 1 lemon .Keep it on your skin  for 15 minutes. Use this home remedy on a regular basis on your skin to treat acne and pimples fast at home.

19. Apply a slice of lemon on your face to reduce the oiliness of skin and tightening pores naturally. Lemon is a good cure for acne and its scars.

20. Grind the leaves of fenugreek ,and apply on your face before sleeping. Leave this pack overnight .This home remedy is wonderful treatment for acne ,pimples scars,and blackheads at home. 

21. You can take hot Epsom salt bath twice a week  to keep pimples away from you.

22. Take a spoonful of coriander leaves with a pinch of turmeric to apply on your face to treat acne naturally.

23. The paste of sesame seeds is wonderful acne/pimple cure .Use this home remedy  to fight the attack of acne naturally at home.

24 Apply lemon and rose water mixed in equal  amount for 30 minutes to treat acne and its scars.

25. Roast the skin of pomegranate, and grind it, use it with lemon juice .This home remedy cures pimples , acne marks ,blackheads, and  whiteheads naturally at home.

26. Drink wheatgrass juice daily to counter the attack of break-outs on your face.

27. Apply mint juice on your face for combating acne and pimples. Mint juice has anti- bacterial properties that  make it  an excellent treatment for treating pimples, eczema, ,scabies , insects sting  and ,all infections  you suffer from.

28. Rub the spot where you have pimples with vinegar in which salt had been added . Wash off with lukewarm water  after this to cure acne and pimples.

29.  Grind drumsticks pods with lemon juice to apply on your affected area   for diminishing acne spots and curing pimples naturally at home. 

30. Rub garlic on acne and its marks as a home remedy to treat acne/pimples naturally at home.

31. Take 1 spoon of ground nut oil with 1 spoon of lemon juice for eradicating acne and its marks.

32. Make a toner at home mixing a pinch of camphor in a bottle of rose water. Wipe your face with this skin tonic several times a day. Use this home remedy for minimizing the chances of eruption of pimples on your face.

33. Mix 1 spoon of lemon juice  with 1 spoon cinnamon powder to make a face pack for treating acne and pimples  at home. This home remedy is not for sensitive skin.

34. Shredded radish works good on pimples and blackheads.

35.You must use orange peel as a cure for pimples /acne, and scars pimples leave behind .Orange peel powder can be used with fuller's earth also .It is wonderful skin lightening agent.

36. Apply coconut water on your scar for a month,you will see your pimples marks will lighten a lot.

37. Boil 50 gm of raspberry with strawberry or blackberry leaves in 1.5 liters of water for 3 minutes to treat acne and pimples .This home remedy is good if your pimples give you itching sensation .This acne treatment will soothe your skin naturally.

38. Mix oatmeal with curd to make a face pack at home to apply on your face for 30 minutes .Wash off with warm water. Apply anti-bacterial lotion after that.

39. Apply an egg yolk daily on your skin to treat acne and fade away scars at home. This home remedy will tighten your facial muscle naturally also.

40. Apply virgin olive oil with sugar .Leave it on for 10 minutes, and wash off after mild scrubbing. Do not scrub where you have pimples, otherwise, it will burst .Scrub only if you do it for acne prevention. Do not use this home remedy if you have severe acne.

41. Cook 2 -3 tea bags ,and mix with dried basil leaves for 10-20 minutes .Apply with cotton balls.

42. Raw milk with gram flour works good for erasing marks and pimple spots .This home remedy will absorb excess oil of your skin to make it clear and fair naturally at home.

43. Crush painkiller aspirin pill in water to use as a face wash daily to cure acne/ pimples naturally at home.

44. Use calamine lotion to fight acne naturally.

45. Crush marigold flower with the castor oil to bring the zit of  a pimple to the top ,then suppress the  pimple with the paste of basil and sandalwood .Use this home remedy for minimizing the size of a pimple fast.

46. Fuller's earth with neem leaves is very good treatment for acne cure and fading its marks naturally at home.

46. Fuller's earth with neem leaves is very good treatment for acne cure and fading its marks naturally at home.

47. Mix hydrogen peroxide in your face pack to apply on the spot to cure pimples fast.

48. Tea tree oil with apple cider vinegar is excellent home remedy for treating acne fast naturally at home.

49. Bend over a hot water pot to take steam to avoid and treat the attack of acne on your face. Taking steam will opens pores and take away all the dirt accumulated on your skin's surface to reveal fresh and clear skin.

50. Wash your face daily with  the water in which lavender oil is being mixed.Water should be 10 parts ,and lavender  oil should be  1 part of it.Use this home remedy as lavender has anti-fungal properties to kill bacteria for treating acne at home naturally.Lavender oil mixed with chamomile treats eczema of the skin.
51. Apply vitamin E lotion on your acne infected ares.Vitamin E has anti-oxidants properties that help in curing acne and its scars.

Other tips for pimple cure

Avoid touching your pimples frequently, never sleep with make up on your face . You should work out to get clear complexion. Wash your face twice a day to keep your face clean .Never let blackheads remain on your face as blackheads lead to pimples. Always wear sunscreen even at home. Never dare to burst pimples. If you do it ,it will leave ugly marks on your face. Always keep your skin oil free to check the formation of bacteria to combat occurrence of acne.

You must take a healthy diet like green vegetable ,milk, cottage cheese,curd ,apricot,spinach,eggs,fiber rich food, root vegetable,pulse,beans,sprouted grains , skinless chicken, carrots ,apricot ,soy ,whole grained vegetables ,etc. Vitamin B is good for preventing acne and blackheads .So, take a vitamin B complex in your diet. Vitamin C makes your skin less vulnerable to all infections .So take plentiful of citrus fruits like lemon , amla, orange, etc. You can have honey daily to get clear complexion naturally. Always take a blood purifier to keep your skin pimple free and glowing from within. Take echinacea   ,thyme ,tea tree oil to make  your skin acne free. Avoid oily and fried foods as they invite  acne by facilitating the oily surface of the skin .Minimize the intake of coffee, alcohol, chocolate, sugar. You must take cod liver oil and 50 mg of zinc daily as a medication for pimples. Drink a lot of water to remove toxins from your body to get clear and radiant complexion


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