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42 easy ways to lose weight in a month : Easy and effective tips

We all wish to have a chiselled body to fit into every dress of our dream, do not you? But your flabby body shape shatters your dream of flaunting your body in your favourite dress, right? If you are feeling the same, then do not fret over it. You can do a whole lot of things to make a huge difference in your weight in only one month. Let us learn in detail about the best 42 easy ways to lose weight which will help you immensely in losing weight in just a month.

1. Drink water before you eat

 When it comes to finding some easy ways to lose weight, then the idea of drinking water comes first to our mind. If you are feeling hungry, then drink water before every meal. That makes you feel full and you will bound to eat less and it will eventually lead to weight loss in very short span of time.  Drinking water at regular interval will keep you hydrated and active too. So keep a bottle of water handy everywhere you go.

2. Do not avoid anything so strictly

If you make up your mind to stay away from any fat-laden foods like chips or chocolate, then you will keep thinking about them and you will end up gobbling  a packet of chocolate or chips more than you want to eat. So better is to take a small bite of your favorite foods like chocolate or chips to satiate you taste buds to prevent  further food craving.

Easy ways to lose weight
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 3.  Download calorie control app in your mobile

 There can be many easy ways to lose weight but this one is really a smart one.You can download calorie-counter- my fitness pal app in your smart phone to know the calorie content of over 2000000 foods to track your weight, calories intake wisely to help you lose weight in no time. This is the best app for fitness freak people. You must keep a tab on what you had in your plate in a day. A study by North Cornell University found that people consume 114 more calories in form of drink on weekends, so you can control these calories by cutting down calories them from salads , dressing ,food and snack. It will never let your become fat.  Also. this app helps you maintain a strict time-table for eating so that your body gets accustomed to your eating habits and you will not suffer from untimely hunger pangs.

4. Enjoy your food slowly

 Never take your food in hurry and carelessly because you can not realize how much calories you have taken in haste, instead chew your every morsel well.  Because slow eating gives proper time to get signal from your brain that your stomach is full, thereby, inducing you to eat less. A study by North American study of Obesity reveals that overweight men and women took in less calories when they reduced their eating pace. Another study in Japan, conduced on 1700 young women concluded that eating slowing leads to make your full sooner resulting in consuming less calories.

5. Always leave your stomach a little hungry

  Stop thinking about easy ways to lose weight. Here is the easiest way to lose weight in a month which I have used myself and benefited immensely from it. If you are having problem in curtailing your diet, then make a resolution leave yourself a little hungry or eat 3-4 morsels less whenever you eat and believe me you will feel a lot of difference in your weight in just one month without any side effects.

6.  Take green tea

Green tea is your best friend if you are on a weight loss program. Loaded with anti-oxidants, green tea burns fat quickly and it regulates your metabolism and digestion. Take green tea twice a day for one month and see a difference in your weight yourself. So make sure to include green tea in your daily dietary routine to get quick weight loss results.

7. Take exercise regularly

Needless to say that exercise is the most effective way to lose weight fast and safely. Exercise doubles your body's metabolism and aids in weight loss in short period of time with no side effects. Stop making excuses of not having enough time to exercise and make sure to take exercise like jogging, stretching, cycling, yogasana, swimming to lose weight and keep your weight in control.

8.  Take fibre rich food in your diet

Include red lentil, peas, apples, cabbage, broccoli , brown bread in your diet. All these fiber rich foods take time in digesting and chewing so they keep your stomach full for long. Moreover, fiber rich foods keep your bowel clean and regulates the digestion.

9. Swap unhealthy foods with healthy foods

Diet plays an important role in weight loss.  The easiest solution is stock only healthy foods in your fridge and kitchen cabinet. Stuff your fridge with lot of fruits and veggies so you can grab a bite whenever you want to binge in between meals. Swap fried snacks like chips, french fries, pizza, burgers, white bread with sprouts, fruits and streamed foods. Stay away from junk foods as much as possible as junk foods damage the weight control cells in your body and make your body flabby and ugly. 

10. Walk your way to a slim body

 Walking makes your body active and energetic. Studies reveal that walking triggers the formation of endorphin hormone in your body which keeps you calm and cheerful from the inside out. You will be surprised to know that walking regularly at high pace for 30 minutes can burn up to 320 calories. So  get out of your bed early in the morning to take walk for 30-45 minutes to lose weight quickly.

11.Take adequate sleep

When you are sleep-deprived, you may feel tired and worn-out. It prompts you to eat more, thereby increasing your weight in the long run. So  make sure you take 6-8 hours of sleep daily to rev up your metabolism and feel active throughout the day.

13. Imagine yourself slim in your dream

When you imagine yourself as a slim girl and you will always try to motivate yourself to exercise more and have a balance diet plan in mind and you will never be distracted from your weight loss programs. This way you will achieve your weight loss goal quickly.

14. Use stairs instead of lift

 It is very old and cliched saying but it is very beneficial to use stairs in place of using lifts.
Study says that it helps you lose 10 pounds a year. Best would be to go up and go down the stairs for 10 minutes everyday. This is very simple and easy way to lose weight fast.

15. Buy a dress which is 2 size smaller than your size

 Buy yourself a dress which is 1-2 size smaller than your present size to give you motivation to fit into this dress.  Likewise, girls shape down before their marriage to fit into their wedding gown. But do not try to set unrealistic goals as it will lead to frustration because sometimes things do not turn always as you expected in your weight loss journey.

16. Include fruit in your diet

If you are not fond of eating fruits, then make it a habit to eat fruits. Take pineapple, papaya or guava in your breakfast which will keep you energetic all day long and you will not be tempted to binge in between meals. And whenever you mood strikes to eat sometime sweet , then satiate your sweet tooth with pineapple slice or guava. Try this! It helps in shedding kilos fast.

17. Check your weight and measure yourself regularly

 Take note of your weight every 15 days to keep a check on weight.  Self-monitor your indicators of weight gain like if your clothes are getting tight, then be alert. And too much fatigue can also be attributed to weight gain. You should know your ideal weight. Remember, weight creeps on your waistline slowly, not overnight. So be careful not to let your weight pile on. When you start a weight loss program and you can track your progress by steeping on a weighing scale as well as measuring the chest, belly button, hip and waist regularly.  With right diet regimen and regular exercise, you can lose up to 4-5 kgs and 1-2 inches in a month. National weight control registry in USA has proved that who lost at least 13 kg or more, used weighing scale to track their weight loss progress.

18.  Start your day with lemon juice and honey

This easy home remedy is still popular in reducing weight. Mix 2 spoons of lemon juice and 2 spoons of honey in one glass of warm water and drink this solution on empty stomach. It revs up your metabolism and keeps you energetic and your digestive system in order. It helps you lose weight as well as makes your fitter and slimmer fast.

19. Include flax seeds in your diet to lose weight

Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber which aid in quick weight loss. Make sure to eat 2-3 spoons of flax seeds daily and you will sure to get quick results. You can sprinkle flax seeds in your favorite salad and dessert to get slimmer frame. 

20. Eat fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds to lose weight

You can soak 2 spoons of fennel seeds or 2 spoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and drink this water in the morning to lose weight. You can chew fennel seeds after meal to keep your weight in control. Remember not to eat anything after 30 minutes of consuming this solution.

21. Garlic to lose weight

Eat raw garlic in your diet to lose weight. Not only this, it will keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

22. Take Gooseberry, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice solution to reduce weight the easy way

Mix one spoon of Indian gooseberry juice, one spoon of aloe vera juice and one spoon of apple cider vinegar and mix all these ingredients in one cup of water and drink this solution in the morning to buzz up your metabolism.

23. Kick the habit of gorging on leftover of your kids

All women have this nasty habit of gorging on the plate of their kids to prevent waste. Remember you stomach is not a dustbin which will stock  all the waste items. In fact, this habit can add 100 calories daily to your diet. So be mindful of this fact that stuffing your stomach with waste will add bulges to your waist.  

24. Do household chores yourself

Instead of thinking about easy ways to lose weight, you should  keep your body active by doing household chores like cleaning the floor, gardening  washing clothes or dusting the floor. All these physical activities help you burn a lot of calories.

25.Eat only when you are truly hungry

 Try to find out why you keep munching when you are not hungry.  Sometime we eat out  out of nervousness, boredom, stress and depression also. When you feel the craving for chocolate or pizza, distract your mind by taking a ride or doing some creative work like painting or gardening. 

 26.Eat red chillies to lose weight

 Eating red chillies helps to lose weight may sound weird.  I am not saying this, it has been scientifically proved. A study by researchers in Canada Laval university proved that chemicals in chillies buzz up your body's ability to melt fat fast. Their study in British journal of Nutrition revealed that men and women who ate chilly-spike foods consumed less calories in their following meals. 

27. Sniff a banana, apple or peppermint to suppress your hunger

You have read it right, sniffing a banana suppress your hunger. It has been proven by a study by Alan  Hirsch, MD of neurological director, smell and taste treatment and research foundation in Chicago, he conducted experiments on 3000 participants that who sniffed these foods consumed less calories than who did not consume and they lost 30 pounds of weight.

28. Serve foods in dim color light

 A study in Cornell university shows that people who dined in dim light and slow music tend to consume 133 calories less because eating in relaxed way sends your brain signal for fullness, in turn, it results in in eating less.

29. Eat chewing gum after taking meal.

 You may feel this weight loss tip funny but it is true that it will keep you weight in control. To top it off, eating chewing gum it will prevent double chin.

30. Take a few bites of pineapple before going to party

 Take 3-4 slices of pineapple with hot water before taking heavy meal or going to party. It will not let fat stored in your body. Brominen in pineapple helps to digest protein in body, leading to cut fat effectively.

31. Go easy on salt and sugar

 Cut  down on salt and sugar intake as sugar and salt are the two main culprits of weight gain. Salt abets water retention in your body and sugar leads to unhealthy kilos to pile on by accelerating the insulin level of your body. 

32. Eat fruits with peels

 According to the study conducted by Cornell university, arsenic acid present in peels of fruit never lets you weight buzz up.  

33. Do read packaged food level

Whenever you buy packaged food from market, never forget to read the fat and carbohydrates content according to your needs. Otherwise all your weight loss programs will sabotage because of packaged foods. Beware of drinking up high-calorie packaged drinks available in market, otherwise you will end up piling up on extra pounds by drinking up calories from the aerated rinks or packaged fruit juice.

34. Munch on pistachio is an easiest way to lose weight

 According to a dietary guidelines of healthy livings, pistachio is a low fatty nut. It suppress untimely hungry pangs and and makes you full in no time. So make sure to have a handful of pistachio in your purse everywhere you go.

35.Walk 10 minutes extra on treadmill if you have had fatty foods last night

If you had given in to your craving in a party last night. then try to run away the extra calories you had consumed by running extra 10 minutes on treadmill. This way you will never put on weight.

36. Sip warm water thorough the day to lose 5 kgs or 11 pounds in a month

It has been proved  say that drinking hot water every time you drink water melts your fat and gives you slim body. Yoga guru baba Ramdev always swears by taking hot water to lose weight. In fact By drinking warm water helps to reduce up to 5 kgs or 11 pounds in a month.  Try this quick weight loss tip to lose weight in a month.

37. Stay away from artificial sweetener

You will be surprised to know that artificial sweetener whets you appetite when you use it on a regular basis. As a result you are tempted to binge more often in between meals, thereby, fatten you gradually.

38. Do not take stress 

Not many people know that stress is the main reason of weight gain. Stress hormone, cortisol, lead to accumulation of fat around your tummy, waist and thigh. Try to incorporate mediation, yogasan into daily routine to remain calm and cool. It helps to keep the fat off from your body. To top it off, meditation and yogasana make your skin glowing and healthy too.

39. Avoid red meat and egg yolk

 If you love non- veg food, then eating mutton and egg yolk is a strict no-no for weight-watchers. Both are responsible for upping cholesterol level and blood pressure. So stop taking red meat and egg yolk right away if you wish to lose weight quickly in a month. 

40. Eat small and frequent meals 

It is recommended to have 6 small meals in a day in place of 3 big meals. Taking heavy food at a go will let fat stored in your abdomen and make you lethargic too. So best bet is to take small and frequent meals in order to lose weight and keep it off , always.

41. Take Your dinner early

 It is a sin to sleep with heavy stomach. Late night dinner is one of the biggest reasons of weight gain in men and women worldwide. It is mandatory to give your body at least 2 hours to digest the food completely before you hit the sack.

42. Do not remain seated for long hours

Prolonged seating expands your muscles, thereby, leading to weight gain in office-goers. Do you know that walking for 5 minutes on every 30 minutes or standing up for one hour can help you lose up to 40 calories per day. So make sure to take a ride after every 30 minutes to avoid weight gain due to constant sitting.

Conclusion- By now, you are aware of the top 42 easy ways to lose weight in a month. Follow these ways and see how you feel substantial drop in your weight in just one month. Do share your experience with me which easy ways to lose weight worked for you, in comments sections given below. I will be happy to see your queries and comments.


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